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  1. Men over 40 have 6x the chance of child with autism. I did not expect to see such a large increase.
  2. So you believe we are not biologically driven in our pursuits and we just individually decide what we want?
  3. Nope. Nothing would make me happier than watching my children do what makes them happy, no matter where it takes them.
  4. I'm not really talking about replacement numbers, just the massive hole that is going to be left in people's lives without having at least one child.
  5. Tell me you don't have children without telling me you don't have children.
  6. The whole point of being here is to pass on your genes. There are going to be a lot of sad old lonely people about.
  7. There are going to be a lot of very unhappy 40 year old women floating about. These will be the tyrants of the future determined to spread their misery about. They have been sold a false version of happiness that will crumble away and it will all be too late once they realise.
  8. And this time is different right? Any issues with vax will be instantly screamed from the rooftops 🙄
  9. For the swine flu vax that caused narcolepsy it took years for an admission. https://www.bmj.com/content/362/bmj.k3948
  10. My worry about the vaccines are the potential for ADE as this is what has happened in previous attempts at producing a coronavirus vaccine. How can we be sure that won't happen here? I suppose this winter we will find out. If anyone can answer this in good faith why it isn't an issue I would be interested in hearing it.
  11. https://www.independent.co.uk/news/health/coronavirus-vaccine-pandemic-swine-flu-covid-a9693721.html 2009 rushed vaccine caused narcolepsy. Government paid out victims not to long ago.
  12. But how can we reach Utopia without terrifying the masses with relentless propaganda?
  13. The let it rip was to soften us up to accept lockdowns. They said 1 in every 100 people would die. It was complete theatre. The news at the time was showing Chinese people dropping like flies in the street foaming at the mouth.
  14. You are a farm animal once this happens. If you do not have the right of bodily autonomy you do not have any rights at all. If this person isn't just trolling and this view gains any sort of traction we are heading to a very dark place.
  15. Apparently doctor misspoke and it got edited out to put on Bitchute
  16. https://fee.org/articles/daily-covid-deaths-in-sweden-hit-zero-as-other-nations-brace-for-more-lockdowns/ 👀
  17. This. There are plenty of prominent scientists calling out the lunacy governments have implemented.
  18. Yes they do. It has been empirically proven that lockdowns serve little to no benefit in locations that covid has already gained a foothold. I know it doesn't fit your agenda but it is a fact.
  19. Any information that does not fit with their world view must be caricatured to absurdity. Ah-so is a repeat offender.
  20. I would welcome an UBI. Can I have £5k a week please?
  21. You can't see or understand the difference between a driving licence and an internal vaccine passport that restricts your movements for which you must take a government mandated injection?
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