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  1. Tee Hee I'm just fed up at having my LL account suspended. Its just soooooooooooooooo unfair.
  2. Just noticed how many new posters seem to have appeared in the past few weeks. I wonder how many log-ins most posters have? I have more than one The first is London Landlady - immediately trolled and now account suspended until 2008 (thank you sweet moderators) Paranoid - trolled - duration about 1 day Happy homeowner - trolled - duration about 1 day Angus D Bitters (joke see - Angusdura Bitters) - dormant till yestreday and outed today by the Oldie - ever vigilant in his (or her) defeat of Bulls (well I would be the same if I was an STR) Plus possibly some more - none of which have be
  3. I have to agree to disagree with you. I have observed many threads started which are quite trollish by nature but they are bear threads. I also made a couple of posts earlier to test the water which I thought were completely trollish (very sexist about women) but did not get a single complaint. It is not trollish posts people here object to but bullish posts. Yes I can give you the lottery numbers, I will do it on Sunday. That is really what we are discussing here, the forecasters revising their predictions after the event.
  4. This is exactly what I referred to yesterday when I said I was unwilling to post bullish views. TTRTR seems to be the only bull left on this forum as far as I can ascertain. I was told yesterday that it was a "discussion furom". This is not the case, if someone offers a view which does not conform to the party line they are immediately classified as a troll. TTRTR has been posting for a long time, yet now, as it starts to look crystal clear that there will not be a crash, there are sudenly cries for him to be classified as a troll. Are people on here really so scared of someone posting th
  5. There was a very bullish report on the news last night about London House prices and city bonuses. My belief is that there is a renewed optimism about housing and that people can see that there will not be a sudden sharp crash and most likely modest growth. Therefore, they are happy to make their purchase.
  6. I do not think you can expect the people here to admit that they were wrong it would be counter-culture.
  7. Thank you for your reply. I am not really sure what you mean but I will have to take your word for it.
  8. The choice with housing is whether to rent or buy is it not? I am not aware of a democracy where everyone without exception can afford to buy their home.
  9. Is Fulham SW6 a good area to monitor? It is very up-market and full of yuppies, debs and city types who cannot afford to live in Chelsea.
  10. I am not going to argue. You are obviously right. However, the car analogy I like. Many people pay 45k for a car which depreciates down to nothing in about 10 years. They do it in full knowledge that it is going to be worthless. As far as house prices, if someone owns their home and does not want to move it does not bother them whether prices go up or down as they can still buy the same thing. If someone is an FTB they do mind if prices go up and so do STR's. Landlords would prefer prices to go up from a capital point of view but if they bought a while back then they are not so worried a
  11. TTRTR seems to be the only bull tolerated as far as I can see. I could give an example of someone who appeared to have a hard time but if I did I might be accused of being in cahoots. I would happily lynch the STR's as they are clearly the ones with the greatest vested interests on this site. Anyone who is a home owner is not really bothered about whether prices go up or down as it doesn't really affect them. Most landlords (leaving aside the very recent 2 bed box brigade) are happy as they see good returns against their original investments. My lips are sealed.
  12. No thank you. I disagree that it is a debating forum as I have watched how some posters get treated and I would prefer not to be treated in the same way.
  13. Are they not simply revising their forecast based on the best information available to them now? Surely they would look more foolish if they refused to adjust their forecast and then were proved wrong.
  14. I do tend to agree with you about being like the masons. I am loathe to post my views as they are bullish having been involved with property for many years and falling into the evil landlord category, albeit in a small way.
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