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  1. If it is Bruno he was held up as some kind of uber-bear genius only 15 months or so ago! Funny how a change of inclination gets different results!
  2. Unfortunately not everwhere is recording falls. Of friends that have sold recently (South East and London) no one has had to drop by more than 5% off asking and in one case there was a bidding war to above the asking price. London also seems to be witnessing slight rises if the last lot of stats is to be believed. Without a rise in interest rates IMHO the appetite for debt amongst the Bristish public is far from over.
  3. I would be very worried. We are a debt based economy with an overreliance of imports (including energy). The present economy appears to have 3 major supports (consumer spending, house price "wealth" and a whole host of "service" sector and tech based jobs). Current indicators of the cracks within this fragile economy are Insolvancies of several major companies Record bankrupsy levels Fuel crisis warnings Offshoring On top of this we have a pensions time bomb. Unless some careful long term planning is caried out by politicians a(s well as members of the general public sorting out the
  4. For millennia the East was a predominant region in terms of medicinal advancements, economics, philosophy, mathematics and cultural and artistic development. Whilst much of Europe was floundering in the Dark ages, the East was flourishing. Could this situation be about to repeat itself? China and India are gearing up to be economic powerhouses and have been steadily laying solid foundations for decades (OK the IT side of things in India was unprecedented as it by-passed the usual Government red tape). However on the surface it appears as if the speed of change in the West and a very short t
  5. Yeah but there is a fundamental problem with this age of mass comunication, the speed and the anonymity makes people throw aside all sense of basic etiqutte and be very rude and aggressive ps mods how to you get an account deleted? Please delete bemused
  6. From a VIP admin of the site - kind of sums it up really. This really has become a small "local" club for "local" posters. Sad really
  7. Thought I would just post this before deleting my account. My old name was "confused" back in the days when this forum looked and felt entirely different. The paraphrasing above was posted under the user name "bemused" same as this one. I also share an office and most probably the same IP (occasionaly have to hot desk) with another guy that used to post on here who can't be bothered any longer . There will be no instant boil in the bag crash - you can stamp your feet, gatecrash other forums, stick notices in Estate agents windows, be petty and mock other peoples spelling and typos, Berate
  8. Actually I was posting as I know several people that have been turned off this website because of exactly the reasons I have given. Indeed one of the guys in the office reminded me of the forum, when it came up in conversation (incidentally he can't be bothered to post anymore as the lunatics have taken over the asylum as they say ... Yes I did post under another name. The account no longer exists as it was a different format then Frankly I'm bored of this - please continue to trawl the web for anything that supports the mantra. Please debate each snippet of info endlessly in an unhealthy o
  9. Troll acusations and dogma. Believe it or not there have been some relevant bullish arguments over the past 2 years that were not given a chance with the "radical fringe" Even TTRTR has made some good points and has been the most accurate in forcasting interest rates, yet just gets abuse. We haven't all got the luxury of early retirement Charlie. Most take a quick look at work in quite moments and if all they read is a load of radical ranting and blatent abuse they just go elsewhere .... which is a shame as there is some very relevant stuff on here that could potentially stop people jumping
  10. Actually it is a critique of several very dominant posters on this forum that take a very radical view point, are downright rude and actively stifle debate by either shouting AWOOOGA at posts that are clearly not or just being derogatory. If people were sitting in the same room, they would not be so rude so why it should be justified and tolerated on a forum I have no idea. Plus out of the handful of interested parties that I have directed to this forum they ahve all been put off by what they see as a selection of closed minded individuals that have one track minds and will bend any evidence
  11. Agreed. It is also a far more healthy way of looking at the current situation and the basis of my response when people ask why I rent. Prices are at best static, debt at low inflation is at best managable. Why risk the worry of getting into huge debt for a property that is unlikely to make you any money in the short term and potentially very likely to cause major financial heartache in the long term?
