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  1. I saw a quid on the road yesterday next to a parked car. Hopped my bike onto the kerb to turn around and pick it up and immediately noticed I had a puncture. I don't think the two were related.
  2. Fair enough, I shouldn't have been so rude, and for that I apologize. I certainly wasn't piling on to you though, irrespective of whether you were the target or not. I clearly said that you were not included in my list of posters whose posts I ignore on the grounds of disliking the poster and/or their opinions- and that instead my reason for skipping your posts is that they're simply too long and hard to follow. Perhaps I could have worded it more clearly; it was intended as a flippant comment in any case. That is likely to remain my position, though. I don't actually know what your argument on anything is because in the past I've expended considerable time and mental effort trying to follow it, without appreciable success. Now I don't even start trying. I certainly don't expect you to amend your posting style on my account, of course. You can post as you please, and I can continue to skip them if I can't follow them. As I say I am happy to admit that I am far from the most intelligent or insightful poster on this forum, I have learned far more from here than I have contributed myself. However, in the real world outside the rarefied atmosphere of this forum, I am clearly well above the average level of intelligence of the populace as a whole. I think it's fair to say that you might have more success getting your ideas across if your posts were shorter, and you refrained from quoting posts from other threads and/or previous years...
  3. I don't claim to be the sharpest tool in the box, and I freely admit that I don't contribute a great deal to the forum; at least not to the main one. I'm not sure, therefore, why you seem to have taken such grave offence at some mild criticism of your posting style from an intellectual minnow .
  4. There are people here who I dislike and/or profoundly disagree with. If I'm not in the mood for an argument I simply skip their posts. I don't include Venger on that (short) list FWIW; I skip his posts because they're always incredibly long and confusing.
  5. So if I'm reading this right, you want to post stuff on the internet and block people who disagree with you from seeing it? Twitter's that way, mate.
  6. It's a HA flat by the looks of things? Hence the 80% of market rent and min/max income stuff.
  7. I do fancy a little punt on shorting BKG over a timescale of a year or so. How would I go about it as a small scale private investor? I'd like to just put down, say, a £500 punt on them being 30% down this time next year, with the potential to lose it all but no extra risk if they go up. Can I buy put options somehow? Don't want to get stopped out of a spreadbet.
  8. As I understand it, farmland is free of inheritance tax, and merely owning it qualifies you for EU subsidies, hence its price is completely divorced from its utility value.
  9. Hi and welcome to the forum! That's some tasty bear food alright; it's already been posted in this epic thread though: ...so don't take it personally if you don't get a lot of responses here. Also, as nice as it is to read the tone of the responses on MN, £800k+ for a two bed that's not PCL frankly boggles my mind, I'm going to need a bit more of a crash than that before I'll be in a position to buy in London...
  10. Rather depressing reading that, TBH. First lot, £380k for a poky 3 bed terrace; lot 82, £185k for a 1 bed flat that's miles from anywhere, in between Hither Green Cemetery and a major railway line. I rented a house directly up the road from the first one from 2006-2010 for £950 a month, it was OK but hardly worth 10x the median wage for London. Edit: and good luck finding a parking space at that end of the road; one side is double yellow to keep it clear for the four bus routes that pass by. My mate then rented a similar flat to the latter for £850 a month (IIRC). It was a reasonably nice, well built flat, but really not convenient for anything despite the close proximity of Grove Park Station - there was no way out of the south end of the road, so to get anywhere you had to go right round the houses, and the regular heavy freight trains passing or going to/from Hither Green Sidings used to shake the whole building. Hopefully the 'ripple out' effect will hit this neck of the woods soon.
