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  1. I know someone who worked for Harris Academy for a short period and he had to go through the agency to get paid and they used one of these schemes, only know about it as I caught up with him at Christmas and he had the HRMC on his back about it. I think it's unfair to penalise low paid workers who had no choice but accept the agencies terms compared to contractors on £500+ per day who willingly chose this scheme to keep under the 40% tax bracket.
  2. untakenname

    New homes 'crumbling due to weak mortar'

    The person giving the presentation was spouting bs, there's a minimum weight limit of 6.8kg set by the UCI for competition bikes so it would make no sense for Sky to shave bolts or use thinner paints as bikes are already bang on the limit. It's an outdated archaic safety rule from years back in the era of steel frame which means that even the mid range carbon bikes you can buy straight out of the showroom today are too light to use in competition. Back ontopic I wouldn't consider a new build unless it was built by a smaller company and they allowed you to do spot checks on the progress or be onboard with the construction a bit like in that Grand Designs programs.
  3. You could see the whiteboard at the back of the Beckenham branch that the staff used as a leaderboard, used to be quite full but over the past year barely anything was written on it so the writing was literally on the wall.
  4. untakenname


    Interesting they actually allowed comments in this article about streaming services earlier in the week, perhaps the comments are moderated? https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-45096610
  5. untakenname

    Home Equity Loans Trouble looming

    My Nan took out one of these (unknown to the rest of the family) amount taken out was under a hundred and now she's gone into a home the outstanding balance is over 300k, the interest rate charged on it is over 7% which compared to the base rate is completely unacceptable in my opinion.
  6. One of the reasons for less footfall on the tube must be google maps, whenever I look for directions using my phone in London it's usually only a few minutes more walking to the destination rather than getting on the tube. Before GPS enabled smartphones I used to get the tube and travel quite a distance according to the tube map but when you look at the distance as the crow flies above ground it's not really that far at all. Busses must be a loss leader for tfl, I live in Zone 4 and busses are only really busy during the day, after 8pm there's usually no one on the bus that goes past my house and it runs every 20 minutes till midnight. On the subject of London busses how many customers actually pay? I'd say 80% of the passengers during the day will be either kids getting free travel (and only getting on a couple of stops before getting off again) or pensioners using their freedom passes.
  7. untakenname

    Council Tax Bill just landed

    What I find most galling is the difference between inner and outer London boroughs, I live in Bromley which is the largest London borough size wise yet gets the least assistance by central government.
  8. Prominently featured article in the evening standard yesterday about sellers reducing price acter receiving no offers in two years. https://www.standard.co.uk/news/london/homeowners-slash-1m-off-house-after-receiving-no-offers-in-two-years-a3665131.html
  9. Interesting program on Radio 4 just now about the potential for a houseprice crash, worth listening to as it's very bearish http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b08x4s84
  10. untakenname

    RIP High Street Estate Agencies

    Walked past this estate agents yesterday and thought of this thread, two of the three windows are boarded up and the final window has had multiple bricks chucked at it.
  11. What's up with flat sold in March last year? http://www.rightmove.co.uk/house-prices/SW1E-6PB.html?backListLink=%2Fnew-homes-for-sale%2Ffind.html%3FlocationIdentifier%3DPOSTCODE%5E837435%26minPrice%3D4000000%26maxPrice%3D7500000%26minBedrooms%3D3%26radius%3D0.5
  12. untakenname

    HMO Sell Off in Plymouth

    I lived in Plymouth a decade ago for a couple of years on Mutley Plains, the locals (Janners) really hated the students as they made a load of noise and the students hated the locals as they were often accosted by them on nights out. Coming from London I was amazed that back then you could get a five bed house for £65k, dunno how much they cost today. The whole of Plymouth isn't that great really, go up union street when the Navies for various different countries docked at the same time and it was like a warzone with paramilitary police breaking up fights with truncheons.
  13. untakenname

    Flat for rent and sale at same time?

    I had this with a landlord (woke up one morning to an estate agent opening the door) so out came the mouse traps along with the prominently placed mould and mildrew remover.
  14. untakenname

    The Joy Of Rent Control

    I think it's a good idea to have the correct documentation, I've rented too many times where the neighbours are unemployed DSS keeping me up at night with their antisocial behaviour. I don't see why I should have to pay £1k+ per month and have a next door neighbour that pays next to nothing.

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