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  1. Nah we didn't hear from the other lady, but we went through the same estate agent to buy the other house so even if she changed her mind theyd know we're already in the middle of buying another one and would probably inform her. We've had a homebuyers survey (pointless) and now my solicitor is doing the conveyancing/searches whatever that actually means, hopefully complete pretty soon
  2. Offer accepted on the 155k house, I hope the 195 lady changes her mind and comes back so we can say nahhh
  3. 1060 gbp this morning. buyin a house with the money I meant to deposit on silkroad a few years ago
  4. We offered 195, explained why we thought it was reasonable with similar houses selling around that recently etc. If she says no we'll walk away, can't be arsed dealing with her already. Have another viewing today for 155, only major difference is a much smaller garden and a bit of a rubbish kitchen, which could easily be sorted and keep well under budget. It's just a matter of convincing the wife!
  5. After five years abroad we're moving back to the UK, and are in a position to purchase for cash (first time buyers, woohoo) There's a house in Lancashire on for "offers over" 210k, it's been on the market for a year, and our friend who viewed it said the seller seemed eager to sell, but in the whole year has only reduced the price by 5k. The vendor told our friend that she was open to "any reasonable offer" We came in with an offer of 180k, which was rejected (we expected that first rejection) so we offered 189, thinking 10% was "reasonable" but she has rejected that too. Should
  6. I still have lots of bitcoins, the in-laws who think I'm some idiot who's babbled on about stupid internet money are wondering if I'll buy their property at what they paid for it 20 years ago and rent it to them cheap. it's nice to be right.
  7. My wife and I moved abroad 3 years ago Her parents have an interest only mortgage in the UK which is coming to term in the next few years, and no idea of how they can afford or get repayment mortgage. As a solution, I proposed buying the house for what they paid (£125k) 20 years ago, and renting it to them at what their mortgage currently costs. I'd be getting a 3% or so return which isn't fantastic but I'd get a house at approximately 50% of its current market "value" and tenants who would look after the house as if it is their own for the rest of their lives (they're around
  8. Oh wait, that graph is from 2013 and the "dead" zone is $100 or so
  9. Its quite clear it was a purposeless bubble all along. And now we're in the dead zone just as the venture capitalists are pouring money into bitcoin related startups. How did they all get it so wrong:
  10. Bitcoins dropped from £350 over the weekend to around £290 at one point yesterday, currently back to around the £310 mark. People are panicking. Oh noe's bitcoin is over..........
  11. [quote name=Oh Well ' timestamp='1395598863' post='1102488477] Should have invested in bricks and mortar! I got in at varying points from £14 to £60, not sure what I put in in total but I liquidated most of my btc at £700 or thereabouts. Not sure bricks and mortar woudl have done quite as well.
  12. I doubt it, the multicoloured metal apparently is a major pain in the ass to counterfeit. They generally sell funny money for 30p on the £ at retail, ie when you buy a few hundred quids worth, so I imagine the blokes in Holland were getting 15-20p tops per £1 coin. If it's that much more complex to do a £2 coin I can't see them bothering.
  13. Never lost a single satoshi to a scam, dodgy exchange or any other method. Amazes me the amount of people who'll send off thousands of pounds to some random site with poor security
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