  12. 1. Timing It came about 2 years too early, attracted some astute minds - and provided some excellent advise from very long term thinkers. However attention spans and patience are scarce resources. 2. The people’s revolutionary party of non-action. The forum then attracted the radical fringe of muppets like the monkey et al. These would only look at one side of any argument, hound any one that held contrary viewpoints (however sensible) whilst flagging up conspiracy theories so lame that most intelligent posters went elsewhere. This combination of factors leaves behind a forum that is lar
  13. No the properties were not based on big discounts - and what does priced correctly mean? They were priced according to what the market could bear ie stupidly overpriced IMHO yet they had no problem selling. All anecdotals are based on small samples and basically meaninless yet some are lapped up and applauded - others derided depending on whether they say what you want to hear .... Sign of the times - 5 "friends" all recently sold 3 bed houses ? surely you mean clients ? Typical HPC response to anyone that posts anything contradictory - no I am not an Estate Agent - not do I have a vested
  14. Looking at the posts on this site, in particular the anecdotals an observer would think that a crash is well underway. However this is not something that I am witnessing. Sure the market is slow and sellers can no longer be wildly optimistic in their pricing yet houses are still selling and not at great discounts. New build "luxuary apartments" however are another matter and I have seen many examples of 20K cuts this year alone along with bucket loads of other "incentives". I want to keep this brief so won't go into details - 5 friends recently sold 3 bed houses good locations: 1.Thames Dit
  15. I am not so sure .... debt is a huge issue but with low interest rates it is currently managable for the bulk of the home-owning public. I think the next spring-bounce will be a non-starter but the market will limp on with small rallies and dips in the 0.something margin. Stagnation is entirely possible if rates stay as they are or decrease slightly.....
  16. My point is that although I broadly agree with many posters on this forum, I disagree on timescales, the extent of drops and the idea that every area and property type will suffer to the same extent. We will see by April if posters here are suddenly despondant when their beloved crash has not materialised ...
  17. Unless there is an upwards movement of interest rates IMHO all that will happen is another bout of stagnation .... for at least 6-8 months.
  18. Thanks saved me the bother of replying! I had a numpty estate agent with a [email protected] haircut value my place at 30K more than any others when I put it up for sale. Needless to say had I been gullible enough to market at this price I would have needed to drop by £45K to achieve the price I sold at (and that was 2 years ago) ......
  19. If you want to know I posted as "confused" 2 years ago in the early days of the forum
  20. It's this type of arrogant drivel that I resent. I posted here 2 years ago that property had a way to go yet. I was slagged off - left forum, put my money where my mouth is and made a tidy sum in property. Now the tide is turning. I am very unlikely to buy, yet despite this sheeple/sun reader snobbery on this site by such financial genius types as yourself everyone has their own opinion. I know some very astute people who are very aware of the economic climate but are still buying property. They research their areas well and also believe a correction is on the cards, yet not by the level m
  21. Yep I have to say I agree - there is no concrete evidence of a crash yet. However anyone that suggests otherwise is just given a load of vitriol. There is certainly loads of circumstancial evidence that debt and a very wobbly economic climate coupled with rising interest rates around the globe could lead to a significant fall in property prices. But it aint happening yet. In the meantime let people have their say.
  22. Don't waste your breath ... they only want to hear the same mantra. I have also seen the same in my neck of the woods. Very slow but with no significant falls.
  23. I believe that a correction in property prices is inevitable at some point but you do ignore some things in your argument. Not everyone is a fool. Many homeowners are not as exposed as you believe and have taken the equity made from each purchase up the chain so that even with rising prices the mortgage on the last property bought is not excessive For the duration of this site we have been told that the market will collapse - it's just around the corner. However during this time the market has continued to defy the expectations of economists and has continued to rise. Whilst this has slowed
  24. Suprisingly those selling (only 2 people so not a very good sample) did not drop by much 5% or so. However they were good family homes in catchment areas. Buyers (only 3) got £10K or so off but these were flats in the Clifton area of Bristol. PS for the record I think anyone buying a flat in Clifton needs their head examined.... I hope your right - I could do with some better interest on my savings ... I don'k know?
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