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  1. Yes. Shows how drunk on power our politicians have become. Imagine thinking you can say that to people.
  2. It feels wonderful that the government are giving us permission to hug friends and relatives again 🙄
  3. I don't know. As stated this is only anecdotal so hard to draw any firm conclusions from. I was just surprised to see it go sstc so fast.
  4. Anecdotal but next door has just sold in a couple of weeks for an eye watering amount based on prices of 2 years ago that already felt toppy.
  5. On any issue where the media/state want you to behave a certain way they always frame it to say that anyone who disagrees is a rabid tinfoil hatter and a moron. This shuts down all debate as all the useful idiots would be horrified to be in this group so shout anyone down who questions any of the dogma. Any slight divergence from the official narrative and they happily fill in the rest of the blanks to help them feel some sort of superiority. Quite interesting to watch.
  6. There isn't one to my knowledge. Nearly all western democracies have followed a path of houseprice inflation as policy regardless of who has been voted for. What is the reason for this, is it what the people want or something else?
  7. Sounds overly simplistic. Why not rent controls too, what could possibly go wrong?
  8. There are literally zero political answers to the problems we face today. Demographics, the dollar, debt cycle, and globalistation are driving everything.
  9. Yes, because if you moan enough politicians come along and solve all your problems 🙄
  10. You simply play the cards as they are dealt. In many ways there are more opportunities now than ever, they are just different from the past. Moaning about how unlucky you are and feeling sorry for yourself will not help. Everyone has their own cross to bear.
  11. The pound being toast is already baked in. It's too late for any other options.
  12. I was born in 81. Most of the people I grew up with seem to be doing well with family, own home and decent jobs. Obviously a few have struggled but I imagine that has always been the case.
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