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  1. Get 'caught' shagging the neighbour over the kitchen table when she walks in and say "See what you've gone and made me done!"
  2. Ah so we have to be good dogs or our masters won't let us say what we want? As Jefferson said, I would rather deal with the problems which attend too much freedom than those that attend too little. At least Putin is a nationalist and doesn't sell his people down the river. Remember this is the man who terrorised the oligarchs who spent a decade raping Russia under Yeltsin. Ours have sleepovers with them.
  3. Who threatened to kill someone? He was being heavily ironic when he said he'd like to drown him. There are numerous people in jail in this country for thought crimes but because our masters are more subtle with their tyranny than Putin you want to give them a pat on the back like a well fed lamb to the slaughter. I'll pass thanks.
  4. Yes, I'm sure the diverse citizenry of Airstrip 1 will be in possession of stiff upper lips if SHTF scenario arises; the stiff upper lips they've cut off someone they just mugged. Always touching to find those who have no idea what kind of country they now inhabit.
  5. I'm a gay man myself. Always got a smile on my face......
  6. She wants to teach you by investing in your property and kicking you out lol
  7. A friend viewed a property last Monday and made an offer well below asking price. The EA told him an offer had already been made just below asking price and would he like to make another. He said he'd think about it and 48 hours later decided to meet the asking price. He had a mortgage in place and things proceeded smoothly for a few days before the EA called and said a better offer had been made, would he like to improve his? He again waited 48 hours before contacting them to make an improved offer only to be told that the offer from the other party was the best and final offer and no more wo
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