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  1. Some fantastic points, thank you for your reply! I think next step as you say is solicitor advise! as you say a consultation with a solicitor doesnt cost a thing, and they can best advise on way forward! We did make an offer to developer already, but that was since rejected. Then they rang to ask if we had another offer. Seemed strange since it was only threatening letters previously. To be honest the charge was once worth the paper its written on, now there is maybe 8/10 k equity in the property! which really means the developer would be out money persuing this amount in the long run! but its the fact of losing a property which worries me the most! its not something that we want to happen! Really appreciate your thoughts though.
  2. Yes I was thinking of looking into that, just worried that legal bills could esculate into something which will ultimately end up with me no better off. Its a tricky one! I suppose Legal aid might not be given in certain circumstances, I dont know too much about these areas.
  3. yes I think that is the most annoying part, the fact that others in same situation were advised differently to me, and I raised the same point that they won the case on to my solicitor at the time and he just said it wasnt an option! its very frustrating to say the least! appreciate your help. just one of those things.
  4. Yeah, disastrous situation. Thanks for your help
  5. yea we had the charge checked out, our solicitor at the time arranged with mortgage company.
  6. I dont think this was an option presented to us at the time. The equity in the property has been severly dented by the downturn to be honest, so there wouldnt be value there in the property that there once was.
  7. Charge against another property...
  8. Its a real disaster. If we had known about the group at the time we would have got ourselves involved, just went outside my radar altogether! Thanks for your help though.
  9. Thanks for your reply - Im hoping there are others in the same situation, as the building is not empty, so therefore there has to be others in the same boat. A solicitor id imagine will now just say, come up with the money, or face bankrupsy.
  10. opening an old topic I realise, however myself and a close relative put names and 18k deposit down on one of these apartments at the time! At the time of completion, our apartment was valued at 120k approx, and could only get a further mortgage of 100k approx, we then were faced with either completing or proceedings being issued against us for shortfall. Our solicitor at the time assured us that this contract was water tight, and there was no way out of it. (even though I brought up the issue that the builder ran over completion date, so thought the contract was void). In the end we went on the advice of our solicitor and a deal was done that we would come up with the shortfall. The time frame has lapsed now for the shortfall to be paid, but as you can imagine approx 60k is hard to find. Would anyone have any advice on what route we should take from here?
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