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  1. I spoke to someone that knew what they were talking about who had a quick look and said same thing as above - clean out and repoint. My question really is: Would this fail a building survey and affect ability to get a mortgage? If it is just the superficial damage cause buy lintel corrosion I wouldn't be overly worried about it?
  2. Hi, I'm new here - so prob the wrong section - however- Been to view a house a couple of times - am concernoned about a couple of things - Most notably, the external walls show signs of cracking (in the mortar) around the ground floor window lintels. I think what has happened is the steel linteld have corroded and expanded causing the cracking. In one area, a crack has extended to the corner of the house (3 feet long). My question is will this affect my ability to get a mortgage on this property and will it likely fail a building inspection - or is this normal enough occurrence? The house is comptitively priced and this is main reason putting me off. Inputs greatly appreciated
  3. Definitely not - it's in BT15 , in a well establised residential area. This is my next plan of action - however was just wondering if I could get any insight from those on here. I use RV to set a valuation in my head before going to view a property - so without this figure We are in the dark slightly
  4. Firstly. Thanks for swift replies. What about if it has an extension without approval or planning permission? There is an extension There is certainly no fire damage and house is habitable.
  5. A house we are potentially interested in is not listed on the lpsni site. Its an established building at least 70 years old. Has anybody got any insight into why this is so. Also could this have negative implivations. Ie legal process or does it affect formal evaluations. The houses to the lhs and rhs ARE listed. But this seems to be an anomaly. TIA. GR V
  6. Has anyone any idea when the next report will be released?
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