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  1. I would advise everyone to buy as much crypto as they can
  2. It's almost like it doesn't matter who you vote for as both parties are captured by their paymasters, and can rely on the mainstream media to keep the electorate playing the game by faking outrage about nonsense.
  3. I'm unvaxed. Whole house had covid about 5-6 weeks ago. Not taking any precautions.
  4. Well yes, I was giving an anecdote not claiming to have advanced the field of medicine.
  5. A friend was able to get it for me. Had it in cupboard for a while as thought it was a low risk option if we caught it, It was not horse paste incase anyone wondering.
  6. Well covid has been and gone from my house. Me and the wife rough for about 2 days and kids were perfectly fine. Treated with Ivermectin, don't know if it helped or not. Neither of us vaccinated.
  7. Has any explanation been given for this? That looks like an alarming increase in young people dying that should be a major issue. Amazing that it just pops up on a random internet thread and not plastered over all media outlets. I am assuming here that those figures are legitimate.
  8. This is already being built at scale. Governments globally are going to reap the whirlwind due to their constant efforts to gain total control of people's lives. Most people just wish to be left alone.
  9. Not surprised by this to be honest. There is a lot of negative propaganda around childhood vaccinations already that probably causes a lot of alarm. The fact that it is clear children simply do not suffer seriously from covid will make most parents avoid.
  10. Nice. All of the nonsense being pushed exposed in a single sentence.
  11. There is zero chance our current monetary system survives from its current state. They can keep the show going in an ever more ridiculous fashion until enough people lose faith, but it just isn't possible to recover from here.
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