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  1. Anybody looking at the data still can't believe lockdown is a good idea. It is the equivalent of a bad flu season killing those on their last legs. If this lockdown is a good idea we should be doing it every flu season.
  2. If I had not got in early there is zero chance I would be buying at these prices to be honest. Gold now offers much more favorable risk/reward.
  3. It only allows ~10 transactions per second. It is already at capacity. It may have its place as an uncorrelated asset but is clearly not a currency.
  4. I am disappointed that Bitcoin seems to have limited its throughput for reasons I can't understand but we do seem to have quite the perfect storm brewing at the moment.
  5. So I own our home mortgage free all in my name and my wife who is a part time nurse has never owned a property. Would this make her eligible as a fist time buyer to get this 30% discount?
  6. Well the true costs of all this are a longway from being felt yet. They can say what they like at the minute, wait until the the true reality of their actions feed through. People's lives are about to get disrupted on a scale most wouldn't believe possible.
  7. I got a couple of debts scrubbed after 6 years of not making payments and somehow managed to avoid CCJ. These debts were with major banks.
  8. I eat like this also, minus the 2 day fasts, but don't beat myself up for the occasional treat. The difference in my overall well being vs eating a carb heavy diet is astounding.
  9. It's coming. Many people will look like stopped clocks when it does, but it has been clear for quite sometime we are on an unsustainable path.
  10. But it is not replacing production is it as those people have stopped working. More money chasing less goods = ?
  11. There is value beyond that and I'm sure I do not need to repeat it here. Saying that I was fortunate to be in right place at right time.
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