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  1. This experiment will play out because voters are retards and just want everything for ‘free’.
  2. The price of everything is absurd when looked at vs wages. As already stated the whole economy can only function via increasing debt, with interest rates on the floor the only option to keep the show on the road is debt forgiveness. I wonder if they have the balls to do it.
  3. Put a chunk in property that I will probably take a bath on, and it was too late in the tax year to do anything so as to avoid capital gains tax which took a big chunk.
  4. I was wrong. I still don’t think the BTC fork will lead in market cap long term, but impossible to pick a winner in the current turmoil.
  5. I am obviously very upset at how this whole crypto thing played out.
  6. No. I am all for reigning in the financial sector with their ridiculous money print and financialisation of everything. You simply can not stop parents helping their children getting ahead.
  7. I agree that there are many issues that make it tough to get on these days. The problem I have with this thread is people complaining about parents helping their children as if it is a problem that needs fixing.
  8. Ok so it is impossible for normal working people to buy a property because the parents of other people are conspiring against them by giving their own money to their own children. The obvious solution is that all money should be given to the government and they can share it out equitably so all is right in the world.
  9. My point is to that there are many undesirable properties well within the reach of working people. The desirable ones will of course be more expensive and people who can will help their children get them will. There are many ways you can be unlucky in life and this is just one of them.
  10. https://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-77614886.html This house should be affordable to any working person. went up today in a major city. They might even negotiate on price.
  11. Yes and they can currently. It is just that the more desirable property is more difficult to acquire so some parents help their children. There should be no issue with this.
  12. Well if other parents decide to work like a drone to give their children a financial head start over your own children it is something that you have to accept.
  13. I bought without help but fully intend to help my children financially to give them a head start if circumstances allow. I agree house prices are insane and should be lower.
  14. You can not force altruism. People must be free to choose what they do with their own resources as anything else is tyranny.

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