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  1. In 30 years this could take some grands values of work it's pathetic just to keep in and out with shelves. Why Not Just Put Some Nice Ones In Ffs? One Time. Cost Fifty Quid. Tightwads.
  2. Probably Right Last Place Graciously Allowed Us To Keep Shelces In But Insisted On A Repainting Of Magnolia To Assure Return Of Deposit. Two Weeks After moving Out All Walls Were Stripped And Gutted. Another Ten Hours Of Life Down Drain Repainting Someone Elses Properdee. swines.
  3. What is it with Magnolia? Does its stark ugliness turn on the property speculator? And no shelves? Ever! Last three places have rented agents want Shelves taken out at end of Term, but I see lots of little patches on places shelves should stay... each good Tenant, shelves in shelves out... eventually doesnt all that patching make the wall like swiss cheese? Why dont i Deserve Shelves When I Move In Somewhere. So Tired Of Playing Carpenter. Idiot Landlords! Rant Over. Cheers HPC!
  4. Settle down plebs and stop questioning your elders and wisers.
  5. Funding very difficult especially if not attached to churches of existing charidee incrowd. Have financed just by volunteers paying travel costs and operating on street, costs me around 400 a year in travel/coffee/milk/sugar :/ As central Ldn not looked Into allotments.... Donations Of Food And Dosh been Very Static Last Three Years... numbers People Emailing Or Tuning Up At Sharing Spot Not Really Changed Much At All, I Am Sceptical Of Constant Media Reports Of Late Concerning Massive Increases In Numbers However We Mainly Give To People Homeless In Street.
  6. Bureaucracy of work and welfare has stolen peoples time, Plus as we know all the land was stolen long ago. Foodbanks are the result. I run a small one meself. Londonfoodbank.co.uk. Ask Me Anything
  7. Good for them, gracious savers of errant livea, that they are. Turds.
  8. Those Presuming To "lord it" over others should be eliminated. Conditions of servitude dont make any difference.
  9. A simpler way to say the above would be just to Admit it. "guilty as charged".
  10. No It Is A Crime Because As Landlord You Cannot But Help Be Acting Tonthe Addressees Detriment. Glad I Dont Rent From The Likes Of You Two Anymore. Landlords Justify Murder to Themselves Easily Everyday. Whats A Little Interception, Theft And Invasion Of Privacy After That? Nothing. Criminals.
  11. Nice to know landlords cab break the law and read others mail with impunity. Well done Felon.
  12. merry christmas and a happy new year to ya gits !
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