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  1. The psudo-anarchic-tin-foil-hat-che-guevara-wanabees-united-popular-revolutionary-front-of-inane-nonactivity put me off long ago. Just select your posters carefully. And yes before you say anything I am a baby-booming estate agent with a crush on Kirsty, 72 BTL's and work for the Government in the ministry of subsonic soundbites (we play inaudible slogans in public lavs in shopping centres that make you buy plama tellies and 4 wheel drives)
  2. Yep but I will be debt free and mobile in what is potentially a high interest rate/job loss economy
  3. The stock market is back up, then someone makes a hint at inflation and it shoots down again. A militant is killed and oil drops. A foreign politicain makes another remark and it goes and breaks new record highs. Fear and loathing everywhere. These are just reactions to comments FFS. What is going to happen when something really happens?
  4. How about the "I sold to move to a better job and can think of better places to put my profit than a vastly overpriced bunch of bricks that ties me to a life of servitude to the corporate greed machine whilst preying at the temple of IKEA every sunday morning and sweating nervously everytime the BOE have a rate setting meeting" option?
  5. If need to be convinced then I suggest you buy as there must be more pro's to home ownership for you than just any fear rising rates, unemployment or potential loss of a large wedge of money. For me renting saves me cash and allows me the flexibility to move with work and suits at the mo, however I hope that joe public will get to grips of the precarious nature of debt and the reliance of low rates soon and cut back on paying WAY OTT for properties as I think the mrs will soon start putting pressure on me to buy.
  6. People don't just pay mortgages - they have other concerns. Fuel, bank loans, utilities etc etc. I would of thought the cost of borrowing being hiked massively would affect overall sentiment and the desire to clear debts rather than acrue more (the biggest of which being BUYING A NEW HOUSE) but then I am just stupid. In the US massive rate hikes have killed sentiment. In the UK there is no repeated threats of huge hikes as yet. As stated earlier until the man in the street fears this and sees the effects with his own eys there will be no crash and that day is still some way off.
  7. Magpie - you are a relatively new poster and a breath of fresh air. Good to see balenced viewpoints. I rarely have time to back any of my points up as am at work. I would like to see a HPC and believe debt and interest rates are the key. However just because I want something enough doesnt mean it will happen oh and munimila If I had borrowed in excess of 100 grand and the bank raised the rates 15 times in a row there Would be a change in my sentiment - id sh1t myself. Not very accademic or poetic but thats the big difference between the US and here IMO.
  9. Read this anyway you like. 'Cos there is no crash in the UK. Outside of theis forum I know of no-one who expects one. People are still buying and in the markets I am familiar with prices are still rising. Until sentiment changes and people stop buying houses there will be no crash.
  10. Several months of protracted interest rate rises! If that happened here then I'd say a crash was inevitable. It hasn't, unfortunately and until the BOE start jacking up rates and the news media work themselves into a frenzy of back to the 80's stories of reposessions there will be no crash.
  11. Aren't you one of the people that rose up in fury when i pointed out prices were still rising a few months back? There is no HPC. The conditions are all there, the debt is still there and growing but without sustained IR rises the much vaulted HPC is not going to happen.
  12. The problem is however that there are no rising rates yet in the UK. In many areas house prices are still going up! The man on hte street will not be convinced until the nice people on the telly mention the words crash and recession and the bloke next door is being reposessed. IMO this is still some way off.
  13. What a fascinating and in-depth article. I felt it really got to grips with the man, his policies and his core beliefs. I can now vote in confidence that I truly understand the political process and the men behind the power. Who said the BBC were dumbing down their reporting?
  14. Lol - I was jsut thinking the same thing. Having thought about moving job I was shocked to see what the pay for IT is in the South West - I would have to get more skills and take more responsibilities to earn LESS! The pay in the South West unless you are a Doctor, Dentist, Teacher etc is pretty poor.
  15. lol - all he has to do now is rig the high street up to nuclear reactors and all is well ...
  16. Clicky Just as well we have Crash to protect us and ward off the unspoken "I" word with his bag of magic tricks
  17. That Mr TTRTR is the pivotal question upon which the whole of this site hangs. I have frequently pointed out that this site cried wolf too early - some posters point to a sea of troubles and that they will eventually lead to a serious crash. Others are like those strange old nutters with a billboard proclaiming the end of the world is happening tommorow. However even you must acknowledge that this all has to end with a bang at some point. I have friends on frankly rubbish wages with few career prospects being offered and taking morgages of 200K! Over the next 5 -10 years if rates rise by even
  18. I think the true cost of this loss of perception is the cost to the psychology of much of the population. Many people will be disatisfied with their jobs as they will never earn enough to pay for a house. They will consequently be pushing themselves to achieve what is unatainable. I think we will see a huge increase in alchoholism and violence as these frustrations kick in. For a large proportion of the population - particularly men, they are unable to achieve what their parents did. Work hard and raise a family. Please before the usual crowd come on saying work harder and stop whinging, le
  19. Its not a modern phenomenon though - I believe George Orwell hinted at this in Keep the Aspidistra Flying if my memory serves me correctly. I was aluding more to the brainclamp school of thought
  20. But ask them if they can afford to buy their house now with the 80K profit they made on their last house and the answer is yes! However it will still be a streach but whilst this stupidly low interest rate era continues so will HPI.
  21. whats wrong with this? personally i have invested in a season ticket, a sleeping bag and a rucksack full of dairy products. I get on the bus, go to work, leave work, get on a bus - dont get off until 11pm, eat some dairy goods, drink a few pints of milk, get on a night bus, get in my sleeping bag and just travel around till 6am, when i get off listen to my ipod and eat some yoghurt and go to work. Life has never been cheaper
  22. I am beginning to wonder if there is a "new paradigm" after all. Think about it. Nearly everybody is in debt. In many cases, shocking debts that would have caused the previous generation palpitations and leper like public standing. Yet interest rates remain low and the debt bubble just keeps expanding. HPI has gone ballistic. I nearly laughed out loud at the drug lord’s house on the news last night. A 1 million pound mansion. He was compared to the Godfather. I was expecting something sumptuous, surrounded by high gates and a private drive, yet saw a suburban detached house. FFS you need to b
  23. Looks like the bulls continue to stay ahead How much longer?
  24. Just to add my 2p worth. I spend a fair bit of time in Cornwall and have friends there. The younger of my friends I know struggle with finding any work that is not seasonal and even the more established couples with OK jobs have little chance of buying anything in the towns they grew up in a this is holiday home hell area. If I believed that I could walk into an 18K job I would be seriously tempted to relocate to Cornwall. However this is unlikely to happen.
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