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  1. All great stuff except for the fact that Catford isn't slum flat central. Loads of nice big houses round here that haven't been maisonetted. I live in one, just a shame it's my mum's and worth 12x my salary.
  2. I wonder if the London Overground is responsible for some of this SE London sillyness TBH. You can now get a train from Crystal Palace, Norwood Junction etc. direct to Shoreditch High Street and Hoxton. We went to a party in Shoreditch a month ago and when we got on the Overground at Surrey Quays (having had dinner in Lewisham Wetherspoons and then caught a 47 bus there) there was already a sizeable contingent of the beard and turn-up jeans brigade on board. These Hipsters are ruining everything I tell you. Quite what the attraction of Shoreditch is, and how these ridiculous people make a living, I have yet to discern. My job as a bus controller today was to stand at Shadwell and supervise replacement buses, as the Overground trains weren't running between there and Dalston. There were bloody loads of them trying to get to Shoreditch for various club nights etc. that I'm too old and uncool at 35 to have even heard of, let alone aspire to attending. Almost to a fault they were nice to me and I barely had a cross word all day, and I don't judge anyone for looking silly, as I made many poor fashion choices as a younger man. I just can't figure out what they all do that makes living in London affordable for them.
  3. In the 20 months I worked as a bus driver I got spat on a couple of times, squirted with fizzy pop once, and threatened with violence several times. However the only time I was ever properly assaulted, by a deranged drunken nutter, was in Penge, at the Crooked Billet stop. I ended up covered in the guy's blood after he'd cut his knuckles punching the cab door and then tried to get at me through the gap by the cash tray. Penge is a craphole, and I say that as someone who has spent 90% of my life living in Catford. I can only laugh in bewilderment at these asking prices. The world has gone mad.
  4. The high street is punch-up central on a Saturday night, or so I'm led to believe. TBH I echo the other posters on this thread in saying that, to me, £350k for a two bed flat in Zone 4 SE London isn't value, it's mental. But there's nothing particularly wrong with the place. You could also have a look in Hither Green- there are apparently lots of bail hostels on or around Hither Green Lane, and a commensurate number of beggars and mentals hanging around, but there seems to be a concerted effort by deluded middle class types to gentrify the area, and there are loads of trains from Hither Green station, where two quite busy lines into the centre converge. My best mate rents a flat on the old hospital site and it's pretty nice, he's happy enough there.
  5. Trustafarian on now. Glad I'm not there, I would not be able to resist nutting the little *****. Had to turn off the live feed for the sake of my blood pressure.
  6. Police just standing there. Now I don't like the police, but that's got to be causing a public nuisance surely? Glad to be paying their wages so they can investigate twitter abuse.
  7. They appear to be too feeble to storm parliament so instead it seems they're sitting in the road blocking Westminster bridge and stopping people getting home. Way to get sympathy for your cause, bellends.
  8. I and a few other HPC-ers have engaged Charalambous on Twitter. He comes across as a nice, new-age dimwit. We had to explain to him the acronyms QE and FLS for a start...But UKIP are still flying by the seat of their pants, as far as I can tell. I've just finished reading Frizzer's book Life After The State (which is a superb read BTW), and Douglas Carswell is both quoted within it, and thanked for his inspiration. So if he's just joined UKIP I'm thinking I might as well join him and try to take them in a GeoLibertarian direction. I might well get shouted down at my first meeting but I'm frankly past caring what people think of me. I think it might be worth a go.
  9. Dunno if that was meant to be a serious question, but I'm drunk so I'll answer it as one. It's a remix of this from 1993: Which in turn sampled
  10. Don't think Betfair have that level of granularity, but they will offer you 5.2, it's gone out from 4.8 in the last couple of hours.Fill your boots! http://www.betfair.com/exchange/politics/market?id=1.110033387&lskey=bannerClicked
  11. Yes, it's quite ridiculous. Because they have acted responsibly rather than spunking their money and putting themselves completely at the mercy of the state, they now get (almost) nothing, rather than the not especially generous DLA and council tax exemption.
