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  1. Based on this breakdown it is mainly Inner London. https://www.hometrack.com/uk/insight/rental-market-report/q3-2020-rental-market-report/
  2. There is an estimation that London population dropped by 8% (700k) last year. (I have just noticed there is a separate thread, post any comments there) https://www.ft.com/content/def33cfe-45c7-4323-bd08-d4fc42051f09
  3. A reminder of an old poll. 20-25% of the electorate doesn't care about the UK, economy, their party, only Corbyn scared them. Almost everything goes for them to have Brexit. Telling/accepting lies is a small beer.
  4. A property price is just a fictional number until somebody pays for it, in most cases in exchange for a part of their future income (mortgage). There is not enough savings to pay for 5 trillion of properties. The value of the real estate was pushed up by buying on margin, like for a stock bubble those unearned gains will become losses at some point. As for pensions most of them are just promises, there is no savings backing them. They have to be paid from future profits or taxes. https://www.pensionsage.com/pa/UK-pension-liabilities-reach-7-6trn-almost-5trn-unfunded.php
  5. Germany is a federal state. France as a single state we know was created XIX century. For a long time it was a mosaic of feudal states. I think it is fair to say that all states are dynamic concepts and can split into smaller components or merge into bigger entities.
  6. Things, cars, jewelry, tvs, machines ... It is worse, pensions are mostly promises. https://www.pensionsage.com/pa/UK-pension-liabilities-reach-7-6trn-almost-5trn-unfunded.php
  7. This shows how much claim older generations have on younger generations' future work. Most of this wealth is just a mirage. It would take over 5 years for all people in the UK to work for free to pay off those claims. I doubt the new generations will be willing to dedicate so much of their work to pay liabilities that were created by the previous generations without their consent. Most of private pensions are unfunded, even funded one are holding a lot of gilts (claim of future tax receipts). The older generations were overpaid, those promises unlikely to be met, at least not in a rea
  8. My guess most of Leavers will be in denial. They will come with many explanations why it is how it is, including continuously blaming the EU and Remainers. A human brain is very creative when confronted with a cognitive dissonance. I count more on Remain side to consolidate. It was quite bad so far, no true leadership, in-fights, many opportunists with no conviction (LibDem, Starmer etc).
  9. I am more optimistic. Most of those who voted for Brexit will be out of the game in 10-20 years. The decision will be in hands of current 30-40 years old whose whole live was in the EU. I guess they will be very nostalgic about joining the EU, old good times. There is also a big resentment among younger generations towards older ones, for various reasons. This will be also a force for the pendulum to swing back quickly.
  10. One of the main reasons elites voted for Brexit is their dislike of EU imposed constrains on how they can treat common Brits. The EU was "meddling" in the long term British tradition of the upper class screwing lower classes as they wish.
  11. It is an equivalent of someone holding a knife to someone else throat to persuade him to hand over his wallet and then offering to remove the knife if he complies with the request.
  12. forgotten about thehowler, in his fake "Remainer" blue with gold stars outfit, on his knees in the corner, zealously praying for a deal, which might save his beloved Brexit for a little bit longer. More seriously, it looks like BJ is going to fold and sign again a deal, which he doesn't fully understand.
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