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  1. I agree.. although shouldnt that read "Population can continue to grow until the world is unable to feed us all."
  2. So what you are saying is that population can continually grow and the world is large enough to cope with our ever increasing demands.. Food? Energy? What the article describes is the burgeoning demands of countries that have huge populations living in poverty. Maybe the world can sustain that but not 7 billion people living like us in the west. (whatever lightbulbs they use) The strange sense of security people have in the west is disconcerting if you look at the facts and do some arithmetic its truly frightening.. 7 billion sounds like a lot try 9.5 billion in your lifetime.. (Imagine oil prices then)
  3. Oh yes very wise.. Well I've lived in Liverpool all my life and bought my first house about 8 yers ago in west derby. I've moved once since then 2 years ago. To be honest prices seemed to be rising sharply for the last 6 years but since I moved 2 years ago I personally think that prices have stagnated. My parents also live in liverppol in a dockland apartment bought about 13 years ago those flats went up in value quickl but have reminained at about the same level for 3 years. Its really hard to know what to say as far as advice goes.. I made my descicion based on affordability and how long I was likely to stay in the property.
  4. I Live in liverpool and try to keep up with what prices are doing.. What area is the house in?
  5. This HPC is all about degree... People are talking about the impending "fireworks" and "wiping the smiles of faces" etc. I belive that a 40% drop in current house prices would not only do that but would significanly effect the economy at large. However a 10% drop in prices would not have such a large effect.... How much did prices drop in the last crash and what are the predictions for this one?
  6. Having read the papers and been a HPC member for some time I belive that the crash will come in time. What I would like to know is by how much will prices drop....? I know its hard to predict but would welcome some predictions.
  7. Dont quote me on this but I thought that in usual market conditions FTB make up 30% of the market.
  8. You have my point exactly... You are a person who just wants a house as do we all. You have some money put aside and when the time comes you will act.. You dont want to wait for the full extent of any crash all you are interested in is having a nice place to live as soon as possible. I belive their are many people like you and (with no disrespect whatsoever this is just speculation) its people like you who will prevent a full scale crash.
  9. Thats my point the not too smart people may not wait... and dive in as soon as things become a little more affordable.. I've seen this kind of talk already on this site... I" ve been watching a house for x amount its gone down I've put in an offer and its been excepted" This kind of diving in too early would actually stop a crash reaching its lowest point.
  10. So we are all agreed there is going to be a crash.. What worries me is there are a lot of people on this site and in the wider community who after being priced out of the market, now have substantial cash reserves. 10 years ago the money that they have in their personal coffers may even have been refered to as a fortune. Now my worry is: after all that saving and watching the housing market; when a drop in prices does come desperation gets the better of this cash rich group. When they rush to make that long awaited purshase they will in effect be obstructing the full force of the crash witch they have so long awaited.
  11. I also saw the program last night and nearly fell of the sofa... I live in liverpool and there has been some downwards movement in price on very very overpriced property but nothing like seventy percent.
  12. Sorry... you seem to have misinterpreted my post somewhat. I do have a vested interest, however I'm not that confident that a HPC wont take place. I bought a house at a relatively high price lately (I took a riskbased on circumstances) but looking at he stats and the informed information on his wesite I cant see how anything other than a reduction in prices is possibe.
  13. As long as you havent got any money in the bank either.... look what happened in Argentina. What people fail to realize is that the econom is an interelationship betwwen the whole of this society we are all inextricably linked into it via our jobs and are need for warmth and shelter and food
  14. There is one other factor in the housing market... For most people its not just an investment its a home.. and a lot of people would'nt expect to make any gains on their initial investment over a short period.
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