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  1. twit. Another dreamer who despises foreigners but who apprently didn't have the spine to serve their own country but ran off to join the FFL or rather, a sad internet forum dreamer who works in Swindon and whose head is filled with nonsense. Take it from a real ex-serviceman (72x80 on last APWT if you're for real you'll know what that means also the FAMAS is shite, traj too parabolic you'll know what that means too or rather you won't dreamer if you're for real I can blueprint for you to own spec). I'm a 'lefty liberal' (daft ***** you don't know the difference!) but i'll pummel your face until your ugly mother won't recognise due to the fact I have real life experience (life and death up close and personal) and unlike you am not a 19 year old stuck in a fantasy world of 'elite forces' (LOL). i'm currently living in Balkans and engaged on CP work in Ukraine feel free to contact me dreamer and I'll put you though your paces dreamer first off you can explain how to DP a Makarov , dreamer. Now go back to 'Soldier of Fortune' magazine and tell your Mum you'll be late home for tea.
  2. You have a household income of over 100,000 pounds per year; and you still come on to a board like this moaning and spitting bile at people because your life isn't the way you want it? If you think you have problems son you don't know you're born. Suck it up you whinging, whining child. The reason you can earn all that money is because of the people that have gone before you built the UK into what it is. You badly need to grow a backbone and get out into the world and see the way that most people have to live then perhaps you won't perceive yourself as a victim. 'Baby boomers' may be at fault in making it impossible for you to lead your Beckham Towers lifestyle (diddums), but the younger generations are at fault in terms of rising crime, increasing aggressive behaviour, decline in moral standards to name a few. So sort your own house out. you seem to think you should have these things coming to you because you're here - so what have you done to help your fellow man to deserve this? How much of your 100K a year finds it's way to those less fortunate than yourself.
  3. My mind goes back to the young teacher on 'The Weakest Link' last year who when asked the 50th state of the USA replied "Canada". I was watching at the time. I bet she got four A grades at A level. Seems that education now is geared to produce 'grade machines', not rounded young people with an all-round general knowledge and awareness. I took Cambridge syllabus Maths in the early 1980s, it would be interesting to see how a contemporary 'straight A' A level student would get on with it. 25% gaining A grade seems ridiculous. I can't believe that young people work that much harder these days than we did when I were a lad; especially when you read of university entrants needing remedial classes which doesn't seem to fit with the view that standards are not dropping.
  4. Sorry old chap but with Germany top of many pundit's 'next hot spot' lists (I think Germany and liberia are about the only countries left?) you'll soon be sitting in a bar next to Quentin in his dark blue sweater and chinos spouting off to the assembled about yields and capital growth.
  5. So you'd give away your 25K bonus to the poor and needy would you then gus? Honest answer?
  6. It's no use whining on a forum like this and then not having the courage of your convictions. Exactly when are you going to eat your hat, where, who is going to be present to make sure you do it? Time to show some spine (my bet is you don't have one, in common with 99.9% of the posters on here).
  7. I like the idea of someone investing in real estate in beirut describing someone who invests in France as 'bloody mad'!! As others have said a follow-up article would make interesting reading. Still I suppose if you are a 'contrarian' investor there must be some real bargains to be had. Imagine if you'd bought up in Serbia/Croatia 11 years ago!
  8. Don't think Vale would marry a fat (sorry 'real') Brit bird when he has all those Italian cuties lusting after him!
  9. Yep caught on camera no question of guilt - waste of oxygen and all other resources. Kill 'em. But first, strip 'em naked and hang them from lampposts for three days and pay teenage girls to laugh at the size of their genitals. Then parade them though the streets with a large crowd of people following them making clucking sounds so they know what chickens they are. Then cut their throats and look into their eyes and as they die, tell them they were adopted and unloved. Any advances? Go on fill your boots - it's a Friday!
  10. Rental projections for ski properties in BG have entered the realm of cloud-cuckoo land. Also if you're an independent traveller the links from Sofia are awful. BG has one thing going for it for the tourist - it's cheap. Unfortunately, especially in the ski resorts, it's losing that advantage. Dual pricing for foreigners although now illegal still very much goes on. Anyone who thinks they will make 100% gain on their apartment (ski or beach) in a year is deluded; resale market for apartments in virtually nil due to so much building going on. You can still find value but you need to research, you need to read and understand cyrillic and you need to get a local on your side to find the right property. Not easy in a 7 day viewing trip..! As always investing is about being one step ahead of the curve and identifying the next 'hotspot' before the herds arrive. Whether or not there are any more hotspots in BG is a moot point! However the mafia do not come 'knocking on your door' as soon as you buy a property. I have no idea where user 'justice' gets that from and it's complete rubbish. If you started a business and it made a good amount of money you may get problems, but for most it's not an issue. They wouldn't be interested in your B&B! BTW, despite the signs on the doors there are far fewer guns/weapons on the street in BG than there are in the UK. They don't have 11 year old girls carrying flick knives.You are safer in BG at any time of the day or night, anywhere in the country, than you are anywhere in the UK at 11.20pm.
  11. Am I the only one who wonders that when our politicians have very valuable property portfolios themselves, how strong their resolve is to actually do anything about the current situation? Personally I think that behind the scenes Labour may be quite happy with a stint as the opposition, to hand all their problems over to a new leadership and stand back and gloat as the debt problem unwinds, the housing market freefalls, the FTSE retreats to 4000....
  12. You are assuming first of all smilie that Bulgaria will get into the EU. That, as they say, is not all over until the rotund female sings... Even assuming they do, Bulgaria's enrichment depends on how well they tackle the problem of organised crime and it's murky links with the political world. whether the money flowing into BG will be used to good effect, or whether it will be frittered away into various bank accounts in dodgy locations remains to be seen. Very few Brits understand how the country works. There is no comparison with places such as Poland, Czech republic or the Baltic states. BG is controlled by the Communist old guard, who morphed themselves into 'businessmen' and whose influence pervades all aspects of society.It also has a burgeoning ultra right-wing faction who are basically thugs. As per our own BNP, but far more dangerous. Very few Bulgarian people see any hope for self advancement other than leaving the country.
  13. Jealousy in most cases on this site is the motive, masquerading under the guise of philanthropy and social connscience.
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