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  1. How many peoples wages is the Gov going to end up paying? The only people worse off are those still going out to work. Wonder what that **** IDS thinks of that.
  2. Thank you mate. I was just going to post a bit of a rant about the lack of empathy being demonstrated all over the place atm, more often than not from people who are usually the first to signal their virtue. Faith in humanity restored
  3. Except for those that have to go out to work while most hide at home. Do you think they are chilling?
  4. It's not happening mate. Business as usual. Nothing gets cleaned properly/at all and everything is shared among 100's of staff who all use the same toilets and canteen. The system is stretched to breaking point just keeping up with demand and it seems like management can't or wont make the necessary changes. As it stands I honestly don't think its a safe environment for staff or customers, and that includes online customers.
  5. So it looks like pretty much every retail outlet is going to be closed with most citing staff welfare, except the supermarkets who can carry on regardless, are their workers just more cannon fodder? How are they supposed to do their jobs while remaining 2 meters apart? Is that going to be monitored and enforced? Are they going to get any PPE? Is all the home delivery equipment ,trolleys, crates, handsets etc that they have to share going to be cleaned regularly? Are the staff canteens going to be closed? There are so many questions and no answers as all efforts are on just keeping things runni
  6. That is only 7 days worth and we are still relatively early in the outbreak. I guess there could be lots who will die but are still being treated / on ventilators atm.
  7. Masks would obviously help but as there aren't even enough for the NHS we are being told they are not needed. Blatant bs to stop people kicking off.
  8. Supermarkets have public toilets. They also have staff toilets and canteens. Shouldn't they be required to implement procedures to keep staff and customers safe?
  9. Good points. Plus i think we are being softened up for full lock down. Just don't understand how food supply can be left up to supermarkets in that situation. They are businesses not healthcare organisations and all their systems and procedures are based on maximising profit not the health and safety of their staff and customers.
  10. Just looking at the Guardian website. Waterstones staff force closure of shops, NHS workers feeling like cannon fodder, staff being evicted, no help for the self-employed, police to enforce social distancing (the polite/newspeak term for quarantine). Feels like this is going to spiral out of control both medically and socially in very short order. How long before "key workers" especially those on min wage, zero hour etc just stop turning up. Supermarkets are going to be the main vector for continuing infection as the situation there is the same as described in waterstones but with a
  11. I know for a fact that most if not all orders placed on waitrose.com are fulfilled from your local store. Ocado is different but their relationship with waitrose is ending soon anyway.
  12. Apart from the increase to UC the policy might not help them directly but i doubt seeing the government paying millions of people to stay at home to avoid infection will encourage many to want to sign up to put their life on the line for a temporary minimum wage job with notoriously poor employers at a time when those employers systems are under maximum strain. Would you fancy it?
  13. My solution would be a UBI as previously discussed. Might be difficult but they move hell and high water when it comes to helping their donors and supporters, lets see them do the same for the common man. Not holding my breathe. Perfect time to change the tax system as hardly anyone will be paying any soon regardless. lol
  14. So you are one of the lucky ones. Others might only have got 20%. If the orders are picked from the stores and the stores are empty then you aren't getting your stuff. The issues are all along the supply chain, everyone operates JIT so unless every link in the chain can up their game all the way along the line then there will be bottlenecks and delays. Then there are the staffing issues which are in no way helped by the torys crackpot scheme. I am glad you got your stuff and i hope it continues but i don't think anyone can guarantee it.
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