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  1. Grous rent, insurance and maintenance charges come in at around £1k per year (depends on the work being done). Rental, when advertised are 475, so maybe 450 after negotiation.
  2. Yup, till I complete of course it can all fall through, but am happy to walk away with a bit of cash. I think flats are going to fall more and more over the next few years.
  3. That's actually a pretty good idea...Take pay for each area in 2000, pay now, pay cut is based on a % of the increase (still same % forcut for all). y
  4. Good question...the mortgage is portable (and life time tracker) but actually fed up of owning at the moment, plan to rent and save some more money. Never want to buy a leasehold again, so need to get a bit more together for a small house, which I can't do straight away. Plus need to find out where the ok bits of cardiff are worth a call to my mortgage company though. Won't see a deal like that again probably, but life moves on.
  5. Yeah guess so. "A group of skills that are applicaple to specific roles" is an even longer way of saying it. "Skills" is even quicker. Still think organisations should strive for an inclusive approach to cuts, not devisive ones that target small groups. Only way to create a more balanced organisation in my view.
  6. "So no price increase in 6 years, which I reckon is about right, we are at 2006 prices or in fact lower (accounting for thr 3-4k spend - edit)."
  7. Hi, lurked on this site on and off for years, did have anothe rlogin but forgetton it... Anyway, live in Southampton, bought my flat in 2006 for 83k on repayment mortgage, 5% deposit, near the top of the bubble. Recently got a new job in Cardiff, so had to sell my flat pretty quickly. I have probably spent around 3-4k on it in the last 6 years all told (as in kitchen, bathroom and flooring plus decorating) and have just accepted an offer (after 2 weeks on the market) for.... £83k! So no price increase in 6 years, which I reckon is about right, we are at 2006 prices. Interestingly two other
  8. The group I am thinking of would get a job, you can always get a job if your compentent and have the right skill set. But if they were overpaid, that makes more sense.
  9. Interesting plan, but would you not then lose the compentant ones (who CAN find jobs in the private sector, usually at a higher wage anyway) and keep the incompentant ones (who can't so will cling on for dear life) ? And if so, would that make delivery of services better or worse? I would have thought promoting loyalty to the organising by asking ALL pay levels to take a slice is better, everyone gets a 5% cut. As the bulk of employees are below 25k that gives the savings, but the pain for the lower paid is shared by the higher, who also pay a bigger chunk. A more supportive workforce develo
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