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  1. My bitcoins earned more than I did working today. HAVE SOME OF THAT, YOU HOMEOWNING BASTARDS!
  2. As far as I can tell Vauxhalls/Opels have generally been reasonably well made, if unexciting cars. I think the number of Zafiras that have spontaneously combusted is in the single figures, obviously they still have to recall them all. Peugeot spent the naughties making unmitigated cack like the 207, 307 and 407, but their recent efforts have been decent cars. There is massive overcapacity in European car manufacturing; they've all managed to kick the can down the road for a while thanks to ZIRP free money allowing them to punt cars to people for £200 a month with the hope that something will turn up 3 years down the line.
  3. All those gypsy palaces must be worth an absolute fortune then? Seriously, what's that all about? Romania has ~10% greater land area than the UK and <1/3rd the population.
  4. Apologies if we've had this one already, but I found it amusing: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/travel/travel_news/article-4163540/Private-Caribbean-island-750k-eBay.html Bought an island in the middle of nowhere for £150k 4 years ago, installed a cooker and a mattress in a pre-existing shed, now up on ebay for £400k 'reserve not met' with a BIN of £750k. Good luck with that!
  5. My emphasis. If by 'kick out', you mean "give notice, wait two months, and then get a court order which will usually take at least another 4 months to fully enforce", then yes, you can 'kick them out'. Your definition of what constitutes a 'home' is not only different to most of the rest of us on here, it's also seemingly at odds with UK law. Councils are not obliged to house people unless they have been made 'unintentionally homeless' which is why people who would not be in a position to find another tenancy once their current one ends are effectively obliged to wait until the bailifs turn up to enforce the court order requiring them to leave. If they leave of their own volition they have made themselves 'intentionally homesless' apparently. And if they do not become homeless until that point, then clearly the law regards a rented property as a home, does it not?
  6. My mum taught in a private school for 20+ years- which meant that I got an excellent education thanks to her staff discount on the fees. She retired in 2011 to go off volunteering for a bit, but still goes back there every week to teach English to various foreign students. The new head is apparently focused on exam results to a ludicrous degree, he seems to think it's important that a little school with ~700 pupils should be in the top 50 in the national league tables; when I did my GCSEs and A-Levels 20 years ago we already punched above our weight. The latest depressing news to emerge is that they've cancelled the exchanges with pupils from a school in France that they'd been going to fo 25 years or more, through lack of volunteers apparently. I enjoyed my exchange and it noticeably improved my French, but now apparently very few of the 13/14 year old kids are prepared to leave their own family for 10 days to stay with another one. Apart from anything else, it's a boys school for years 7-11, with a mixed sixth form, whereas the school in France was mixed, with an over-representation of girls volunteering for the exchange at their end- so there was an obvious incentive to sign up. Kids nowadays!
  7. Oh, and I've finally remembered what my final point is, which is that Britain is easily the best bangernomics country in the world. We as a nation are addicted to buying new cars, and nobody else near us drives on the left, which means that trying to arbitrage our cheap secondhand cars means exporting them at least as far as Malta or Cyprus, else it's the west coast of Africa. I've learned from joining the Autoshite forums (after @SNACR's recommendation) that Ireland's minimum rate of VED is something like E500 a year, so they're not that interested in buying our old crap. Albeit that our roads are generally clogged to hell, this is the absolute best country in the world for running a decent car on lemonade money. My V6 Mondeo might not be everyone's idea of a luxury car, but leather seats, cruise control and as much space as most people could reasonably need does me fine. Meanwhile I continue to half-arsedly snipe Jag X300s with an MOT for around the £250 mark on ebay. I'll win one sooner or later.
  8. Oh, and one other thing. I saw on advert on the telly today for a bloody VW Tiguan of all things, where a schoolgirl is apparently embarrassed by her father dropping her off at school in a 57 reg Toyotal Avensis, so he decides to go and get himself in hock for £300 a month for a crap Golf-on-stilts just so his daughter can keep up with the Joneses, parent wise. I thought that was as scummy a marketing approach as having displays of sweeties in the supermarket checkout at buggy/toddler height.
