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  1. After many years of maintaining that Groove Is In The Heart is the ultimate booty shaking floor filler, I've finally wised up to this beauty 8 years after it came out. Mash this: ...with this: and you get...
  2. I can't find the post now but I remember that in 2008 someone on here made good money shorting BDEV. Not sure I fancy shorting but I'm jolly tempted to buy some put options on BKG this time round...
  3. I have a 2005 Mondeo 3 Litre V6 Estate. Cost me £1600 in Oct 2012, has cost me less than £200 in service parts and oil in the 14000 miles I've done in it since. It's huge and will fit 5 people and 4 suitcases for an airport run, or about 150 bottles of wine and 10 cases of beer on a booze cruise. Out of town it does 35mpg at motorway speeds. Leather seats and a cracking stereo, and when it's just me in it, it responds very nicely to being driven like I just stole it. Keep your small cars .
  4. To me it's incredibly obvious. Britain has become a largely 'service economy'- as in most people sell each other stuff they don't actually need but enjoy having/consuming, like flat screen tellies and restaurant meals. If we weren't all slaving away to pay ludicrously over the top rents or mortgages we'd all have a lot more money to spend on stuff we like, and which keeps other people in employment...so they in turn have money to spend etc. That's the way it should be in the 21st century, automated farming has made food production very cheap; automated production has made all forms of consumer goods similarly so. There is absolutely no reason IMO why any person should actually need to work more than 20 hours a week. Fine, if you want a Ferrari and a 5-bed detached rather than a Focus and a 3-bed semi keep putting in the 60 hour weeks. But that should be the choice we make. And everyone should be angry at banksters, politicians and VI boomers that it is not.
  5. TBH might be better to just follow him and wait until he tweets something you disagree with- then politely engage? I follow a bunch of MPs and usually am pretty drunk when I reply to their tweets, so so far I've had almost no responses, and got blocked by Douglas Carswell, presumably for the tweet where I called him a "shit Classical Liberal". However occasionally you come across one who will engage, in my case it was Nick De Bois, who was one of the few Tories to lose his seat at the last election. As it happened I was criticising him for his (I think Private Member's) Bill to mandate a custodial sentence for a second offence of being arrested for carrying a knife. Like all sensible people I dislike mandatory custodial sentences and pointed out all the reasons why they are a bad idea- and while he didn't drop the bill (I think it passed in the end ) he did at least take the time to try and rebut my points / justify the bill citing popular support from his constituents. As a result I was (a little) sorry to see him lose his seat.
  6. Not exactly dance, but easily the best vid I've seen this year. Also flogging leg wax.
  7. I got dragged to an NT place in Norfolk a couple of years ago- a pretty average country seat with some not very impressive gardens attached. The woman selling us the tickets gave us the hard sell to try and sign up for NT membership- I politely declined. I should really have told her that never in a million years would I join an organisation chaired by that absolute shitstain Simon Jenkins.
  8. My mate who doesn't share my HPC fervour (but is still a renter) whatsapped me saying this was car crash TV. Message getting out there I reckon.
  9. On the contrary, I'm sort of young (36 last month), and I have a very positive mindset. When the shit hits the fan we'll just chuck the boomer generation under the bus. They can have their big houses and paper wealth, and good luck to them finding someone prepared to look after them when they get old and frail. I'd quite happily steam clean the rotting remains of an old git off the floor of their big house if that's what it takes for me to be able to buy it at a reasonable price.
  10. I'm still waiting and hoping. There could be a lovely house price crash which results in me buying a nice house at a fair price- but if Fungus The Bogeyman and his husband Shrek manage to escape bankruptcy I'll still feel hard done by TBH.
  11. Yeah I've lived in Catford for all but 4 years of my life (when I lived in Southampton), and I've had trouble precisely once, 20 years ago when I was 15 a drunk geezer made a half-arsed attempt to mug me for my Walkman. I got in a bit of pagga in Southampton (admittedly of my own choosing- I intervened in a bike theft), and so I wouldn't say it's more dangerous here than anywhere else. That's not to say that I wouldn't like to leave (can't really unless we work out a way to drag the in-laws along) but people who say London's dangerous need to mentally toughen up IMO...
