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  1. Brexit = : Trapped on an over crowded island, no opportunity to move elsewhere now. Certain members of this forum get sectioned.
  2. If you can control and analyse your life to that that level, then you should be in government. Or an astronaut. Or both.
  3. Is this a serious post? Jeez....clutching at straws much And this? This just makes me so depressed.
  4. A few years ago, I put in an offer for a place that hadn't properly come to market yet (it had a sign up outside , but EA hadn't taken photos, done floorplan etc), so I got to see it early as I was on their books. After I went to view it with partner, we loved the place, and put in an offer exactly at the asking price, as we had been messed around before and just wanted piece of mind. We were chain free, decent desposit, and had MIP....the damn estate agent responded after a few days by saying it's below asking price, by upping the original price by £15k, and the vendor wants to wait it out to get best price. Turns out the vendor was a builder that just does this all the time: Buy older property and do it up. And also, the fact there was no actual documentation out from the EA, meant that they seemed to be just hoping for idiots like me to put in bids to set a real base price.
  5. £1500 over 25 years is insignificant really. I didn't know the MMR stuff is applicable to 5 yrs or less either. It explains part of my experience, but not the pushing of PPI and higher multiples.
  6. Sorry, please don't take offence at what I said. Yes, we do ok. The point I was making is that NOTHING seems to have changed and no lessons have been learned. My intent wasn't to make others feel bad just because I bought a house, hence why I omitted all figures. Different people earn different salaries, have different circumstances etc. My intent was to say that all the bad practices I have read about (pushing high salary multiples, scaring people into taking out PPI, not doing proper due dillegence) just seem to be there still as they always have. I am not some millionaire that can buy a house outright: I had to save up ( a lot), rent for 10 years, and had to get a mortgage. I was just reporting on the shocking experience I had where everything that is said on these forums, but not in the mainstream press, is true and still alive. Apologies once again if I somehow offended anyone that is struggling to partake in the UK housing "industry". It sickens me that I have to take part in it, but I need a roof over my head and a place to bring up kids.
  7. I don't know why you are struggling to get a 10yr, there are loads out there. Though the fact you are called "spyguy" and I am a proper tin foil hatter when it comes to the internet worries me. Anyway, on trust, here you go http://www.barclays.co.uk/Mortgages/Fixedratemortgages/P1242557963470 Top one, 10 year fix. It's gone up to 3.99% now though.
  8. I got tired of waiting and placating the GF, and we bought recently. I don't know what this "toughening mortgage rules up" actually amounted to, but it seems to have done nothing when I appled. I fixed for 10 years at 3.89% borrowing 2.5x joint salary, and now regret going for 10yrs as I thought rates would go up end of this year. Anyway, not only were we approved in <30mins (we have no debt, sparkling credit score, low LTV etc etc), but there were no questions about outgoings or delving deeper into whether we could actually afford this. All they did was talk about whether this mortgage was the right one for us, look at payslips as proof of income, then run a credit check, and we were done. That sounds great right? I mean from a personal point of view as we obviously wanted the mortgage to be approved, but the "advisor" did 2 things that REALLY p*ssed me off: 1) Kept mentioning/asking what we will do if one or both of us becomes ill/unable to work, and do we have a plan, and effectively trying to get us to take out PPI in all but name. I told her it wouldn't happen, and if it did we had savings etc, but she kept labouring the point, to the level where I said "I would sell the damn house if it got that desperate!!". Then she finally shuttup about it. 2) Trying to lend us MORE money! I thought the days of massive, unsustainable mortgages were gone! We had done our sums, and made sure our mortgage was affordable for us with bills, unforseen costs etc, and we only wanted 2.5x salary. She kept going on about "do you like the bathroom? What about the kitchen? Would you want to change it? It's cheaper to borrow against the house now then take out a loan later". She told me we could actually borrow up to £X, which was 5.5 times our salary! When I asked "how can people even live paying that much back each month on our salaries?" she shrugged and said "they seem to find a way". Left feeling relieved it was so easy and we were approved and we now have the house, but quite angry that it seems NOTHING has changed with the UKs biggest "industry". Sorry for the rant.
  9. "Well Son, we have to put up with that to live here at the bargain price of £500k" http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-45178574.html
  10. I appreciate the sentiment Neverwhere, but I just feel that with the insane prices now, people will just overborrow/ask mum and dad/sell their kidney to get on this "housing ladder" crap. If prices come down, then yes, I may be able to buy, but then those same people will be buying 2 houses instead of one and renting one out because "its my pension innit". The whole thing just makes me feel sick and depressed.
  11. Luxury bed innit 'bro. You got ya kitchan, ya bed, ya wardrobe...
  12. I just don't see this getting any better until the population goes down. If scotland leaves the UK, our average population density will go up to 355/km_sq. How is that even sustainable, regardless of available finance. It sickens me. I don't want to have children in this country. Housing is insanely expensive for a little shoebox, the roads are overcrowded (can't wait to try and travel somewhere on the bank holiday), I can never get a seat on the train, it takes 2 weeks to get a doctors appointment, and classroom sizes are going upto 30+ with many not speaking English as a first language.
  13. Does anyone actually notice when these people go on strike? Makes no difference to me, apart from sometimes the roads are a bit quieter. The so called "government cuts" are more of a political angle, and are nowhere near the level they need to be. Public sector pensions are still gold plated compared to a typical person in the private sector.
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