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  1. Joined Nov 2005. Rented since for ever. Was cheap as shared big house with another couple. It's ok if you get along but then missus got pregnant and it was time to do the thing, as renting was not cheaper and l had a deposit that seemed to either earn nothing or be put at risk if invested. Not getting any younger etc. Bought a place after about a year of looking in 2014, ended up cheaper in bills, CT and monthly payments than renting on our own. Big garden, pleasant area with good neighbours. I am glad l bought overall. If l hadn't had a kid and missus l would have likely moved country before buying in the UK but that's a different timeline l don't live in. I have other obsessions in my life now instead of HPC. l hope something happens to change the status quo, although my concerns are more along the lines of what sort of education and what sort of employment will my child have when they grow up. Frankly l'll be happy for them to get the fook out of dodge when they can and equip them accordingly.
  2. I laugh at you. Got a mortgage? Try not paying the lender then come and tell me who the owner is.
  3. Seems that suicide bombing meant we all got scared and voted for Brexit and Trump. Trump got a couple of shoehorned mentions, but nothing on Hillary whilst discussing Assad and Syria at length. Apparently no-one knows what Russia's agenda is in Syria. WTF are you talking about Curtis? I could give you several reasons and l am a complete pleb. I think there's some weird conflation he makes between cause and effect. i.e. Politicians provide simplified version of reality because they can't manage the real world with it's complexities. Then people see that what they are being told doesn't match reality at all and lose faith (hence Brexit and Trump would be my next logical step) but no apparently this is the new reality we are being presented with. It's like Curtis is asserting that the public can't really change anything themselves, they just consume something that someone else gives them to keep them happy and stable - so even mainstream surprises like Brexit somehow get co-opted into the master plan people have for us even though he discusses throughout how complexity and unforseen circumstances and blowback cuases all sorts of unexpected end results. I wouldn't mind someone pitching in on this. Kind of left me feeling like Curtis is missing the point or has a world view that consists of a hammer and everything that happens is a nail.
  4. A tiny number of a tiny % of yoof have any chance of a career in Europe beyond fruit picking or some other casual work whilst 'travelling'. I went to Uni and l don't know anyone who ended up working in the EU outside of the UK. All those l am aware of who work overseas ended up in English speaking commonwealth countries and even Israel. None in Europe. It really isn't a loss and regardless you can still get horror of horrors.. a work permit if you find yourself at the age of 20 somehow possessing skills that Germany can't do without. Mind you, l always liked the ERASMUS thingy. Will that still take place without having to gobble Eurocrat knob?
  5. Shale oil is heavier and bottle necked by heavy oil refinery capacity. EROEI is lower, about a third of the usual sources of oil. These figures are also based on the new field sweet spot. i.e. it gets harder to extract once the easy stuff is gone, ME oil fields are long established and so are well into the long tail of extraction efficiency, yet still massively outperform shale. Shale sources have yet to hit the rapid tail off phase. Although l agree that offshore plats are costly with long lead times, l am bemused you think shale production will just switch on and off in response to pricing?
  6. Not really the same product though is it. Shale oil is foul heavy garbage that costs more to refine Vs the light sweet crude of the ME et al.
  7. ..and yet they cost billions and still overshoot the budget. Where could all this money be going if all the hard workers are getting near minimum wage for their expertise?
  8. I would say because a lot of the poor, excluded, doley, benefits classes (whatever you want to call them) would be utterly screwed having never held down a full time job for long enough to qualify. Unemployment is often a long term and ingrained issue. If you are trying to break that cycle then you need to make it worth having any job even at 16 hours/week with guv top ups. Obviously the system is abused by claimants and employers alike. Feel free to suggest an alternative, after all you wont have to factor in the benefits tourist aspect for much longer* *less than 10 years - you have my guarantee!
  9. I did wonder about the 36% turnout figure. However given the absolute vitriol of the younger age group remain'ers on social platforms like Facebook, which as all us older types know is the foundation of their existences etc.. l would expect that many young 'uns may either make out they voted when they didn't, or even say they voted in when they did the opposite. I appreciate it's hard to fathom the importance of being accepted, friendships, belonging etc.. to us oldies who no longer give a shite, but it takes a real contrary ******er to go against the peer group. Having mates and getting laid is kinda higher up the list. I'm 40, and l am unusually cautious when the subject of Brexit comes up. Lots of people feel pretty strongly, and the most emotive about it always voted IN. Having voted out myself, l never volunteer the information and play a sort of "well maybe they aren't all racists, maybe they had these other issues" soft devil's advocate. Kind of laying the foundation of my own defence for when they find out and point at me screeching.
  10. Well they can easily apply for citizenship once they have worked here for 5 years or more. Source: I acted as sponsor for an Indian family, first the father who l had worked with for years, and then his wife and daughter who came over. She is a teacher iirc.
  11. Seriously, that is amazingly bare faced propaganda. I like how all the Evil Dividers have beards.. I guess they would have put one on the chick but then that would have been too gender-fluid and the "baddies" don't do that!
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