  11. Bang, there it goes. Edit: seems to have stabilised around £1900, for how long I don't know...
  12. Saw this the other day: http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2017-04-18/plunging-used-car-prices-wreak-havoc-rental-car-bondholders
  13. I too would love to know what happens to all the 3 year old ex lease and PCP cars. It seems to me that there ought to be more of them about than there actually are, but that's not based on any actual research, just my observations knocking around London on my bicycle or in the 12 year old car I bought for £1600 cash 4 1/2 years ago. Perhaps they do all go through car supermarkets and get recycled on to the next layer of sub-prime borrowers that way. I do buy the argument that the rates for PCPs are set to at least some extent by the residual value of the car after 3 years, hence why you can PCP or lease something like a Golf R for far less than twice as much per month than a Golf 1.2TSI, despite the new list price of the former being approximately double. But then, it's clearly the case that the R doesn't cost VW anything like twice as much to manufacture as a base model either. There was a news article in one of my car mags this month saying that in Britain, secondhand cars have the second lowest residual value compared to their new price in the world. That ought to present a marvelous arbitrage opportunity, except for the fact that our cars are right hand drive. I genuinely wonder if there are a load of shadowy semi-official workshops somewhere converting lots of 3 year old UK cars from RHD to LHD before punting them on into European markets, because there don't seem to be floods of RHD BMWs and Audis turning up in other countries that drive on the left. Edit to point out that: anyone who does actually want to buy a new car for cash (or having sorted out a cheaper third-party loan for themselves) can usually get 15-30% off list by going through a broker- that's on pretty much any new car that's not got a waiting list, not just your workaday Fords, Vauxhalls and the like. A year or so ago someone on HUKD posted a broker doing 25% off list for pretty much every model of BMW 3 Series, up to and including 335d X-Drives; I expected them to be old stock as the model had just had a facelift / refresh, but no, they were the latest ones.
  14. It's not 20%, nothing like it, in fact. 50 quid on red, 50 on black, 2 quid on green. ~2% hit. Apparently they feed in cash and the machine pays the winnings onto a debit card, straight into a bank account, as 'profits from gambling'. You'd have thought it was pretty transparent to the authorities, but apparently they can't satisfy the evidence test for asset forfeiture in court. As usual though, people moan about that, rather than tackling the actual problem, which is our ludicrous prohibition laws creating such a lucrative black market.
  15. Fair enough. There are three drive-thrus withing a 2 mile radius of my house, so for me the EV is reasonable if not great!
  16. Well my 'hit rate' of unpeeled cartons is probably 1 in 5, so about 20%. There's a reasonable chance they'll not pay out at least one of the £100k prizes, I reckon. I've been doing it for years and never found one of the rare stickers, but I live in hope!
  17. @24 year mortgage 8itch Tonights haul: 4 of "McFlurry or Cheeseburger", 3 of "Apple Pie or Sundae", 1 of "Any Hot Drink" and 1 of "Medium Extra Value Meal". And enough other stickers for several NowTV passes, apparently. Not bad, IMO.
  18. Sure, but I'm not convinced that very much of that was people actually risking £100 a spin. A drug dealer washing a grand through on roulette only gifts the bookie £24 on average, or 12 quid if he's able to play French Roulette, I guess.
  19. Still got my massive inheritance in the bank, so I don't need to do it. I'm really hoping to win the hundred grand cash or a Mini, but I'll eat the free food, would be rude not to! I still very occasionally go and do some actual bin raiding for old times sake, though it's much harder to find a decent bin- I blame eastern europeans for getting them all locked away, but I digress. Anyway, you don't need to raid bins, if you see a McDonalds chip carton on the floor, kick it over to see if the sticker is still on it, and if it is, peel it off!
  20. I do. Anyway, don't restrict yourself to the coffee stickers, for the next month it's the annual McDonalds Monopoly promotion. There are stickers attached to every medium or large drink and fries, McFlurries, and the various posh types of sandwich (but not big macs and the like). A large proportion of people forget to peel the stickers, and like littering. Peel them off and you can win free grub, or if you're very lucky, some sort of prize. It's a bit harder for me this year now I'm not working at bus garages (lots of McDonalds littering on buses), but I might head out at midnight with a pair of gloves to raid the bins at my local drive thru. Was like hitting the motherlode last time I did that.
  21. Probably not just you, but I have a strong financial interest in them remaining, so...
  22. Reducing the max stake on FOBTs will make money launderer's lives more difficult but in my experience it's rare to see actual punters doing more than £2 a spin, unless they've got 2/3rds of the roulette table covered in their favourite lucky pattern. It's still quite rare to find an empty bookie but maybe not as rare as it was. I'm often surprised how pleased they seem to be taking my £50-100 stakes despite the fact that I'm not very good at hiding the fact that I'm arbing.
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