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  1. ...buy at auction.Have patience, get the mortgage in order (if needed)...research...go for the kill. Just bought my first flat...55K city centre (fully furnished too!). Last sold November 2001 for 105k. Seems like a bargain:) Not new-build either but a nice conversion job. IMO dont bother waiting for mr & mrs jones's to drop their house 3% every 12 months... Any similar experiences out there?...
  2. Good to see my council tax propping up the local bubble I dont think...
  3. Power to the People - not. Meanwhile the land available to people WHO WANT TO BUILD THEIR OWN HOME is at an all time low. Market manipulation...
  4. 'Average' is misleading as we know...The majority earn under 10k I'll bet...While Mr&Mrs comfy 40'somethings with several BTL's combined income is probably 50k+... ...Which one is squeezing who?
  5. Wonder how many out there are letting and not telling the lender...? I know a few...
  6. My wife is a motorbike:)...she is called FREEDOM.
  7. Here's one for you all...a real shocker http://www.mouseprice.com/property-for-sale/ref-946500/penthousewestcliffe+court+westcliffe+road+birkdale+southport+merseyside+gb Property history: 07 Sep 12Asking price reduced 50% to £499,950 01 Oct 10Asking price reduced 13% to £999,995 16 Jul 09Asking price increased to £1,150,000 04 Jul 09Added to site 1165 days ago initial price £1,000,000 Awful interior. God please give me strength!!!!!....
  8. Pokey dark kitchen. Expensive for a house in Crossens/Banks area (must be hard for owners to swallow). Good luck to em'!
  9. have had experience of this. 20k loan...halifax deducted this off the amount they'd lend...2 weeks before completion. Every little X-tra helps! cheers!
  10. http://www.moneyweek.com/investments/property/uk/uk-housing-market-planning-changes-may-trigger-house-price-crash-60500 More evidence that the uk gov will do anything to hide the banks true exposure to uk debt....
  11. Hi Pal I agree with all you say...I'm 32 and living with the folks (I have owned but a huge mortgage didn't agree with me) but waiting for due correction. send this to youre 'friend'... http://uk.reuters.com/article/2012/09/03/uk-london-luxury-homes-idUKLNE88200120120903 happy days!
  12. Or just short Carpetright shareprice in CFD's...Dangerous game though:)
  13. As an architect I can tell you myself that, firstly MOST CONSERVATORIES DO NOT NEED EFFING PP. Secondly, those that do usually come under permitted development (PD) which is £75 in my LA. So, the gov's argument is just a nonsense. These MP's are complete idiots. Just watch this pillock (Nick Boles - planning MP) on newnight... http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/b01mmwrr/Newsnight_06_09_2012/ ...he actually WANTS to further fuel a HP boom and lock more people out of the market. How very last decade. He's a big fan of Property Ladder, I believe...
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