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  1. If your house has incread by that amount you can gaurentee that the next step up the ladder will have increased even more. Running to stand still ........
  2. I did - I sold the 2 bed flat to relocate - now need a family home and rent is so much cheaper. The last thing I would want to own now is a flat - if (and yep its still an IF) the market crashes, a flat is a very risky "investment" - particularly as most FTB's are in their 30's and will probably want a family at some point.
  3. See my post above - not much corn to be had in a load of cases and in many more cases it's more like put your knackers in a vice and sit back and wait for the grip to get tighter.
  4. Bit of a myth this instant profit to be made by buying in 2004 - very much depends on the type of property and the area. In my case taking like for like property on the street where I rent. In 2004 prices were around the 250K mark and they are now around £290-310. On the surface it looks like I made a bad mistake. But lets look a little deeper. The rent I pay is around £300 per month less than the mortgage of a similar property - so without any other investments I may have, that still has allowed me to save over £7K. On top of this I have not paid stamp duty, EA fees, solicitors and other
  5. if bristol is anything to go by - breaking the price ceiling by a large margin
  6. Bit drastic! I wouldn't say you were wrong, however if interest rates continue to accomodate those with massive debts rather that tackle inflation ( real inflation) then HPI may continue unabated until the country experiences a recession. This may take some time and the consequences will be severe.
  7. Partly agree on one point. There is a certain embarassing way of looking for any explaination apart from the obvious one that people are still buying houses that goes on with this forum. As for second part - well lets just say apart from being rude and crass for those priced out its also a very bad idea.
  8. This is a bit of a fallacy - despite both countries being huge many areas are not habitable. Also you need easy access to centres of work so will ineviatbly have issues with expansion/rail/road links/congestion etc
  9. My reply is a broad generalisation but hey! Seems to be that skilled professionals such as Doctors, Dentists and Lawyers have a relitively low number of Eastern European immigrants. Those that will come will most likely stay and buy houses. There seem to be a lot of skilled labourers (building,plumming etc) whilst the building trade booms they will be earning good money and are potential home owners. Retail\Catering - employs many more immigrants - unlikely to be buying houses. (Unless married to a polish dentist \skilled worker!!) The truth is no one knows the percentage of Eastern Europe
  10. Spot on. Agree totaly. This is why a HPC is not a cast iron certainty. We may see a couple of more years of HPI if rates continue to be set below 5.5%.
  11. I disagree on points 1 and 3. Real inflation is pretty high. We don't need to build more houses. I think if they whacked rates up to 8% to curb inflation you would be suprised at just how many houses were suddenly available - especially in rural areas and by the coast!
  12. Nope am a southerner - it's not that i think it's a good idea to buy right now. In fact I think you would benefit from psychiatric help if you did. But my opinion counts for nothing. People still believe that property can not fail. Until there is hard evidence staring them in the face (like the next door neighbours being reposesed or Jon Snow on TV with a nice little graphic showing a house with a downward arrow on it - they will continue to do so.
  13. Simpler explaination: People are still buying houses.
  14. The final comment is just there to make it more entertaining TV. As for the loss of cash a lot of business collapse or lose money in the first year. There's no point earning a lot of cash if you are not true to yourself and despise the work you are doing and the impact it has on your life and those around you. Personally I applaud this kind of TV. It demonstrates that success can come about through hard graft and good ideas rather than: 1. Inflating property to ludicrous levels through BTL and being a selfish ***** that stops other people enjoying a home. 2. Being a gormless, talentless
  15. I wouldnt call making a bad decision then having the integrity to admit it hypocrisy! The guy is just a sucessfull businesman not God! When it comes to business you can take advise but ultimately you are responsible for your actions and decisions. Anyone that basis their judgement on a TV programme or a single piece of advise isn't going to last long in business anyway.
  16. Really so comending hard work and innitative is now a crime? This forum slags off everyone - "smug presenter", "clueless idiots", "hypocracy". Personally if people have the balls to make a go of a venture they deserve a lot of praise and if they get prime time TV to advertise themselves good luck to them. If you have ever run your own business you would know its hard, hard work. It demands guts and vision. I would much rather go to and work for an independant busines than yet another McChain that is blighting this country. If you cant see the positives in this then you are extremely s
  17. This is where this site gets its bad rep from. So people work unbelievably hard to make something of their lives, provide employment to others and add to the local economy and get slagged off by a bunch of sad ars3d losers who gripe on a forum all day.
  18. So bored of this type of debate. Back up any assertions - no need. Its simple really: debt, interest rates, jobs, inflation. debt - up interest rates - level with 2004 but looking set to rise jobs - down inflation - up how much debt can the population carry? Bankrupsies and Repos are increasing, so not much by the looks of it. Will it take a year or 3 - I don't know.
  19. Well seeing as the qverage age of a first time buyer is 33 - you'd still be paying it off in your 80's. If you think that this doesnt desrve derision that I am lost for words.
  20. A morgtgage is basically just secured debt. The more expensive the house the bigger the debt. As long as you continue to pay off your debt you keep the house. Big debts+Low interest payments=Big problems as far as I am concerned. As long as base rates remain below 5% the delicate balence will continue. Houses will go up and people will borrow to capacity. Hate to see the result if they reach 6% in the next 5 years.
  21. Stagflation, the gradual decline of the middle class .... looks like we are going back to pre WW2 Germany .................. Only the Muslims look set to be the new Jews? Lets hope not.
  22. OK Marina et al. Like it or loathe it we live in an era of advanced Global Capitalism. For all its faults (and there are many) it feeds and provides luxury living to more people than in any other era of history. It also impoverishes millions. You are fortunate to live in the benefactor nations. You eat well, do not have to do backbreaking labour and live an itinerant lifestyle to survive. Hence the cost of living here is more expensive. You are now free to work and travel where you wish. There are vast tracks of land for your taking that are cheap and readily obtainable throughout the EU. I
  23. Yes. They will also stop the war in Iraq, bring the DO-DO back to life, replace the car with the flying unicorn as the main form of transport and start yet another stupid thread on this forum.
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