  12. I'm yet another person who thinks this is nonsense. I'm a tightwad and I don't like wasting electricity, but I also want a vacuum cleaner that works well, and quickly. If a manufacturer developed a vacuum cleaner that worked as well as rival models while consuming 25% less power, then I would buy that one when my current one needs replacing. I don't need the EU compelling me to do so. Edit to say- does anyone know how 'bagless' type cleaners compare to bagged ones? It may be that swirling the air around to make the dust fall out of it actually uses quite a bit of power- in which case we could see baggy hoovers make a comeback... My emphasis. Actually I'd say that if we got to 50% of energy production being renewable then electric cars start to make a lot more sense.
  13. I like the ubuntublox idea very much, but equally I doubt that if the idea takes off there will be enough scrap styrofoam to go round after a while. Still I daresay new polystyrene foam is cheap enough... I like the idea of a straw bale house myself. I also like the idea of buying a few acres of land somewhere and then conspiring with some like minded people to guerilla build a load of them there, then seeing how long it would take the council to chuck us all out and demolish them! I daresay we'd be liable for costs if we lost though.
  14. So if my 39 y/o wife tripled her annual earnings she'd get done for repayments? I'd be scared if I thought there was any chance of that happening! Only another 25 years of deferments to annoy us then... I think I took out my first and only student loan in 1999. Didn't actually need to pay it back but I did anyway, from 2001-2004 IIRC. On the one hand I feel like a mug but on the other I got an extra £30 a month to spend once I started earning £30k a year from 2006...which obviously I spunked on booze .
  15. Albeit far less so than many others here, I've been to a third world country and been appalled by the level of endemic graft and utter government incompetence. So I do realize that I'm lucky to be born a middle class white male in a prosperous country. What makes me angry is not that I'm poor per se, but that as a Briton I could be, by the standards of the world as a whole, extraordinarily wealthy, were it not for the fact that our government is incompetent and corrupt, and our markets, particularly of course the housing market, spectacularly rigged. I am not a greedy person, and if that situation were resolved to my satisfaction I like to think that I'd spend at least some of my copious spare cash directly into improving schooling etc. in sub-Saharan Africa, because I've seen first hand what a small amount of hard currency and a bit of work can achieve once you bypass the dysfunctional state apparatus. My mum spent two years volunteering in Africa, working in a school and channelling a few tens of thousands of pounds of well wishers' cash directly to it- to quite amazing effect.
  16. After flunking out of university, I started full time aged 20 and 4 months in November '99, flogging cameras and camcorders for £600 a month plus commission. The room I was renting at the time was about £200 a month so TBH I lived the life of riley for a while; after I bought a Dreamcast the next year I calculated that I'd spent near on a grand on games and accessories for it six months later! At the time I hardly drank and was quite happy living on cornflakes, peanut butter sandwiches and fried mince though. I've had one six-month period of unemployment since after accepting voluntary redundancy from a civil service job that was so boring I came close to being disciplined for underperformance, it was just too tedious! Got a job as a bus driver after that and nearly doubled my previous income in the first year- I was lucky though, new starters now are on a lower hourly rate than I got in 2006! Got promoted to a supervisor role 20 months after starting for not much more money but far less hassle from the travelling public. Last year I got fed up with it and eventually persuaded my employer to let me job share with a colleague, I do two days a week, he does three. The plan was to do the London Taxi Knowledge but I've got fed up with that now, and have applied to be a train driver. In the meantime my 2 days a week still earns me £1k a month, and as we've moved in with my mum rent free I'd still be saving money every month were it not for the fact that my wife spends about twice as much as me while earning half as much . I'm still making the equivalent of a 40 hour week at minimum wage so I guess my stamp's still being paid, I must have 13 years now. I also don't expect to get much or any state pension out of it but I don't plan on being reliant on it anyway...
  17. In general I get the opposite impression from people critical of 'HPC-ers'- that they think we're all too clever for our own good and sit about here crowing about our economic expertise while the real world sails on by, refusing to bend to our will? I actually am an 'OE', but not an Old Etonian, my school was and is a fairly minor one though it was in the top 100 in the nationwide league tables for GCSE and A-Level when I was there, and still is, depending on what you're measuring, seems you get a different table every time you google!
