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  1. The sooner they stick a fracking rig in my back garden the better. I'll use my cut to buy solar panels.
  2. I seem to recall that one or more posters here made a killing shorting BDEV in 2008. Am I brave enough to try it this time round? Anyway thanks for the cheery news!
  3. I'm quite drunk, so I'm not going to cite my sources. But I'm not so drunk that I can't remember what I've read over the last five years, and I like cars, and am interested in them. So DYOR and prove me wrong if I'm wrong! Yes it's a conspiracy site and makes some ludicrous claims (like that there are more cars than people in the world...LOL! ). And the pics are from five years ago- which is roughly when Honda Swindon had to stop operating three shifts. My memory is crap but a few years ago, I think it was late 2010, I took my wife down to Southampton for the day, for no better reason than I'd bought return tickets for us both on Megatrain for £4.50, I used to live there, and I fancied a day out. I wanted to show her the Harbour Lights cinema; we ended up in the docks by mistake and I saw hundreds of new LHD Civics that had clearly been there for a while. I know the big Ro-Ro car transporters only come in every couple of weeks, but these looked, from indicators like dirt on the windcreens, that they'd been there for months. I tend to read Autocar every week, and they regularly talk about overcapacity in European car production. They've obviously got absolutely no interest in talking down demand for new cars- quite the reverse! It's often stated that GM's European operation (Opel/Vauxhall, and until recently Saab) hasn't made a profit in 20 years. I'm a Ford man myself, as I decided long ago that life's too short to drive a car that doesn't handle , but equally I reckon it's fair to say that the last car they made that wasn't up to scratch was the Vectra. The Mk4 Astra may not have been a great driver's car, but just look at how many of them are still going now! They don't go wrong. And so I wonder if the bald statement that their manufacturing operations always made a loss might be compensated for by the fact that their finance operation coined it in... As far as I can tell the big Zombie car manufacturer in Europe is PSA- majority owned by the French State, they make way more cars than they can sell, but simply cannot lay off workers due to union/public pressure. GM wanted to close Ellesmere Port but didn't...I like to think that it was because someone pointed out to the German government that closing the most efficient GM plant in Europe and keeping the rest might cast an unflattering light on the Common Market...one can but hope! I might add some structure and evidence to this when I sober up.
  4. I read once that birds eye freeze about 80% of uk peas...so whatever you buy they're likely to be birds eye anyway!
  5. ...except that didn't work either. I wish to reply to several points made by another poster in one post, is the long and the short of it. I would previously have done that by use of quote tags to make clear what he said, and what my reply was. How do I do it now?
  6. O.K. so quote tags still work, guess I can do it manually.
  7. How do I do this now please? Tried putting tags either side of the bits I wanted to reply to and Chrome just hung when I hit Post.
  8. I'm 35 this year, and my wife and I live with my mum. I admit that I am by nature extremely lazy, but that didn't stop me doing stressful full time shift work for 7 years. Last year I realised that it wasn't worth the ****-ache, and went part time.
  9. The larger looking homes next door seem to be semis. Why they are taller I have no idea though?!
  10. Where I live- Catford- there are no proper boozers left, unless you count the Goose, which now has bouncers on the door and almost no clientelle who aren't old men or violent doleys. 12 years ago I practically lived in there, used to go down 3-5 nights a week with my mate after dinner, 3-4 pints, out when time was called at 11 unless it was Friday or Saturday and we managed to get in on a lock in with the staff. I met my wife in there- had to sink four pints for dutch courage and get roared on by my mates to go and chat her up and everything! Now it's a shadow of its former self, and it's that or the Wetherspoons (aircraft hangar with no atmosphere at all), or the former Conservative Club which is an utter wreck of a place (I honestly expected to see rats running about, it's that grotty)...which is completely rammo now it's been converted into a gastro-pub place serving craft ales at four quid a pint! I do think the smoking ban was the death of the working class boozer. A lot of people probably don't miss them but I bloody do!
  11. TBH I've lived in SE6 all my life apart from uni years and yet never really explored round there. I used to prefer Ladywell Fields and Forster Park . TBH I'm not sure I'll ever be able to afford the size of house I've become accustomed to round here, so at some point I'll have to join the 'white flight' and sod off out of London. But I'll not have been chased out by effnics and immigrunts, it'll have been middle class *****ers and BOMADers. I might elaborate some more in the 'pub trade dying' thread in a minute, but I was out in Catford a week ago Friday for my brother's birthday booze up, and we couldn't get a seat in the extraodinarily grotty 'Catford Constitutional Club', whereas the former Black Horse And Harrow (now The Goose OnThe Green), a genuinely fine Victorian boozer in its day, was half empty with bouncers on the door.I can't fight it but it makes me sad. In my early 20s my mate and I practically lived in the Goose, middle class private schoolboys both of us but we had many a cracking night with the staff and a gang of builders. I met my wife in there. All gone now .
  12. Brockley has been mental for ages. Unless you absolutely must be within a 5 minute walk of the station there's better value to be had in Catford in the Culverley Green area or the Hither Green end of the Corbett Estate where there are lots of huge double fronted terraces. 'Better value' is relative though- I personally wouldn't dream of paying 500k for a house my parents bought for 57k in late 1984, just on principle! Sorry if I'm teaching granny to suck eggs BTW.
  13. We rent a house identical in layout and on the same development in Nerja quite often, and they're nice. E150,000 is approaching the price at which I would be very tempted. No idea what I'd do for a living though! http://www.rightmove.co.uk/overseas-property/property-42949772.html
  14. Renault Espaces supposedly depreciate faster than any other car, they apparently retain 12% of their value after 3 years. Might be worth a look....
  15. Very hard to do in 140 characters. But I do agree that his ideas on housing seem bizarrely inconsistent with both his party's overall stance, and his own position as a multiple landlord. Been tweeting him more today and enjoying it- still a polite exchange on both sides I'm pleased to say. Good distraction even if it's ultimately futile.
  16. He tweeted me back at 1am while I was having my dinner! (didn't finish work till 23:20) . Good fun this Twitter lark. Hope some of you will keep capping his timeline for posterity, and I would say again that while he's currently wrong, he's also polite and not doing the typical politico thing of just pretending to listen. I'm impressed by that TBH. I doubt we'll win him round given he's a landlord VI but I'm currently pursuing a clean fight policy . #howtowinfriendsandinfluencepeople
  17. Yes I've enjoyed badgering him. To his credit he's polite and keeps coming back for more, so I'll keep hammering away!
  18. You would be surprised what I used to find in the bins of my local charity shops. I once took a car bootful of wearable clothes from their bins to the nearest clothes bank just because I was disgusted by the wastefulness. Made me reluctant to shop there TBH, and I certainly wouldn't donate.
  19. Good effort, cheers! Let's hope the trend is our friend .
  20. Funny how I care a hell of a lot about this with my 3.7 BTC that cost me 10 quids worth of electricity to mine 3 years ago. I actually feel quite affronted that my 2 grand has apparently gone up in smoke. Could have bought a decent motorbike for that, but I held on on the off chance they'd buy me a house at some unspecified point in the future.
  21. Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and he'll sit about in a boat drinking beer.
  22. Landlord insurance is not compulsory. The LL has broken no laws as far as I can see, though she is most likely in breach of contract with her mortgage lender.
  23. So the smart play is...AMD stock?! I decided today that I might as well get my underused 4850 doing some mining, and figured Worldcoins were as good a punt as any. Try as I might though, I cannot get cgminer or multiminer to recognise the card and do anything. I fired up a 3d game, and it's definitely still working for its intended purpose. If anyone has any suggestions I'm all ears.
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