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  1. Thanks, I thought it a bit weird he would say that they work for the LL if they're supposed to be independent. I'm betting they just forgot to send it to me and are now covering their backs. The check-out is clearly far more detailed than check-in with about 10x the number of photos.
  2. And next reply from them, Already seem to be backing down on threats of court. Is this true re the inventory though? I thought they should have shown it to me and it even has a gap at the back of the inventory for a tenant's signature. Anyway, I've said we can't agree and should use the dispute resolution service.
  3. Have responded to that effect. Also, the tenancy agreement made no mention of pets at all. I specifically checked before we got the cats and as it wasn't mentioned I went ahead so that's a load of nonsense anyway.
  4. Hopefully I won't be renting again so it won't be an issue but I could do with that money to pay for some DIY costs. Thinking I should call their bluff on arguing I devalued the house and demand to see some receipts.
  5. Alas, as I was preparing to get married at the time so very busy and the stuff in the garage didn't really bother me and I was barely using it I never complained about it.
  6. Right, so I've now received the following e-mail from the agent following my own suggestion on the TDS system that I am willing to pay £150 and reclaim £700. Now, how easy would it be for the LL to claim the house was sold for less because of me? Bear in mind the house was sold within about 3 or 4 weeks of being put up for sale (I know because they contacted me about getting access for the surveyor). Also, I'm starting to suspect they never actually paid for any of the things they are trying to charge me for and just sold the house more or less as is. Can they take from my deposit for costs they never actually bore?
  7. Been a long time lurker here. I bought my first home a few weeks ago. Wasn't convinced we've hit the bottom, but a combination of factors such as being sick of renting and being at the whim of annoying LLs, being kicked out by my current LL, my father-in-law coming into some money and offering to help and us finding the a place at a price we were happy with (needs some cosmetic work but I'm up for some DIY). It's nice to see some colour on the walls and be able to get creative in the garden (not that I've been able to do anything much out there yet with all the rain). Also me and my wife want to start a family and I wouldn't want to have kids and have all the instability that can come with renting off BTL twats who will stitch you up in a moment if they think they can gain from it. Lastly the mortgage is 3.2x salary and costs about 2/3 per month of what I was paying in rent. Now live in a nice rural area but London and my work commute is still very accessible. Best bit was on Sunday, going out to the local pub, sitting in the sunshine looking out over the fields behind the beer garden, then heading home to sit in a lounge that looked the way I want it to. Still got a DIY list of jobs as long as my arm that need doing though. Including the unenviable task of chipping up all the thick tiles in the kitchen because the previous owner had them put in without bothering to check if normal sized appliances would fit under the counter (they don't). :s
  8. Even if they never got me to approve their inventory? They never even sent me a copy for me to make any amendments etc.. Anyway, after e-mailing them re my issues they didn't respond and today I get a TDS repayment proposal of.... £50 fro £850. Loled at that, no way does it cost £800 to get rid of a couple of TVs and some other small bits and pieces.
  9. The inventory was not signed by me. I do have a TDS certificate that the deposit was protected. Was an AST, moved in in July 2009 and renewed the AST each year (3x 12-month ASTs in total).
  10. I've just moved out of what I hope will be my last rented place having bought a little house with my wife, and now the letting agent is already trying to hint at trying to rob me of my deposit and there's a few bits I'm not too certain how to deal with. I'll set the scene a little, we checked out last Saturday, but annoyingly my car broke down and I had been due to gather up a few electricals that I was taking to the tip (mainly a couple of old TVs). Anyway, I called to say couldn't do it, they would have to arrange removal of these items and do the checkout without me and I would post the keys. They were pretty narky on the phone because they have sold the house and are due to complete on Thursday. I'm pretty annoyed because I thought the tenancy had generally been okay with problems usually fixed in a reasonable timescale, and so I was accommodating with them trying to sell it and now they're being basically being twats to me about something outside of my control. Anyway, roll on today, I get an e-mail saying they haven't received the keys, though not really sure what they now expect me to do about it. Also saying they had to clean the house even though I left it as clean as it had been when I moved in (basically it was quite dusty when I moved in and I've left it quite dusty but generally clean). They're also saying they need to get a Gardener in and removal of the items etc... so I have some questions about these issues. Firstly, after I moved in they never sent me this inventory (prepared by some independent inventory company). I was getting married weeks after I moved in and it slipped my mind to ask about it. They did send me a copy of it about a fortnight before I was due to move out but when I had a quick flick through there are a bunch of things I'd disagree with and which the inventory doesn't mention, such as a big pile of garden waste that was dumped right at the back of the garden, and there is just no mention at all of the loft or its contents (the agent kept asking me about whether I would clear the loft and I kept telling them no because nothing in there is mine). Where do I stand with this inventory? Can I claim I was not given a fair opportunity to object to it? Second, on the issue of the Garden, I had kept it reasonably tidy over the years, which is tough considering next door has some sort of decrepit old guy living there with a jungle of a garden that continually invades through the shoddy fence. Anyway, given the absolutely terrible weather this year I've simply not been able to get out there to do anything about it. Do I have any grounds for dispute given the exceptional weather conditions? Lastly, on the issue of disposal of items, there are a number of items belonging to the LL also left in the property when I left, including two mouldy old freezer's at the back of the garage. I certainly don't want to pay for the disposal of their items as well as my own and have requested they send me an itemised bill for disposal but they haven't responded. If they don't have one what are the implications? Can I reject paying it unless they can demonstrate the cost of removal only for my particular items? Also given the loft isn't inventoried at all, could I claim much of the stuff was contents of the loft and thus not my responsibility if they try and screw me on other issues like cleaning and garden? Any help would be much appreciated.
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