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  1. "The former ice-cream salesman turned multimillionaire" yep , it's really easy making millions of pounds selling "ice-cream" from a van in Glasgow's east-end.
  2. here's another three letter acronym for you: CIA google "International Rescue Committee" + CIA , you may start to see who the IRC's anonymous wealthy donors are. and ask yourselves - Why would the Americans possibly be interested in a former home secretary and brother of a possible future UK leader???
  3. I thought of bringing home a cheap bottle of wine, peeling & scanning its barcode & printing it onto some small sticky labels. Next time out, the nice £20 vintages are waived through at £3.99 each by a busy till-worker, as I smile at them from the self-serve machine.....
  4. Coffee chains all owned by the Supermarkets EAs all owned by the banks a pity I can't link to the Simpsons: Starbucks takeover episode
  5. "British firm Chelmer Developments" seem like a one-man shell company with hee-haw in the bank, wonder if this is just a speculative attempt to see if there's any investment interest.??
  6. could anyone confirm that 400g tins of chopped tomatoes have gone from 6p or 9p up to 70 or 80p in the last few years?? or am I losing my memory?
  7. we'll be too busy in Iran. or Las Malvinas. or Syria.....
  8. I puzzled over this too... "Cambridge is a collegiate university, meaning that it is made up of self-governing and independent colleges, each with its own property and income" I can imagine individual colleges trying to extricate themselves from the University when the bonds go bad, if they're assets/buildings are collateral
  9. I'm sure I've seen references to UK Government plans to scrap the MOT for cars over 30 years old, I've no idea what kind of private inspection would be required (- by the insurance company, maybe,?-) to get tax & insurance on such an old car, but it will surely force a lot of these older cars off the road. Personally I find it hard to believe that the sticking plasters applied to various car companies in 2008/9 has been enough to save them, long term.
  10. ah - THAT"S why there are all these hydroponics equipment shops near me. for the FRUIT growers.
  11. ..reminds me of a showflat we looked at, for sale in a new development, the main chair in the room was hung from a hook in the ceiling, giving the impression of more floor space. Great , til you want to move your chair sideways, you need to move the hook......
  12. are these Greeks moving here, or renting out their London houses while living in another country?
  13. the Liberals are running scared , with their voting-intention poll figures through the floor, so it's any-old populist soundbite time... They've done nothing much in coalition since 2010 , and we all know it - I think they have no chance of turning it around
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