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  1. Well I didn't see it, how was it then?
  2. Comments would be appreciated about this documentary as I will not be in tonight to see it.
  3. I could not find an online version so I hope you can view this article below, it might take a little while to download. click below Wrong about Crash says Bootle view attachment if the link does not work CCF22122005_00001.pdf CCF22122005_00001.pdf
  4. I used my housing deposit to invest in commercial land in Spain. Its with a company called Fortuna Estates, has anyone heard of them? The whole concept is similar to what we try and do here where you can invest in land before planning permission and then sell at a higher rate than what you bought it for when planning permission is granted. But instead of investing in land where you do not know if planning permission will be granted or not, the land here is already zoned for commercial development and because of the housing development it is apparently easier and quicker to get planning. (3-4 years) The company represents a development company that builds commercial infrastructure such as hotels, golf courses, shopping complexes etc. What you do is buy a part of the land (from 1000 sqm increments ) Each time the company releases more land the price goes up. It could start off as small as 7.20euros per sqm. During this time they work with the local council to get planning permission for the land. When they get planning permission, this is when the value of the land hikes up and causes banks and pension fund investors to now want to invest in the land. (they probably cannot invest without planning permission that is why they do not invest before). So the value of land could go up to 34 euros per sqm. You can choose to sell or wait until building has completed. Once it is completed and they have a buyer everybody will have to sell their share in the land because you cannot for example own part of a hotel, or part of a shopping complex. I don't know yet if I invested wisely or not but I thought, hey let me give it a try. I am in profit now so i can sell my share in the land and be 7.5euros profit but I think I will wait. Their previous project went from 6.80 euros per sqm to 37 euros per sqm in two years.
  5. Yes this is very common, my sister rents her house to the council in Haringey and my friend does also in Ilford. My friend in Ilford now lives in the US but she has to use a middle man (management company) who recently asked her to send her proof that she is using a BTL mortgage. Well she isn't using one so she is a bit stuffed!! Oh, in both cases the council pay below the market rate and I am not sure if they will increase it over the 3 or 5 year period. Zoked
  6. Newham is a dump but because of the Olympics prices are rising. Zoked
  7. I was told that anyone that lives around Blackhorse station in Walthamstow should have got a leaflet about some new developments that aims to build 625 homes and 35,600 sq m of new business space. Does anyone have anymore info on this? Who is the developer? or are we going to pay through higher council taxes. One thing I have noticed is that tube station is already maxed out and train frequency is at 3mins in peak time.
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