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  1. Im not too sure if u are taking the the P. i only have 25% of deposit and saved hard for that in the past 3 years so aint having 200k in cash.
  2. Hi Everyone my 1st time on the site so thank you for your time reading this! I'm interested in buying a 2 bed maisonette located in Wood Green N22 5HB, it is ex council building block for £205k and I am feeling nervous about it because I'm not too sure how good the return will be on ex council flats plus the social stigma associated with them and I don't know North London well... and the maintenance charge is £1300 per year seems a bit high with an OK lease of 95 years. from outside it looks fairly councilly and Ok maintained I'd say, the decoration inside is gorgeous tho, with bus stops right opposite and 2 tube stations(wood green/Turnpike lane) about 11min walk. I have been there twice on a Saturday night to investigate the neighborhood seemed fairly peaceful and quiet. I also heard Wood Green is up and coming due to people being priced out of Muswell Hill and Crouch End?? Can anyone give me some advice? like what I should watch for or whether this is a good deal?? or maybe a bit overpriced for ex council? and is the Lordship Lane side of Wood Green OK? Thank you!! any answers much appreciated PS I posted this on another forum and had some really good advice so would like to get more and then make up my mind
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