  18. I don't know another shop which sells a good range of bras in 36G (Primark don't seem to, despite the size of the female customers I generally see when I go in there?!), so they get my Christmas lingerie custom by default. I might pop in this year for a new Panama hat as my current one is getting a bit torn and sweat stained. But other than that I have no interest in shopping there. A couple who are good friends of ours work there, and the younger fashionista of the two is very good at buying me clothes that suit me, so much so that through birthdays and Christmas I rarely bother buying clothes for myself any more. But I'm not sure that the last instalment she got me was even from M&S! Apparently they're a pretty good employer though.
  19. My school had a very small boarding house when I was there, but only 10-15 pupils at any one time AFAIK (out of about 650-700 pupils in total)- many of whom were literally fulfilling its founding principle as a school for the sons of missionaries. They've given up on that now- the boarding house went on for a few years after one of the boarding house masters was sent down for fiddling the boarders, I guess it just didn't make economic sense any more. My mum retired from teaching there about three years ago, after more than 20 years of being a teacher- she still goes in every week to see her old colleagues, to sing in the choir, and to coach a Chinese pupil in English as she acquired a TEFL qualification prior to the two years she spent volunteering abroad after retiring. TBH I still have strong affection for the place; as I say I had a great education, only had a couple of poor/twatty teachers in my 7 years there, and was allowed to stop wasting Saturdays playing Rugby after the third year (a game I should have been great at but never was, due to my very strong self-preservation instinct- my slightly larger younger brother was captain of the First XV). But I shy away from getting involved in old-boys days etc. because 1) it would be ridiculous for me as someone who can't afford to buy a house in London to contribute any money to a school that in the main educates the kids of people much richer than myself and 2) because even if I do have kids (which is now quite unlikely) I could never afford to send them there, unless they get a scholarship or an assisted place. Incidentally I got a small music scholarship to the school off the back of my singing and my violin playing. Again I don't want to sound arrogant but I really did have an amazing treble as a kid, pitch perfect, high As without breaking a sweat etc. But my voice broke before my 13th birthday to be replaced by a quavering baritone, and I very quickly got demoted from the violin to the viola, which I played to about grade 6, spending a long and undistinguished career in the First String Orchestra because there was no competition at all to replace me!
  20. I got a fabulous private education and left with three A-levels- A grades in Physics and Chemistry and a C in Maths. Then I went to uni to study Engineering and flunked out because it was mostly Maths and I was rubbish at it. Six years later I got a job as a bus driver and it was by far the best paying job I'd had till that point. Without being arrogant I'm clearly not stupid (my GCSE maths result put me top 1.8% nationwide); but equally clearly I'm also a lazy disorganised git. At this point in time it's not looking that likely that I'll have kids of my own, but if I do I'm going to have to be honest about it and ruthlessly evaluate how smart they are. If they're as smart as their mother and myself I'd be prepared to live like a pauper to give them the education I had in the hope that they'll make better use of it than I did- but otherwise they're going to state school, and they get to learn as much or as little from me as they choose to! I'd rather be in a position to chuck money at them* when they know what they want in life, than hot-house them into an education that may be worth nothing against the millions of graduates flooding out of China and the rest of the developing world. *...Which incidentally is what my mum has done, more or less- I got privately educated on the cheap as she taught at my school, and teachers kids got a 2/3rds discount. And she's trusted my brothers and I to do what we will with our share of her inheritance from our late grandfather.
  21. I'll come if Megatrain and Travelodge can sort me out for under 70 quid all in! I do enjoy a ride on a Pendolino....
  22. I'll be 35 on Saturday and I'm not playing the game.
  23. We should blow the top off a few mountains and build more pumped storage stations. I reckon £425 million in mid-70s money is about £2.5bn today? Money well spent if you ask me. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dinorwig_Power_Station
  24. Private Eye have been reporting that the National Grid have been signing up anyone with any kind of diesel generator failsafe system/ CHP setup to stand by to supply the grid at silly rates like 30p/KWh. So we're unlikely to see any black/brownouts, but we'll be paying through the nose. Personally I'd rather we'd just kept the likes of Didcot and Kingsnorth online. Edit: I can buy a 3KW solar setup with batteries and inverter for under £6k on ebay but can't stick them on my roof in a 'Conservation Area'.
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