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  1. As it stands.... there is no viable alternative. Completely agree with your sentiment that money is made up and infinite. However that is the currency of trade for tangible items in your world. As soon as I receive my pound sterling I trade it for food, shelter, entertainment and self actualisation. For the pound sterling that is left I purchase a non infinite method of trade such as XRP, global shares, Bitcoin etc. Every month I ensure that my total amount of fiat currency returns to 0.
  2. Greg it is 'you're'. In a way I do feel sorry for you as your financial illiteracy and greedy temperament have been exploited by those with a higher iq. They knew the schemes were dodgy when they sold you the dream. They also knew that you wouldn't do your due diligence. Best of luck mate. Hope the lump sum wasn't too painful.
  3. Ha. My thoughts exactly. They all 100% pretend it's due to their brilliant minds and hard work. Doesn't take much digging to reveal the truth. The indicators are often the mid 20s moving to 4 days a week etc.
  4. You've been caught with your hand in the cookie jar. Just settle your debt to society and carry on with your business. Hope you don't have to sell your house.
  5. Thanks for checking. I actually sold my software engineering business nearly 10 years ago for many tens of millions. I'm sorry to hear you're still at work. It seems your lies have been debunked by one of the other posters so I won't trouble myself too much with you.
  6. The rules were clear. You need to cough up and pay what is due rather than continuing under shady schemes.
  7. Having read the full text of both deals... Boris has secured an immeasurably better deal. Did you read either?
  8. Don't worry about the day to day fiat fluctuations. It all trends to 0 in the end.
  9. Looks like someone has decided it's going to be bull run time. Shorts are about to get rekt. All the technical analysis I've done suggests a new all time high by the end of November. However I've often noticed a significant delay. The one overall chart which has so far proved definitive is that the next bull top will be in q3 2021. That's only 2 years to wait. Will be nice when it arrives.
  10. Finally got my £100 back from the conveyancing business after my purchase last year. They can go to the dogs now although they did a really good job.
  11. Ha ha. Entitled person coming a cropper feel good story of the day.
  12. I have 3 people in my immediate family and friends group. All renting out properties and none paying taxes. Been this way for 10 years now. Nothing has happened to them. No doubt replicated millions of times up and down the country. P.s I reported them all a year ago. Nothing has happened.
  13. Don't forget the crushing defined benefit pension scheme. That will take 30 years to work through. Better sack some youngsters to pay for it.
  14. Since we generally take American political lead. Hope he gets in so we can have free wonga over here from the magic money tree.
  15. Love it when Narco shows up. Always after a drop. Love it when the egg lands on his face. Literally zero correct predictions.
  16. Put Boris in coalition with Farage and we'll get a handle on these migrants. No disgusting EU human rights to hide behind. Rattle in some more passport revoking a la Shamima Begum and that should scare off the non contributing migrants. Benefits for those born abroad to be heavily reduced too. Can't have them all sucking on the British teat. Pay your way or get the hell out.
  17. Cool story. Let's see what the election results bring when EU freedom of movement ends and people want to bring an end to non EU migration.
  18. Looking forward to the satoshi rip that's about to happen with XRP. Has happened 4 times in 5 years and it's been 18 months since the last one. Going to be one hell of a ride. Rumours abound regarding Amazon and Apple joining the party.
  19. Ha ha ha. You got served good and proper by my quote lad. No one over 30 welcomes migrants. Let's put that down to experience.
  20. “If a man is not a socialist by the time he is 20, he has no heart. If he is not a conservative by the time he is 40, he has no brain.”
  21. Exactly this. The government is being forced to act on immigration or they will no longer be the government. EU influx is dropping off a cliff and then the laws will choke off non EU immigration. Or we will vote in somebody who will. People are sick of migrants destroying the fabric of society. Taking much and offering little. The good times are over for them.
  22. Ah well. Still better than sovereign currencies in my eyes. I'll stick with thanks.
  23. The scroat only shows up on drops. He needs a 40% drop from here. Possible of course....
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