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  1. Not just crypto. I find the average person in the UK to be pretty financially illiterate whether it’s about tax free ISAs, stocks, or pretty much anything other than “house prices always go up”.
  2. Netflix’s increasing energy use seems to be a real problem not FUD. If you don't agree, can you provide a link to a credible rebuttal.
  3. I get your point and that’s definitely a big part of it. But there are also those who understand it, aren’t jealous, and simply do not see any value to it so do see it as a big waste of energy. They don’t see any value in it because they see nothing wrong with the current fiat system. I think you have to take issue with the current fiat system to be driven to things like gold or bitcoin. Most people earning good money under a fiat system aren’t really going to see any need for something else. Personally I’m on decent money but London house prices and the government response in 2008 with QE drove me “down the rabbit hole”
  4. I have also found very intelligent technically minded people (in software development) vehemently against bitcoin. This is relevant I think: https://www.citadel21.com/why-the-yuppie-elite-dismiss-bitcoin Essentially it says that to be a believer in bitcoin, in spite of intelligence/technical understanding, you really need to be distrusting of, or to have lost out to the current financial system (something that should be familiar to people who found themselves on a HPC forum...)
  5. Don’t let facts get in the way of his nonsense. He doesnt 😂
  6. Fundamentals and common sense say bitcoin is a better store for your savings than fiat. Gold is too, but bitcoin has numerous advantages over gold as well. Sell your fiat now while you have chance. It’s crashing to zero. Look at any chart and you can see it falling constantly
  7. Care to put a timeline on it even going back to less than $4k, roughly the last low? Then we have a date when we can definitively say whether you and your contacts were wrong?
  8. Even if it went to zero none of us advocating not putting in more than you can afford to lose, and particularly those who bought back in 2014 and before, would be facing wipeout. You are talking nonsense You should be embarrassed to admit how wrong you’ve been rather than boasting about it
  9. But he’s been saying it’s a bubble and going to zero since it was <$1000. Meanwhile my gold has gone up marginally whilst my bitcoin has helped grow my net worth by 7x. Why should I start listening to him now?
  10. He’ll tell you next week, by hindsight trading a stock that randomly went up. Best way to make money. Never fails
  11. I've just bought more bitcoin and put it in a new separate "@Warlord wallet" 🤑 Please tell your contacts thanks for the buying opportunity
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