  9. The question of what happens to ex-PCP 3 year old cars is an interesting one. While I like a conspiracy theory as much as the next man, and it clearly is true that PCP deals on the premium marques are attractive compared to mainstream ones, E.G. you could get an Audi A3 for a similar monthly payment to a Ford Focus, I equally do buy the explanation that the reason you can rent an A3 for three years relatively cheaply is that it's worth a lot more at 3 years old than the equivalent Focus. Though at the same time, the Focus, being in pretty much every respect as good a car as the A3, must cost a similar amount to make. I'm not at my most clear of thinking, having a cold and having decided to try the 'booze cure' which only occasionally works, but if we assume that car manufacturers (especially the 'premium brands) make a pretty healthy margin on new cars, perhaps the PCP is an opportunity for them to take, say, £10k in PCP ('initial rental' and £200 a month monthly payment) and then have a car that's still worth say £12k on the secondhand market, a 50% discount on it's original 'list price', without the bother of having to persuade people to pay out £24k cash (which is actually a considerable sum of money) to buy the car outright brand new? There's apparently a ready market of car supermarkets prepared to then palm these cars off to sub-prime types at 10-13% APR over a further 4 years. Meanwhile, get on to a car broker and it's not unusual to get a 20% discount off a new Ford, Citroen etc., which I guess reflects their true value a bit better. If you've got the cash it's a straight toss up between buying a new Focus for a discounted £18k, which will be worth £8k in 3 years time, or PCP-ing an equivalent A3 for £10-12k over the same time frame. I'm a proper bangernomics type but I got fed up with driving a crappy 15 year old Mk1 Mondeo in 2012 and decided to get myself a top of the range Mk3 instead, 7 years old, with a few dents and 120k miles on the clock. £1600. It's been great, the one and only mechanical bill in the 20k miles I've put on it has been a new clutch, which was £400 at a specialist. It's also needed £400 worth a new tyres all round, but that was for Goodyear Efficient Grips, which are premium tyres, I can't be doing with crap tyres, even though something pretty decent like Kumhos would probably have been <300. Changed the oil, filters, and plugs myself for minimal cost. However, I can see that bangernomics isn't for everyone, I can cope without it if it lets me down as I live in London and have lots of other transport options. I still think peak value for used cars is 6-8 years old though, and it's really not at all hard to save money by doing basic maintenance yourself if you've got, say, a couple of hours spare on a Saturday.
  10. It's getting really silly now; half an hour ago upon returning to my computer I clicked to the tab I've got open showing Google's version of the price and it was GBP920; then refreshed, and the price was GBP880. Oh well, that's a bit more than profit taking, I thought. Now it's shot back to GBP912 in the time it's taken me to answer a question on another forum and have a smoke. Like I say I have 3.7 bitcoins which I mined myself many years ago with a Radeon 4850. I still have the wallet.dat file, which I guess was part of some bitcoin 2.something software but I have no idea what software I need now to access that file and stash them somewhere a bit safer than my 8 year old PC (redundancy would be preferred). If anyone can help I'll tip you .001 of a bitcoin or something
  11. No, it's not. I'm not trying to be patronising here, but it sounds like you don't actually understand how 2-stroke and 4-stroke engines differ in operation. Even if you could get a 2-stroke engine to burn fuel as efficiently as a 4-stroke, which would be very difficult in a small engine*, the improvement in overall thermal efficiency would only be down to reduced frictional losses in the engine; and I can assure you that frictional losses in a modern 4-stroke do not rob it of 50% of its output, or anything like that. The fact that the 2-stroke engine should be smaller and lighter would also help packaging and fuel efficiency, but again, only to a small extent in the context of a 1 ton plus car. *in larger medium and low speed diesel engines, like train or ship engines, getting an efficient burn is a lot easier (using forced induction and/or poppet valves to aid scavenging) and power density not such a huge concern, so two-stroke designs are common. https://www.quora.com/What-is-the-difference-between-a-4stroke-and-2stroke-engine
  12. Two strokes are not 'twice as efficient' as four strokes, in fact for a given power output a small two-stroke will generally be less fuel efficient than an equivalent four stroke. Yes, by having a power stroke every revolution and doing away with a valve train their frictional losses are significantly lower, but they more than compensate for that by throwing lots of unburned fuel out of the exhaust, along with the total loss lubricating oil. You can in theory resolve these problems by using direct injection (and ideally forced induction), but then you're removing most of the simplicity and low friction advantages (superchargers take a significant amount of energy to power). It's a bit odd of Funn3r's chap to have blamed Honda for the demise of the two stroke; while it's true that Soichiro Honda didn't like them, they made some perfectly competent ones in the 70s, and some bloody excellent ones once they finally realised that trying to beat the two-strokes in GP racing with ludicrously exotic four stroke engines was a fool's errand. They even built a direct injection 2 stroke in 1995 and took it to a 5th place finish in the Paris-Dakar. http://www.honda-museum.com/honda-exp-2/ Quite why the idea wasn't developed further, I have no idea :(.
  13. I mined a couple of bitcoins in 2009, or something. I've still got my wallet.dat file and last time I checked blockchain.info they'd not been nicked. I would like to make sure they're securely stashed so I won't lose them, not sure how I go about that? Advice welcome .
