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  1. Carefull I was just shot down for saying the very same thing ...
  2. Sorry if you objected to "Can you really handle another 2 years of analysing every fragment of press clippings, convinced that just around the corner houses will cost half as much?" However there is a level of obsession on here and a tendacy to look for evidence that supports a singular view point. My belief is that a stagnation in housing is very likely until 2008. Debating every fluctuation and every report from Halifax, land registry, whoever will make little difference. These things move very slowly and unless there is some MAJOR economic shift the HPC is still some way off and even then
  3. What a polite person - hello to you to! The only problem with this waiting game though is for how long? I could wait up to 15 months but after that would be looking at getting a family home. Are there really enough cracks in the economy to prevent a long period of stagnation? I have my doubts.
  4. I have been reasnably polite considering the abuse I got for my views - I do not see why posting is a different opinion is clasified as being a TROLL! Believe it or not despite having a large deposit I am also priced out of the properties that I expect to be able to buy on my salary!!!
  5. Hello some familiar names still on here! About 2 years ago now I registered on this site (not with this name, my old one has since been taken). Frankly I logged in to post as I was confused. A reasonably busy forum, that has since become almost an obsession to many, was arguing that a crash was on its way in the UK housing market. One bunch of regulars lead by some sad case called the "monkey" were even going so far as to trounce any other forum, post notices in estate agent windows and try and actively force a crash to happen (desperate and deluded yes but sadly true!). I was intrigued so
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