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  1. "Hello everyone on the Wales sub forum, I can't stand living with you lot or being in your country, so can you help me please?"
  2. I don't seem to be able to edit the post above, but thought I should point out that we completed a while ago and the extra expense is ours!
  3. To add a buyers perspective, the recent work I've had on our welsh slate roof started life as some chimney repointing + tile sorting, has become lead (valley) replacement, and will probably end up being a new roof. Based on a building survey and 3 builders quotes, we went halves with the vendor on £900 to sort the leaks our, and are already in over double that. (Obviously, there's no point sorting plasterwork out until the roof is good and the walls/ceilings have had time to dry.)
  4. things are a bit slow in the world of boundless pessimism, it appears
  5. That is f*cking nuts. Next door is on for 255 here and has been for well over a year...
  6. Two big employers in morriston are NHS and DVLA. I also noticed a large number of properties in Clasemont Road, which is apparently a pretty good street in Morriston. I wonder if management in one of those two organisations are leaving. Lots of dvla jobs moving to morriston, possibly at the expense of middle management.
  7. well thistakes the biscuit. what is it with dawsons and putting another 50k min on everything?
  8. well I hope there's plenty more that see it that way..
  9. fwiw, this building is grade II listed
  10. The park itself is listed so I wouldn't be surprised if the building is too. I think you're right about the compound. The listing gives the impression there are outbuildings for sale too but these are not actually for sale.
  11. I think this 60K thing is not the way it's going to turn out. I hear an auction coming. The council tax I think tells you what this place should/could be worth.
  12. Does anyone know anything about thisproperty? I assume it needs completely re-doing - but 60K seems like a good price for the site if nothing else. Presumably there are access issues, being in the park?
  13. Thanks - good to know. Especially given what I've read about banks refusing to lend on agreed sale prices. Any suggestions on where we could look for our perfect place?
  14. actually yeah it would, it sits quite high up and at the moment apart from the sea, all you can see is trees. It has a couple of monsters at the back of the (huge) garden.
  15. Thanks TMT = not bored at all - the more information the better. The vendor mentioned the flooding and the planned development of the playing fields. the house is on quite a slope so is not at risk itself - obviously the bottom of the garden is. Not sure about the knotweed - might have a look if we view again. The vendor reckoned the flooding was often caused by a blocked culvert which is looked after a bit more carefully now due to the new builds down the road. It wouldn't surprise me if this council granted permission for new houses on that land regardless of the flooding risk! It is very interesting to hear your views on the prices - certainly encouragement to not feel bad about going "low" with a first offer. Do you think we'll be able to find our 30's place with a view etc? Thislooks good in the photos but the inside is shocking. I love the look of this but there's no view (I'm currently in brynmill and can see across the whole bay, so keeping a bit of a view would be nice).
  16. Hello everyone - (TMT!) I got pointed at this forum after asking some advice on money saving supermarket about making an offer. While I've been waiting for my account to be validated (!) I've been reading this very interesting thread and am up to page 20 so far - good stuff! Wondering if I could ask for opinions on this place (no 27) which we viewed recently. It's on for 300, was bought in 2005 for 285K. It's pretty 80s inside (blue bathroom) but is very spacious - the basement for example is the whole area of the house. Big sun room out back, and big extension out the side giving a large kitchen. The old kitchen is now a study. Garage is ok size, slightly bigger than a standard single, but theres no flat parking space apart from that. Garden is a 1/4 acre and very well stocked with a stream at the bottom (which "hasn't flooded for 3 years") We like it but it wonder what a reasonable offer would be, or even if it's just overpriced. It would need updating pretty much everywhere inside. It has a view of the sea, but it's just a little patch between trees. Also, thought I'd see if people think what our ideal place is doable. Personally, I'd like a 20s or 30s semi that is tidy enough to live in and original enough that we could bring it back to life (or has been nicely restored) 3 or ideally 4 beds with a large garage and off street parking, views of the bay pref incl. mumbles head, and near a park. Seem to be focusing on sketty/derwen fawr Seen a few nice looking places in glanmor road for example that are close but don't have everything, or are too expensive. We are looking up to 300K but really want to stay below 250. What chance say you? I apologise if I sound like I'm asking for the world, it's just the ideal and I'd like to know if it's achievable. Many thanks for your advice!
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