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  1. There is a decent school next door but it's private and at £338k for the house there wouldn't be much left for the fees!
  2. Don't agree to change your monthly payments - leave them as they are. It depends on the mortgage company, but I have just arranged to overpay with Santander. They will allow capital repayment of up to 10% of the o/s balance each year and their minimum capital repayment is £500. It's very flexible, in that you don't need to overpay every month if a big bill comes in, you can just do it when you like. Good luck!
  3. I shop in Waitrose every week mainly because they have everything I want at reasonable prices, well what I determine to be reasonable anyway. Their selection of premium products is great, and it's never very busy. The staff are immaculate and always polite and friendly. I won't shop at my local Sainsbury's despite working there years ago, as their stock control and rotation is absolutely abysmal - they run out of bread, fresh veg and other staples regularly - and the local Tesco is full of fishwives and double buggies. If things go up by 5% I'm not going to worry. With my weekly food bill, t
  4. Rent figure used was £100p/w which is the mortgage repayment due. Just added 2 more kids and changed to £400p/w rent and it has shown £914.65. Also just tried it for me and the other half who is now out of work - we are entitled to a grand total of £0. LOL
  5. Just done calculations on a friend of mine who doesn't work and has 2 kids and it came to £388.33 p/w or just over £20k p.a. Not sure where the £914 p/w came from with 2 extra kids!
  6. I've had the first of the letters through now, instant access savings down from 2.49% to 1.80% in the new year. Going to give Zopa a try.
  7. I neotiated just under 17% off my house - I don't remember either Phil or Kirsty achieving such a figure in all of the LLL shows of the past 12 years.
  8. That's the chance you take with repo's - they stay on the market until exchange/completion.
  9. I think some areas are doing better than others, I keep tabs on NN5 and am starting to see some Duston prices slide, although nowhere near down to what they need to be.
  10. They remind me of Comet very much - used to be good but the business model is very outdated. There's nothing there that you can't get cheaper elsewhere/online.
  11. £0 - logistics and transport/haulage. Though all the management team of our division, me included, are off out for an all expenses paid dinner and night out tomorrow night so I guess I can't complain!
  12. Agreed, the two of us are really parsimonious with leccy - porch and hallway lights on in the evenings which lights theliving room and the kitchen (partially) so only use those other downstairs lights if cooking or if people are round. No PC on 24/7, but 2 laptops charging periodically, usually morning and evening. Also, TV and digibox in evening. We are always mindful of usage and still spend £35/m in winter and c.£28/m in summer.
  13. "using a broad 'guide price' (such as '£150,000 to 200,000') when you have reason to believe that the seller has no intention of accepting an offer at the lower end of the range" That's Haart estate agents f***ed then!!
  14. Not sure if it's the same for me as I rent from the bank but: 1950's ex-council house £457pcm mortgage (going on SVR soon so will go down) 96sq.m. Bought as a project so currently £14100 spent in two years
  15. I've had 'online shopping Christmases' for the last four years. I'd rather chew off my own nuts than go shopping as I hate it at the best of times, and Christmas is even worse.
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