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  1. I dont read it as that at all.. just that the exit agreement (if any) will need to be QMV'd, not the actual triggering/repealing the 1972 act.
  2. Is the expiry correct ? It seems to read that after March 2017 any deal would need to be QMV'd, not the actual triggering or have i missed something obvious as its a bit of an eye opener to read if true
  3. I don't see how the property prices in Brisbane can continue... its utterly insane... I moved here after a couple of years in Vancouver and expected the place to be cheaper, boy was I wrong! It costs me as much to rent in a suburb 8km out of the city than it did to rent a decent apartment in downtown Vancouver! Sadly I wont be here to watch it all unfold, just been made redundant and had my visa cancelled back to the UK for me.. (and to see how much its changed in the 5 years its been since i left)
  4. when I joined the industry in 2002 the uk had around 270 developers ( cant remember the exact number ) in 2008 that number was around 70 ish. Some of it was mergers, but a dramatic downsizing of what was the world leaders, what I see on thechaosengine ( industry insiders forum ) is a worry about the sustainability of the industry ( hence the painful news like with Eurocom ). When I think back 3 out of the 5 studios I've worked for have completely shut, and all of them have had painful rounds of redundancy Weirdly the studio I work for now in Australia was setup as an outsourcing team 8ish yers ago however It's now quite a bit cheaper for us to outsource back to the uk. A combination of the over valued AUD and weak pound.
  5. I left the UK in 2008 as I saw the games industry collapsing and then moved over to Vancouver which was decimated 2010-now ( I doubt the industry will last that long ).. Now in Australia and its not really fairing that well either.. The entire middle market has dropped out, so your either top tier or you scrambling for left overs. The current trend seems to be moving to mobile/free to play but I have a suspicion that this is a dot com style bubble waiting to burst...
  6. I'm surprised there's not a full scale riot on over here about the cost of living tbh... I moved from Vancouver to Brisbane about a year and a half ago and its more expensive for us to live here in the suburbs than it did to live in the downtown core of Vancouver... the cost of living has rose considerably in the last 18 months even taking into account that we have found the local cheaper areas to shop. The cost of booze here has pretty much turned us both sober!
  7. Hi All, Finally decided to sign up after about 6 years of lurking.. sold my house and left the UK for Canada in 2008 for work reasons.. then after watching the industry collapse on the west coast moved to Australia... waiting for the right time to move home Slaz.
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