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  1. Have a Jaguar I-Pace myself. Efficiency is very poor at around 2.6 miles per kW. Because of the tariff I'm on it works out at best 2p per mile or worst 6p per mile. Real world get about 240 miles range. So doesn't matter really about the efficiency. 

    I wouldn't trade it for a tesla under any conditions. When I sit in a tesla vs what I'm used to, the build quality is shocking. 

  2. Public sector retention rates are very high. That tells you everything you need to know about the working conditions. 


    However if not....I know a few people who work in the public sector. They've been fully paid since March and only had to do 1 day per week despite it being an office job. 

    Even when the kids went back in September they are still only churning out 1 day of work between 9 and 3.30pm. Not bad for £40k and fat pension at the end. 

  3. This is not far off at all. I'm on a team writing a piece of software which is about to put 4000 people out of work in the next year. 

    Walked through a massive office block with the guy who wants it, he whispered "every single one of these will go and we'll save a fortune and make fewer mistakes".

    In a nutshell that's why I'm strongly against immigration. We need fewer people now not restless millions tomorrow. 

  4. 19 minutes ago, rantnrave said:

    First rounds of QE pushed RPI to 5% if I recall? BoE didn't put IRs up to fight that, and I doubt they will if inflation goes over 2% this time. Could put an end to NIRP discussions though...

     Don't forget that both cpi and rpi were changed in this period to "better reflect modern Britain".

    A.k.a nobble the figures and bring them down.

    If we are rising on the new metrics you can bet that it's much worse in reality. 

  5. Only available to those on tax credits or universal benefits. Aren't your levels of these determined as a balance of the other? Do we have a benefits system or not? 

    Is this for people self isolating from the job centre or their made up nail bar? 

    Lots of screeching to remove the benefit cap too. All the people hoping to pump out 8 kids and get 40k+ for 30 years have suddenly noticed this getting implemented. 

  6. 1 hour ago, Locke said:

    Yes, it is:

    .sotonye on Twitter: "Didn't actually believe the blm Instagram ...

    And I suppose "per capita" is a term invented by White supremacists

    I'm sorry, is this meant to be an argument for immigration? If these jobs cannot be done at minimum wage, either the price of the good or service rises until it can support the market wage, or the task becomes automated. No immigration needed.

    So now you're on the side of exploitative capitalists? Any port in a storm, I guess.

    1, that's your opinion and 2, per capita use of benefits is much higher among immigrants and particularly among non-EU ones.

    So black people are only 12% of us population and conduct all that crime? 


  7. 6 hours ago, dtl said:

    I know several people who have had to pay loan charges. One person I know had to re-mortgage his family home to pay a £300K bill.

    There have also been several documented cases of loan charge related suicides so onerous has the bill and associated fines been.


     Hi DTL you may not be aware of this. But things have been watered down significantly. Indeed HMRC have started giving out refunds. 

    It's completely soul destroying. 

  8. 7 hours ago, markyh said:

    Good to hear, if they cant catch tax evaders (or be bothered) for static well documented provable assets such as rented houses, there is little chance of them knowing about and chasing CGT tax on completely off the radar Cryptocurrency sales into FIAT.  And i could be looking at a six figure CGT bill in less than 18 months time. 

    It's interesting you write this. I may or may not have come to similar conclusions regarding similar things. 

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