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  1. Update: Still in the same situation really....got a bit frustrated couldnt find what we were looking for in our price range so gave up. We found the whole thing a frustrating to be honest and lost all interest in looking. Starting to look around again now and prices have really shot up, looking around Urmston also looking in Sale/Timperly.
  2. Many thanks all for these recomendations. Im going to look into these areas further with the wife.
  3. Your right Nomadd, I have been looking for a while and cant find anything for my budget. Im now considering moving out of Manchester to get more for my money. My kids are young so I have the flexibility to do that.
  4. I do have a small portfolio of shares and pms, but I deffo need to buy a bigger house and the wife has lots of plans on how she wants to decorate it. 250k doesnt buy you much in Manchester thats for sure, its frustrating.
  5. Hi I currently live in Stretford, been here for 5 years regular 3 bedroom semi. I'm now looking to move on to a larger 4 bed detached home, need more space for the kids in a better area then Stretford. During the 5 years I have lived in Stretford I haven't had any trouble even though the area has its fare share of scallies walking round with dogs and mountain bike gangs. I have a budget of 250k can people recommend me areas I should be looking at, I'm after: 4 bed detached decent private garden garage good schools Any advice appreciated Thanks
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