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  1. Having read Roger Ebert's review of Pulp Fiction in his book The Great Movies I decided to see it it was available on Netflix. It wasn't, though Reservoir Dogs, Jackie Brown and (oddly) Kill Bill Volume 2 were. So I settled on Django Unchained. I enjoyed it, but it's not a film I'd recommend as a soothing way to get you off to sleep when you're trying to kick an addiction.
  2. Shot up over 40$ since Friday. Seems to have real momentum!
  3. This assumes that Africa will not become a more pleasant place to live anytime in the next 75 years, and that they'll all still want to leave. I've been to sub-saharan Africa and been appalled by the corruption and all-pervasive incompetence, so I have to admit that there's some merit to that assumption, but it shouldn't be beyond the wit of man to massively raise living standards across much of Africa (which would likely have the knock-on effect of significantly reducing their birth rate). It was apparent when I was there in 2012 that mobile phone payment systems were taking off, and were a boon to small traders etc. They already had pretty good 3G coverage across much of the country. It was depressing to look at the search histories on the various computers I used and find that 50% of them were about the Masons, who are apparently widely believed to be a powerful force for evil across much of Tanzania...
  4. Very prescient of Sony to have installed a fourth channel 7 years before Channel 4 started broadcasting!
  5. Can't remember how to embed media, but at the time that that was filmed I was an active bin-raider, and the producers of The F-Word actually called me to tap me up to see if I would be up for going bin-raiding with Giles Coren, having found me through a 'freegan' mailing list, or a US-centric 'dumpster-diving' forum (can't remember which). I could only promise them a trip to the bins of Catford Tescos which at the time were completely random- on a good night you could eat for a week off what you'd found, other times there'd be sod all. They sensibly went with this Tristram chap who had the measure of Pret-A-Manger; ironically there was one right next to where I worked at the time, but I was too proud to risk being seen by my work colleagues having a go in the street after work. In London the bin-raiding/Freegan scene got ruined by desperate eastern europeans making a bloody mess of every bin they raided, all the bins got locked and/or hidden away not long after they started arriving en-masse. I got a much better paying job around the same time and could afford to buy decent food, so it wasn't the end of the world for me. When I pack my job in and bugger off in a camper van this summer I'll certainly keep my eyes open for naive provincial supermarkets who don't lock their bins...
  6. I found an empty refillable lighter while pulled up at a traffic light on my bicycle on Sunday. Refilled it and have been lighting my fags with it ever since.
  7. I got my GCSEs and A-levels, but flunked university. By the sounds of it I could coast another 15 years and come back to the job market aged 52 with a considerable competitive advantage.
  8. I reckon you're joking, but I did actually go and raid the bins at an out-of-the-way drive-thru McD at 1am when the promo was on a couple of years ago. It was like hitting the motherlode. I do the bins at the bus garage as well, but I very rarely get to work there nowadays.
  9. I stopped my bike for a tuppence the other day. I do wonder if I wore more than 2p worth of material off my brake pads as I waqs doing about 15mph at the time. Probably not though, £1.99 a pair from Decathlon. Anyway street scroungers, another thing to keep your eye open while you're out and about- McDonalds' are doing their annual Monopoly promotion at the moment- they put stickers on drinks, chip packets and the like which you peel to reveal instant wins or monopoly squares. A frankly astonishing number of people are so drunk, distracted or just plain uncurious that they don't bother to peel them off and check them before they litter the streets with their food packaging. I've never managed to win anything other than free food and drink, but I personally like Big Macs and Apply Pies and I'm certainly not going to argue with a free one. And there are genuinely big prizes to be won, like £100,000 cash. If anyone finds that sticker on the street please feel free to put some of it in my hat in exchange for the tip!
  10. That doesn't look very energy efficient? Were I to get one I'd have to make it a cosy out of aluminised bubblewrap I reckon...
  11. Yeah nice Mercedes Transit there . It's a bloody big van TBH, I'm surprised a relative youth like him has a licence to drive it, MGVW must be over 3.5T? Edit: actually I'm being silly, it looks like a parcel van, high volume low weight.
  12. Got on a random youtube rampage. Came across this which I couldn't resist buying at the time. I felt like a bit of a Saville taking it to the till but I just couldn't resist! "You've got ears on your head like Spock in space / You've got teeth in your head like Mr Ed!" If that doesn't make you laugh you've got no hope!
  13. Sounds like some sad sack misery to me. Now Prism is nowhere near as good an album as Teenage Dream (that would be one of my Desert Island Discs), but this is Katy Perry demonstrating how to do that sort of slow funk autotuned modern pop much better:
  14. The first one is brilliant, the extended mix sounds a bit too like Air for me. If we're throwing down early 80s stuff: Like most people I was first introduced to the song by the much more famous Quincy Jones version, but the original is much more charming. But as a proper cheese-pop enthusiast I can't ignore this truncated cover, in which Laura More demonstrates that she's a lovely dancer and a pathetic deliverer of a roundhouse kick
  15. All this "affordable" stuff is absolute ******** anyway. If only 20-40% (or whatever the developer can get away with) of houses on a development are '"affordable", who can afford to buy the other 60-80%? It says a lot about the general intelligence level of the British public that politicians and developers talking about "affordable housing" don't immediately get ripped to shreds.
  16. Alex Proud has been good for this sort of stuff for a while. It's enjoyable, but he's still a lefty statist at heart.
  17. LOT 44 54 HOPWOOD STREET, ACCRINGTON, BB5 0QF SOLD AT £35,000 That'd be 300k in London. I need to have a word with the wife I think, to try and talk up the north!
  18. It looks like a Fairway to me. As Boris introduced the 15 year old rule, they've not been allowed to be used as Taxis since about 2012, I think, as they went out of production in 1997. I only know this as I briefly started doing the knowledge in 2013. I quickly gave up on it when I realised that living in London has become a mug's game.
  19. Are you having a laugh? The ***** blocked me on twitter last year when I called him out on opposing a new development in Clapton. I work hard and I'd buy there but he doesn't want me. Pathetic false classical liberal arsehole. Hoping to meet him at a Leave rally so I can tell him to go ****** himself to his face. ****.
  20. My wife works part time for NMW in a posh cafe. She's a complete ******wit with money and has always spent more than she earns; I berate her for it but ultimately I have many faults of my own and subbing her for a couple of hundred quid a month doesn't worry me that much, as I love her and being married to her is good for me in many ways. She's upped her hours recently and has been consistently making 500+ quid a month, and as a result has been paying her own way pretty much. As far as I can tell she's a diligent worker and tries hard when she's working; her dodgy knee is an occasional problem. The 'Posh Cafe' model is obviously a high margin / high rent business model. If she was really good then the introduction of the £9 minimum wage ought to increase her earnings by 50% overnight. But I'll believe it when I see it. TBH I'm worried; her boss likes her a lot but when the margin is getting pressed it's going to be a choice between a young immigrant and my well meaning but 41y/o and slightly crocked Mrs. I can't see her getting more hours...
  21. When I started driving in London I was earning about 60% more than my previous junior civil service job. In my last year of driving I made 32 grand before tax I think. New starters now are on a lower hourly rate than I was on in 2008, and their payments for working unsociable hours are lower.
  22. He's a rentier muppet for sure. A polite one though, I've given him loads of grief on twitter and he's not blocked me.
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