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  1. Inflation rate now around 1.8% and guaranteed to drop in future. Sound money
  2. Feel free to claim whatever you can get for free but the whole thing is a scam trying to get people to buy and stake more. The thing itself has no use
  3. +1. Love the discussion. Not a fan of the digger police. I was around at the time the original thread was moved. I think as long as it’s kept civil and on topic (including contextually related topics) there shouldn’t be any problems. This thread is very quiet compared to back then
  4. Not quite true. The difficulty adjustment is done every 2016 blocks. With 95% of hashrate gone all at once, it would take much longer than 2 weeks for difficulty to adjust downwards. More like 40 weeks.
  5. Is this some new form of AI writing these posts? I think it needs some work
  6. Wish I’d accumulated more on that dip but bitcoin is already too much of my net worth
  7. Are you telling me quantum mechanics is a fraud? 😨 Is it only you that possesses this skill to detect fraud by lack of cognition or do others have it? Back on topic, anyone think there’ll be a drop from here? Seems its struggling to hold above $1500
  8. The profit is a nice side effect, but the most striking thing is the new technology bringing us sound money that can be spent worldwide with no middleman and can’t be printed. We’re lucky to live during this time whilst it’s still being adopted and doubters are clinging to their £s and throwing insults our way.
  9. The jig will be up for e-commerce and online banking too. Are you short amazon and banks due to quantum? The hashing algorithms can evolve and I think we’ll have time to protect ourselves as quantum computing evolves. Disclaimer, not read the article you linked yet, but I will.
  10. Mine aren’t worth selling now, but luckily are only 1% of my holding to my 99% bitcoin. I don’t see them recovering vs bitcoin but you never know.
  11. What do you mean by made up nonsense - the code is open source and available to download on github if you want to check how real it is. What is it about bitcoin that makes people so hostile. Why don’t those who don’t like it just ignore it. Genuinely interested. Is it because you feel you’ve missed out because you can’t buy or use bitcoin on your island?
  12. TROLLS are back. Price must be about to ROCKET. Your worthless BITBOLLOX are gonna MAKE YOU RICH
  13. That was some nice selective quoting there. What system would you prefer. Let’s say there is some form of money, completely evenly distributed across the population. Someone loses their money. Aren’t the others now even so slightly more wealthy? Or should new money be created and given to the person who lost it? And when the population increases, should the children be gifted their fair share of newly created money, making everyone else less wealthy, or should they have to earn it? Or should we create new money but not give it to the children, but instead give it to a selective part of the population, maybe banks?
  14. I just bought two android tablets with mine. Replaced it shortly afterwards though
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