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  1. Hi, I'm after a little advice. We found a barn conversion we really liked, however at the time our house was not on the market. EA advised us that no offer would be considered unless our house was on the market. So, our house went on the market with the same EA and sold within 2 days. We made an offer on the barn we really liked and it was accepted. Now things start to go bad. it turns out the barn conversion being less than 10 years old needed a warranty for the mortgage to be accepted. The vendor did not have said warranty however did agree to arrange a retrospective one after much tooing and froing. This set some alarm bells ringing so I got a few friends (architects) to look at it. Basically it turns out the conversion has been done to a very poor standard. e.g poor fit on windows, random damp proof course on new sections, damp proof course too low in one part and blocks used instead of bricks. But the worst part is the gable ends are original and the whole building has been rendered with cement based render. Any good renderer will tell you this is a no no on old brickwork as it locks moisture in, and the wall will eventually fail. So yesterday we told the EA that we don't want to buy it and there are no suitable properties for us. This means that the sale of our house will not progress as we are unwilling to move out. The EA is now asking for the £1500 fees for the sale of our house as they are saying the found a buyer for us. These fees will be payable upon exchange of contracts. In addition we got prior agreement with the EA that if no property was found we would not have to pay any fees as we were only interested in the barn conversion. Any help would be greatly appreciated
  2. This is exactly what the cross channel connection was designed for, France supplies Britain in winter when the rivers are full and their stations can run at full capacity, and in summer Britain supplies france when the water level in the rivers is lower. Dungeness power station is very near to where the connection is based is owned by Edf.
  3. thanks for the replies just to clarify things, my mum was only told of the circumstances this weekend, and as far as we can gather my cousin has been living there for some time. one major problem is the house is in staffordshire and we're up in lancashire so its not easy to get round there in a hurry. im pretty sure that ownership hasn't changed as the solictor is still dealing with my grandmothers estate. Whats really pissed me of is the fact that they feel they can live there rent free, basically trespassing on my mums property while making money renting out their own house. When we go down and speak to them were going to give them the following options: 1) pay my mum half the rent that the property would get if it was to be rented out. This would be covered by a formal tenancy agreement 2) buy my mums half (personally i think the best option) 3) get the ****** out of my mums house PS yes i know its been on the market for 2 years, and ive told them to drop the price
  4. hi, im after a bit of advice Basically, my grandmother died 2 years ago,leaving her house to my dad and uncle. The house has been on the market since then with only a few viewings. Unfortunately last August my dad died, so his half of the house went to my mother. this weekend we have just found out that my uncle has let my cousin, her three kids and her boyfriend move in to my grandmothers house. They own their own house but dont want to live there, supposedly due to it being a bit of a bad area. (can't understand why they bought there). they plan to rent this house out. The problem i have is my cousins boyfriend is very dodgy, he's previously mentioned that the local police are victimising him (yeah right). My Auntie is a liar and wasn't/isn't trusted by either my grandparents, and parents. We know she has stolen money in the past from my grandparents. We're also pretty confident that my cousin is living well beyond her means (she's unemployed, her boyfriend is a part time night watchman, so its more than likely there is some benefit scam going on. We plan to talk to my uncle and cousin, but it feels like there using this as an oportunity to make some money at the expense of my mother. There has been no mention of paying rent. We also feel that this situation is going to seriously impact on selling the house. Any ideas/advice? thanks
  5. The nuclear plant you mention does'nt touch spent fuel, that Sellafield. it only makes new fuel for the MAGNOX and AGRs. As far as im aware the Total Refinery is still there making bitumin. As for farms there are still plenty south of preston in places like Hutton, Longton, whitestake, Much Hoole and Midge Hall history The first KFC opened in Britain was in Preston and is still open today
  6. Negative equity only affects people who are forced to sell or people who are trying to remortgate. If the people cannot afford the mortgage payments, forming a collective and threatening the banks is way too late abnyway and will still result in the property being repossessed and any outstanding debt will be sold to debt collection agency.
  7. its not free money, the BOE auction the cash off to the highest interest rate bidders until it has all gone.
  8. "A rush of people wanting to sell before the extension of home information packs on 14 December, allied to traditional seasonal weakness, caused the decline. " so a HIP pack costing £350 has caused people to drop their asking price by thousands typical conversation seller "why is my house not selling" EA "its because of HIPS" seller "what are my options then?" EA "well there are 2, you could pay for the HIPS or you could drop the price by say five grand" Seller "ill drop the price then, dont want to have to pay anything to sell"
  9. What he actually meant was "No, more boom and bust" which is exactly what he has done
  10. You made some investments from the advice of someone on an internet forum
  11. i read in another topic that the next few months 1.3 millions mortgages are coming out of their discount period, i guessing that alot of these mortgages were taken out with large (4 and 5x) salary mortgages. What happens when these people apply for a new mortgage and the bank can't/won't offer another discounted mortgage at the same mulitples?? will these people be stuck in thier original mortgage or am i being stupid??
  12. anyone else notice immigration and emmigration stop at 2005, wonder why that is??
  13. From the looks of these figures only 10 (maybe 20) people had voted at that time as the percentages are very rounded. As more people vote the figures will become more diverse
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