  12. Transformers haven't got much smaller AFAIK. The reason mobile phone chargers, plugpacks etc. have got so much smaller is that they now use power electronics, there's no transformer in them.Edit: googled it now and in fact there is a transformer in them still, just a very small one: http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Switched-mode_power_supply
  13. Welcome to HPC, Assume The Opposite and growlers, and thanks for the interesting contributions in your first posts! Cheers!
  14. Should do as far as I know. There are no zones on the buses, a zone one travelcard is valid on buses all over London, right the way out to zone 6. Similarly a zone 2-3 travelcard is valid on central London buses.
  15. In fairness even in Lidl the pots are 39p and contain <50g of oats, sugar and milk powder, whereas a kilo of porridge oats is 80p. They are a ludicrous extravagance, no way would I ever buy one. I occasionally treat myself to a Lidl/Aldi pot noodle, which are 39p, vs 18p for a larger pack of supernoodle type ones you cook in a pan or microwave- because the noodles are thicker and the sauce tastier. I may even start taking them to work for lunch as the time saving over making a round of sandwiches is probably worth a few pence to me. But porridge pots- no way.
  16. Looks like I've been stitched up then- I agreed with my job share mate to not work next week and do extra days either side, he's going to have the day from heaven supervising the one non-union driver per hour that turns up to work! TfL have brought this on themselves though, they wrote the contracts with the bus companies and then changed the rules so we can't make money any more. My employer was the best performing in Period 9, we came in only -.09 on the performance targets. What that means is that TfL didn't pay a single bus operator in London their agreed contract price. My company has demonstrable problems with having enough buses fit for service. We still topped the performance charts because I and my colleagues know what we're about. Without wanting to sound arrogant, if we can't make money no-one can. New drivers at my company are earning less in absolute GBP terms than I made as a driver in 2008. No wonder that so many of them are useless and/or have a bad attitude.
  17. It is. I was in Seville about 6 weeks ago and kept seeing ads that seemed to be offering ludicrously cheap new cars, like a Ford Ka for E5995 or a (new model) Tourneo Connect for E8995. I couldn't actually be bothered to get off the bus and read the small print, to see if IVA was incluido etc. etc, but even so I reckon it was stipidly cheap since Ford UK appear to list the entry level Tourneo Connect here at over £14000...
  18. Entire political spectrum, fine. Hence why everyone here with any sense hates LibLabCon to this day. HPCers called it, we really did.
  19. I went for a train driving job at London Overground (which I failed to get in a rather infuriating fashion), and while I was waiting for my interview I read the company magazine, which boasted that the Overground was responsible for increasing house prices in surrounding areas. Brockley is another example of where prices have gone absolutely mental. In fairness in my experience the Overground is great, lots of fast, reliable trains. Wish I'd cottoned on to using it sooner.
  20. I've only ever bought one car from a dealer, when I was 22, and that was a dog of a Mk1 MR2 which I overpaid for. Both my current cars are ebay specials. My main car is a 2005 3.0 Mondeo Ghia X which is just lovely, and which in two years and 9000 miles has cost me a £70 coil pack, 70 quid's worth of oil, plugs and filters, surprisingly reasonable insurance, and fuel at 20mpg round town and 30 on a quick motorway run. Having rotated the decent Goodyears it came on I've still got a couple of thousand miles in them. Cost me £1600 with a year's MOT when I bought it aged 7. The other is a 1991 MX-5 (actually a Eunos Roadster) which I bought sight unseen for £590. Now it is an utter shed but having left it outside with a leaky roof through one of the wettest winters ever it still passed its MOT in March. Currently SORNed while I sort my schedule out to replace the roof and change the coolant but it will certainly live to fight another day. And when it does, I plan to strap a turbo onto it and see how it likes that!
  21. Another excellent (and in this case profoundly depressing) post CR. Is there any subject that you're not qualified to sound off on? Please come to the next HPC meetup if it ever gets off the ground! Risking the security of the electricity supply because of geese and Grade II listed farmhouses. Now I've heard it all.
  22. Absolutely right: I cannot believe that it took a rebellion in parliament to pass this. Too late for poor sods like Kurt's brother, but a massive victory for the pub going public. Makes me despise the coalition leadership even more that they didn't think this was simple common sense.
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