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  1. Here's something nobody is considering right now: how about the effect of the boomer's parents arriving at the end of their life right now? The curve below is perhaps a bit outdated but i wouldn't expect it to have moved significantly.
  2. an interesting chart from zerohedge http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2012-11-14/charting-secular-decline-come-advanced-economy-house-prices
  3. that's a strange statement... how can you have a buyer, be it first time or not, not considering buying a home?
  4. I wonder if this could be a tactic to attract attention of more house sellers (EA customers) after all, any seller is due to stick on rightmove to find its next home...
  5. I hardly read the EA-generated marketing BS on rightmove adverts. Most of it is plain boring, some are quite comical and a few are really taking people of idiots. a few examples i found recently "CALL TO VIEW - YOU'D BE KNUTS NOT TO!!!!" "GO DUTCH!!!! Imagine present this attractive three bedroom Semi-Detached house in Holland Gardens" "YOU'VE SEEN THE TV PROGRAMMES - NOW IT'S YOUR TURN!!!! Imagine present this fantastic opportunity to buy this three bedroom Detached house which requires complete internal modernisation" "ARE YOU THE BARBIE FOR THIS KEN???? This stunning three bedroom hous
  6. This is a rather strong statement, which Max doesn't back up by actual fact, in the article at least. I really can't see how GBP is more screwed and will collapse quicker than the EUR for instance. I think Spain, Greece, Italy, France and others will go down before. We indeed have weak fundamentals, but we don't have as perverse a monetary and political system as people in the Eurozone have. That being said, when I consider Max is the "most widely watched newscaster on the planet" "broadcast[ing] across China", I can't help but wonder, what's this guy VI? You can't be the most widely watche
  7. And then prices will go down because no one can afford it Next: investor will percieve a decrease on the return they get on new build Next: investor get out of home bulding = squeeze on supply Next: higher demand on old built send prices up
  8. has the studied covered the potential destination those people want to go to? I don't know that many places that fit the bill. Hence the reason why people are still coming to Britain
  9. actually you need an expert to make the illusion of sense out of what hasn't got any
  10. what do they do with $43 trillion? possess all of the money on earth? - fine, they have it, we'll make a new one with an exchange rate of 1 = $1 trillion. buy every land and building on earth? - fine, we'll take it back, it's been done in several countries in the past pay a big militia to stick it to the people by force? - fine, soldiers are people, it will turn against them the reality is those people have less power they would like you to believe, and they are probably shitting their pants because they can own the planet on paper, but will never conquer people's heart and minds. In the
  11. perhaps it's a whole paradigm change for some: when you can't sell you decrease the price.
  12. well, the lollipop person will get £2,000 at best http://wiki.answers.com/Q/How_much_does_a_lollipop_lady_make the rest goes towards "management fee", does it not? (Read ridiculous pocketing by someone high up the administrative food chain) Soon we'll deserve the title of banana republic (or monarchy)
  13. No, wait, I know what they meant: "If the house hasn't sold within one month, we'll put the price up" ...because the price was too low to catch a buyer presumably well, perhaps someone should tell the EA that's not the way to create a rush sale in his industry
  14. What amazes me is the number of new house which do not have a fireplace. With the cost of energy on apparent exponential growth of 5-10% a year, someday gas will become unaffordable to people by the way the following is interesting
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