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  1. Eth already did a fork to reverse parts of a supposedly immutable blockchain. I prefer bitcoin for my savings. And going off market cap the market seems to agree, but I’m sure you’re cleverer than the market
  2. There are many, but let’s start with the supply cap vs unlimited inflation, and the hash power securing the bitcoin network. For me the supply cap is one of the primary reasons I got into bitcoin rather than sticking with fiat. And dogecoin didn’t even keep that aspect.
  3. Rule 1, sit out and observe for 10 years Rule 2, point out what others should have done Rule 3, buy the memiest cheapest coins you can, preferably any where you can get billions for pennies, and where selling is punished Rule 4, repeat rule 2
  4. Might only be £2,460 but you also reset your cost basis on that $12,300 per person, meaning less tax on future years gains too. I think it’s probably worth taking advantage of
  5. You on the other hand are a constant source of quality original content
  6. If you own one bitcoin today, you will own one bitcoin next year. You are not being guaranteed any increase, only that it won’t be devalued by someone printing trillions more. That isn’t a ponzi. Stick to your sterling. Have fun staying poor
  7. The capital gains tax increases are on those making more than $1M a year. Probably doesn’t affect too many people
  8. -2 Peter 600% pa on stocks Hun 😂** ** one time from depths of a pandemic sell off
  9. Wait until I tell you how many more Turkish lira or Venezuelan bolivars you can get compared to US dollars!
  10. The way this thread is going I’m considering doing a jiltedjen
  11. You surely have 12 bitcoin now then? Welcome to the 2.1 million club
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