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  1. "Hello everyone on the Wales sub forum, I can't stand living with you lot or being in your country, so can you help me please?"
  2. I don't seem to be able to edit the post above, but thought I should point out that we completed a while ago and the extra expense is ours!
  3. To add a buyers perspective, the recent work I've had on our welsh slate roof started life as some chimney repointing + tile sorting, has become lead (valley) replacement, and will probably end up being a new roof. Based on a building survey and 3 builders quotes, we went halves with the vendor on £900 to sort the leaks our, and are already in over double that. (Obviously, there's no point sorting plasterwork out until the roof is good and the walls/ceilings have had time to dry.)
  4. things are a bit slow in the world of boundless pessimism, it appears
  5. That is f*cking nuts. Next door is on for 255 here and has been for well over a year...
  6. Two big employers in morriston are NHS and DVLA. I also noticed a large number of properties in Clasemont Road, which is apparently a pretty good street in Morriston. I wonder if management in one of those two organisations are leaving. Lots of dvla jobs moving to morriston, possibly at the expense of middle management.
  7. well thistakes the biscuit. what is it with dawsons and putting another 50k min on everything?
  8. well I hope there's plenty more that see it that way..
  9. fwiw, this building is grade II listed
  10. The park itself is listed so I wouldn't be surprised if the building is too. I think you're right about the compound. The listing gives the impression there are outbuildings for sale too but these are not actually for sale.
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