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  1. There are too many regional and national variations to take into account any blanket statements on the housing market. If an area has access to high paying jobs, good schools and excellent infrastructure and a limited housing supply, prices will continue to rise as long as lenders are willing to dish out the cash and mugs, borrowers are wiling or able to borrow! I can see a 2 tier housing market in the regions I am familiar with already where good areas continue to increase in price and others are already dipping. The only remendy is turning off the cash supply or raising the cost of borr
  2. My post is purely regarding sentiment. People will continue to take on debts that I regard as frankly idiotic because they base their payments on the monthly cost only! They do not consider historical interest rates They do not consider a 3.5 salary ratio They dont look at the AMOUNT they are paying back over 25 years They know nothing of Carry trade/inflation/cost of oil and do not really care Whilst monthly costs remain relatively low this will carry on, albeit at a reduced rate as the numbers are dwindling who are able to borrow the inflated sums needed.
  3. These are my thoughts. I do not know where other posters are living, but the markets I am familiar with are healthy and rising. The general public are still keen to take on massive debt in the belief of high employment, low interest rates and will continue to do so until headlines scream otherwise. Prices will continue to rise, albeit marginally, until rates rise.
  4. Oh come on not even you can believe this! There is no rush to buy a house - I am not the most radical bear and am aware that the market has picked up a liitle and good houses in good areas are selling - however there is no rush and there are plenty of properties out there. By March there will be even more. I have never seen a more precarious global economic climate in my life. Jobs are uncertain as are interest rates. Form an orderly queue ladies and gentlemen to tie that millstone around your neck.
  5. Listen please lets end these tedious threads - in any market commodities sell for what the market can bear. I go and look at a house valued at £300K and think thats a joke you have to be a moron to buy that. I therefore choose to rent - however there appear to be a finite number of morons quite happy to part with their cash. IMO this is a gamble based on monthly affordability and not on REAL affordability. Stop the petitions, they are not needed and the general public certainly will not want any of the reforms you are advocating - for most people relish the thought of their paper riches. H
  6. I couldn't agree more - bands definately improve and reflect social issues - rather than bling\vacuous monoclones who just look pretty. I always check the state of the music scene as a reflection of socio-economic conditions and there is a change going on now ......
  7. I would guess that the bulk of people renting are young couples/singles and the bulk of properties to rent are 1/2 bed flats. Put the rent up too much and they will simply move back home to their parents. I am beggining to this in ever-increasing numbers already ...
  8. I was reporting 2/3 months ago - the "crash" has been called too early by this site. IMO you have at least 12-18 months to go - I won't bother to repeat my comments on the obsessive - their up - no their down price watch mania that goes on here every few months. Nor the govt, media are in collusion lests have a focussed leaflet campaign rubbish neither ....
  9. Also seems strange how the show appears to be chasing a retreating market - going further oop north each episode - expect the last show to be from the orkney islands ....
  10. I put down that I have over 4000 take home pay, have no debts, no mortgage repayments and nothing to pay on credit cards as well as having over £600 per month left over and was advised that that my amswers suggest that I have debt worries! what a load of $hite
  11. I have several friends who have sold sucessfully in Farnham, Guildford and Hampton Wick. The market is very variable but family homes in catchment areas appear to be selling reasnably well. On the other hand there are a glut of flats particularly in areas such as Woking that just will not shift. Its not so Black and White
  12. OMG That's hideous ..... if it wasnt for all the stairs it would be ideal for a blind investor with no fear of heights!
  13. A total lack of confidence in Pensions and huge ramping by TV "experts" has also assisted somewhat ...
  14. Not just the cause of the boom but also the cause of of a generation that may find themselves enslaved during their late working years and then enter into old age in poverty as they have run up huge debts in their youth. I have numerous friends with broadband, monthy mobile bills, high tech gear, cars etc all bought on credit (its only xxy a month) yet no pension!
  15. I have always looked at the wider economic arguments on this site with interest as I do not fully understand them. However what I do understand is that most people I have ever met think very short term. Debt levels be it secured or unsecured acrued at a time of low interest and inflation are immensely worrying as problems are just stored up and magnify until the inevitable conclusion happens. There will be more and more debt ammased and property will continue to fluctuate and have small gains and losses throughout the coming months/years until rates start to rise and then all hell will brea
  16. I have tried to post on my experiences in the South East on a few occasions. Guildford - Friend sold for full asking Farnham Friend sold for aprox 5% under Hampton Court area friend sold for 10K over after a bidding war I am basically a bear but really think we need a more balenced view of anecdotals and CRUCIALLY where the locations are and what the property types are before calling a crash. In all three cases above they were family homes in catchment areas..
  17. Wimbledon? OK could do with some redecoration - but easy train\tube ride to waterloo?
  18. Ahhh someone on the same wavelegnth! Also you can move away from Po-faced, uptight selfish $hits (broad generalisation) Saying that though I do have a huge love\hate relationship with London.
  19. Went to visit a friend in Esher the other day - they are looking at buying a [email protected] bungalow for the princely sum of £740K - I suggested that if I was him I would rent a 3 bed house on the smae street thats up for £1100 a month save his huge salary (like yours) and live like a hermit for 4 years and hten get out of the rat race for good .... didnt go down too well!
  20. You have the wrong viewpont - this is a local site for local posters
  21. So to put this in perspective your charging your cliens 70% more than 2 years ago because you didn't buy a house 5 years ago?
  22. The market is far more mixed than is being reported. Some areas and property types are already falling. Some areas and properties types are stagnant, some have seen rises. However most "rises" in the South East and London are not even keeping pace with inflation so to call them rises is misleading. And yes the site shouts wolf too often. Without any huge jumps in interest rates property will be a sluggish "investment" that will make very little real money for the next few years, however I expect to see some far more alarmist coulmn inches in our national press by 2008/9 when the true state o
  23. There will indeed be a spring bounce, in "real" price terms it will be relatively insignificant and by the end of the year the "rises" will probably be under that of inflation. However expect to see some juicy headlines in the form of may house prices 50% up on the same time last year ...
  24. Just had a quick peruse in the Trolls forum after Mr Caves latest post was moved. OK so some are obvious wind-ups but some of the stuff in there does point to relevant articles and viewpoints. Frankly I find some of topics no less plausable than many "respected" posters on the main forum. For example Mr Caves pointing out that interest rates are expected by many city analysts to go down. They are and probably will. The rush to the EA's by STR's is an obvious wind up but the idea that BTL's will be rushing to sell their investments next year is accepted despite the fact that interest rates a
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