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  1. That's way too short for German. It'll be something like "arschumhochhebt macht frei" surely?
  2. Geography doesn't really help. London can easily expand on all sides (although the eastern side is prone to a bit wet). SF is enclosed on three sides by water and by a whacking great hill to the south, and about as built-up as it can get without increasing housing density. There is scope down the peninsula, but even with the half decent public transport SF has, it would need more.
  3. Doesn't he have an NHBC for it? That should provide ten years' cover.
  4. Unless I'm sadly mistaken, you are under no obligation to accept the rise. If you refuse they can either comply or give you notice – simply refusing a rent rise is not a notice to quit. It changes a bit if they serve a S13 notice as the process is more complicated – but there is an appeals process and that does not in itself act as a notice to quit (although you can probably bet on an S21 later).
  5. It's that level of analysis that makes this forum so worthwhile.
  6. In a groundbreaking study, scientists found 60% of forum participants are unable to read a paragraph and construct an accurate summary of it but will cheerfully whine about the poor quality of media sources while quoting slavishly from the headline. Try reading it again: "Compared to other age groups, older adults tended to prefer to lock in guaranteed earnings over gambling on a bigger win. But when it came to gambling on a loss (where you can choose between say, a $5 loss or a chance to lose either $0 or $8), older adults took significantly more risks." The higher risk only applies to anticipated losses and it's a common theme in economics research that humans (of all ages) do not assess potential losses well. That paragraph does not equate to overall "risker, poorer" financial decisions in older people.
  7. Wow really. The tea party guy must have been really concerned about that. I wondered what he convinced his GOP mates to do... ...Oh wait, I know, he along with the rest of them delayed and blocked the creation of the committee that would negotiate and present such a budget. And when it comes to negotiating on an interim budget, agree a deal but block any progress in order to delay an unrelated bill (Obamacare) that had already been approved. Then he goes on talk radio and TV and complains about not having a budget put to him. Moron. I guess he isn't really. Lots of people just hear the soundbites and suck them up because the arcane shenanigans these guys put into action when in Congress/Senate sound too complex to understand.
  8. Is this the video where Moneyweek attempts to sell you a subscription but instead convinces you to stock up on baked beans and shotguns?
  9. Maybe they haven't done enough new lending to justify the cheapest BoE FLS rate or maybe the catch in H2B2 is that they can't lend all the money from FLS (which seems unlikely but the details still aren't out...)
  10. The issue is you need to make proper pizza bread, which takes a fair amount of elbow grease, partial precooking, and the right ingredients. I was just curious as to whether the bread maker was up to punching very stiff partially cooked dough, which is the bit that takes all the effort (and which results in me thinking "so what's up with premade bases?"). As the answers seems to cluster around "burn to a crisp before the dough has a chance to sag" suggests not.
  11. Will it really make proper pizza dough (as in proper, doesn't go soggy in the middle and crisps up properly on the outside)? Or do you still have to part cook and then hand pummel it?
  12. So how come agricultural and industrial land is so much cheaper per acre than residential land, which is for the most part non-productive? Over the very long term, land value in real terms stays pretty much flat. It just wildly oscillates around the mean as shown in the records for the Herengracht properties in Amsterdam.
  13. Horseriding is obviously the natural thing to be doing for someone who can't get around easily. I'm also not clear on why mobility problems call for having the sh*tter in a bedroom. Or steps to the shed next door.
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