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  1. Just read a thread about someone called Apolo who was asked to leave for insulting a moderator. Also noticed that someone called Crashisontheway is NOT banned for insulting other posters
  2. Why will you not explain why you stop someone designated a Troll from ever posting? That is censorshop. You know perfectly well that I had NEVER posted before yesterday.
  3. She did not post under different names UNTILL she was banned. The mods know if someone is using an alias and LL was accused of being all sorts of people before she was banned- the mods could have said "that is unlikely as that poster posted from a different IP address!
  4. One of the moderators posted this morning that if someone is classed as a Troll - they can no longer make any postings. is that censorship?
  5. LL was banned for being a troll - that was alll The multiple personality thing was afterwards to find out why she was not allowed to post. She SAID she was Happy Home buyer
  6. I am not, Apollo or Demo. London Landlady said this morning she was posting as Happy Homebuyer because she couldn't post as LL.
  7. It is not the moving of threads I am objecting to specifically,its not allowing someone to post at all.
  8. She must have been as she has not posted since - she tried to post as happy househunter & then that was deemed a troll.
  9. If 3 people declare someone "A Troll" they (HPC) change their status to Troll and theycan't post any more. A Troll is suposed to be someone who gets a kick out of winding people up on the internet, but in reality it appears that it is anyone who disgrees with the general sentiment on this board. If they (HPC) don't like a thread they move it to the "Off Topic" sub set Very democratic. EDIT _ WOW - LOOK how fast they moved it! See why I'm paranoid?
  10. If, like me, you have lurked around reading the posts & threads you will get the impression that everyone is pessamistic - pretty much. Yesterday, someone tried to put the opposite side of an agrgument on BTL (Buy to Let) She was declared "A Troll" and from then on - unable to post. She tried to post today as a different person - to ask why she was not allowed to post - that person was then banned. The thread was then removed/relegated to the "Off Topic" thread. If you do intend to post, which I stronlgly advise against, do not under any circumstances say anything other than - we are all doomed, prices will drop 95% - rents will fall to £5 per week. These are (apparently) the only posts which are allowed. Oh Yes, and abusive posts calling people names - you can do that - as long as you are a bear. AND - be prepared for everyone to accuse you of lying, being someone else etc. JUST Think - who benefits from this site? who receives the advertising revenue? They can't rename it " House prices might not rise as quickly" now can they??? Oh - and I will most probably be banned for posting this.
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