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  1. I can actually answer this one! It applies only to new tenancies from 2018, and the EPC should identify the worse-than-E's (although I know from experience that they can get around having one!). However, apparently it applies to existing tenancies from 2020 (if I remember correctly). How they're going to police those is going to be interesting!
  2. Not just the US, the UK too! http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/magazine-31762127 "Many Britons have been brought up with "getting on the property ladder" as a major life goal. But is the ladder disappearing, asks Mariella Frostrup." Curious.
  3. It'll create a good impression, but who doesn't use Streetview these days? One quick 'stroll' up and down the street soon sorts that out!
  4. For the first few years, when they wanted to put the DD up to something silly at the end of the winter, I just rang them up and explained what my energy use pattern was (ie. we're on electric-only), and negotiated a sensible mid-level payment. In addition, I'm fairly sure I read something which stated you're allowed to do that anyway now, because using a lot more energy in the winter is a given.
  5. I'm not sure those figures are even valid. We owe a bit more than that at the moment because we split what we spend through the year into equal monthly payments (so by the end of winter we owe them, by the beginning of the next winter they owe us).
  6. I think most people applying for a mortgage now will have been told about these new rules, even if they're not being applied yet. I was pondering this morning whether the current madness is because, once the rules come in, they won't be able to afford anything. If this is the case, then the 'pop' moment will be either at the end of April, or if banks are permitted to support an 'old rules' 6-week mortgage-in-principle, the beginning of June.
  7. Forgot to mention I also saw this thread: Renovating a listed 17th century cottage Post #23 said quite a lot: by the time you've organised all these people to visit, ie. Never mind the consequences, just buy it!
  8. Stricter lending rules coming in at the end of April. Anyone who thinks they won't meet the criteria will have rushed to buy before then ....
  9. Google records which websites you visit, searches you use etc, via a cookie. As you're probably aware, companies pay Google to display their adverts. One of the options available to advertisers is 'remarketing'. If you visit a website and the company is using remarketing, Google will show you adverts from that site on other sites you visit which are displaying Google-provided adverts. There is actually an option to not show the ad if you've purchased from the company in question, but not everyone uses it.
  10. I got one of those too, but I've been getting spam email from Knight Knox International for far longer than I've been with PB!
  11. Needs an 'l' at the end ... My link
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