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  1. I'd say it's more a form of insecurity, looking at a smartphone means you don't need to interact with the world around you, an adult pacifier of sorts.
  2. I was thinking about this yesterday. I living in a van on the Algarve, so get to see vans from all over Europe. Norway is the one country you barely ever see. Swedes seem to like it here, the odd FIN and DK, but barely ever a N.
  3. It clearly didn’t work. Brent council were renting houses off a landlord they had banned from renting!
  4. Yes it’s called renting. You borrow the house, pay for that borrowing, then buy it after the price has fallen. You’re also off the hook if prices go up, so win win ?
  5. Between 1997 and 2016, UK property prices have grown by 11.65% per year on average.1 Sounds wonderful. I wonder what years 2016 to 2035 will average,
  6. That’ll be their entertainment and socilaising budget gone then. Now, let’s talk about having a family....
  7. The sums involved there are just mental. 36year mortgage @3.3% fixed for 2 years. They’d be screwed if anything happens to interest rates in the next 15 years
  8. Amazon getting tax breaks is much akin to the BTL crowd getting the same advantage. Result: decimation.
  9. Mexico’s 100 year bond trades at 5.5%. 2008 is still affecting bond prices across the globe. Nothing is normal.
  10. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-6457027/Young-people-three-times-likely-homeowners-30-parents-one.html
  11. Houses should not, and never be HMO's. They were not designed for this, that's what flats are for. All it does is force people into less and less acceptable living arrangements. If more hmo's are needed, then build more flats, not convert houses down to the lowest possible denominator. If 6 people want to band together and rent a house, great. They will be paying far less doing it this way than renting a crappy room with no lounge they can socialise in etc. All HMO's allow is a landlord to cream more rent for less.
  12. The land to feed people can be anywhere on earth. Your argument doesnt work in terms of housing solely in the UK; a country that has to import food to feed everyone.
  13. Put another way the landlord was able to gamble 100k with the hopes of 'winning' over 5 million, that would be like buying apple shares when they were crap, or bitcoin at $400 and cashing out at the high. That's a pretty healthy bet, if it wasn't for that pesky 0.5% interest rate raise lol. The only point I raise is, why aren't we all doing it?
  14. I don’t think so. There’s so many vans out there, people living in them will always be relatively niche.
  15. Yes and without E.European staff he cannot operate. Apparently they have magical powers above the indigenous population (the power to tolerate crap landlords and employers probably their main one).
  16. Install this and you'll be able to view them in future. Go to chrome extensions, enable developer mode, unpack this and drag it into the window. https://github.com/nextgens/anti-paywall
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