  14. Little bump as a few people seemed to be slightly interested in my server as a desktop PC scheme. I finally got round to setting it up today and basically it works fine, but is very loud. When you turn it on it makes a frankly incredible noise like it's trying to take off, but after 20 seconds or so it posts and the fans spool down to a merely very intrusive level. I'm sat here with one of those expanding foam earplugs in at the moment (have about 15dB hearing loss in the other ear, which is facing away from the noise anyway), but tomorrow I'm going to pop to the ToolStation shop down the road and spend £2.84 on some ear defenders, which apparently knock out 26dB. TBH it should suit me fine being sat there wearing them as I don't want to be distracted from what I'm doing by the wife shouting up the stairs at me; it will undoubtedly annoy her to start with but there we go. I can see no reason other than the apparently proprietary plugs why you couldn't run it with the lid off and the 40mm fans disconnected, with a couple of 80mm ones attached over the CPU heatsinks. It's as quick as I would have expected with an SSD, 8 cores and 24GB of RAM, which is to say, very.
  15. On my one the queen looks in whichever direction you point her. Think yours must be counterfeit TBH
  16. It arrived today. Yes, it's a lot deeper than I expected! But the desk it'll be going on is pretty large, and I can always sit the monitor on top of it if necessary. I opened it up to have a look (of course) and it looks basically new, literally not a spec of dust in it, if it has been working away for the last few years it has lived somewhere with a very serious filtration system. This claims to have a 450W power supply, and I'm certainly never going to get anywhere near that in normal use, I may try a bit of HD video editing or similar now I've got 8 cores to play with, but ordinarily the processors will be basically idling; main disk will be an SSD, and I'm just going to bung an old laptop 2.5" disk that I had knocking about in for storage. Noise could be a problem as you say, the whole thing is cooled by six 40mm Delta fans; back in the day when I was into overclocking Athlon XPs people used to use them for cooling northbridges IIRC, and they were nicknamed 'screamers'! There's 5 or 6 wires going in to each one though so I'm hoping that it has temperature sensing and fan speed control. Presumably you get to share the 12 cores of that E5-2676v3 with a few other users?
  17. Cool cheers. Quite how practical it'll be as a desktop remains to be seen, but that's the kind of perverse sillyness I enjoy anyway.
  18. I'm not an IT person, so don't know how relevant this is, but I've just decided that I'd like a PC capable of running a few VMs to make my matched betting activities a bit simpler. So I went and had a look on ebay, and ended up buying a 1U HP DL160 G6 server, with dual Xeon E5620s (so a total of 8 cores / 16 threads) and 24GB of RAM...for 60 quid delivered. The seller seemingly has dozens to get rid of, along with plenty of DL380s and the like. Someone is closing a datacentre or three I reckon.
  19. The problem is with this idea of "45% below market rents". Either we build enough new houses to meet demand, in which case merket rents will fall (presumably by 45%), or you still have a system of arbitrarily picking winners and losers, some of whom get what is effectively state-subsidised housing, and some of whom can effectively go **** themselves. The concept of 'affordable housing' is inherently stupid, and I struggle to take anyone who includes it in an argument seriously.
  20. Good find! Only one anywhere near me is Brockley police station, but I can have a look for you when I get round to collecting some winnings I'm owed by a Coral up there.
  21. As a Minarchist I see it as my moral duty to disobey bad laws.
  22. If these lefties had any brains they'd be protesting outside the Home Office against our immoral and self-defeating immigration rules, not picking on a business that took the only sensible course of action when the jackbooted thugs from Immigration turned up and held a metaphorical gun to their heads. I personally would never co-operate with immigration, or pay their £10,000 fine, because I've never voted for anyone who has gone on to form a government, and I've no problem with economic migration. If the government don't want illegals here they can chuck them out themselves, or, y'know, maybe not let them in to the country in the first place. Not my problem.
  23. Wow, surprised to see so many others considering the campervan route. I should have been off a month ago but have decided to hang on and get my category C licence so I can get a pukka big one like a Swift Kon-Tiki or similar. I'll be off by September at the latest. I'm interested to know how you're all planning to make money on the road though- my only options at the moment are advantage play gambling, or agency work driving trucks/coaches, since I'll have everything short of class 1...
  24. Where did you get all this CR? I'm casting about for things to do with my evenings to fill the hole left when I give up boozing, and power station geekery would certainly keep me occupied for a couple of hours at a time.
  25. O.K. bumping this as I feel like I've had a brainwave... Can we have a likes system where the likes are visible only to the person whose post has been liked? Then it doesn't become a competition, no forum members are artificially elevated in status because they have lots of likes under their profile, but people who consistently post useful/interesting/funny stuff get the dopamine hit of knowing their post was appreciated and are motivated to carry on interacting? Dunno if that's even possible with the forum software, but IMO it should be.
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