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  1. Just imagine the HPC party An end to Fiat currency Join the gold standard Throw everyone off the dole Legislate so mortgages can only be 3.5 times earnings Politicians who say what they think, often before thinking about what they think It's a recipe for disaster.
  2. If it hasn't gone yet, -11.4% If it has gone yet, -11.5% etc.
  3. That's a decent income the've got - certainly enough to cloth and feed themselves well. If I had £17k tax free income and next to no outgoings, there is so much I would do with my life. That money is wasted on them. I think they should go out and get a job to support me while I do something useful with my life.
  4. Every time you want to move money between accounts, you would have to apply in person to the current account department (located in Glasgow), the savings account department (located in Swansea) and the money transfer department (located in Scunthorpe). You will need to fill in a form every year (with a £1000 fine for not doing so) to advise the bank you still have an account with them. Paying in forms will not be available in branches, but are available by post if you make a written request to your branch for one. They would then be posted to you from your branch. Only your branch can answer questions about your account, but your branch will be arbitrarily allocated to a marginal constituency to provide extra jobs there. There will be 25 positions for bank tellers to work at, but only ever two tellers working at any one time. Banks will open at 10.00am, close for a two hour lunch breaks, close at 4.00pm and will not open at weekends or bank holidays.
  5. So, the government owns most of RBS. I guess the worst that can happen is they leave all your banking details on a train. Or it could be like the TV licencing, where you can pay be Direct Debit for your convenience, but they overcharge you so you are always 3 months in credit, just in case you miss a payment (for your convenience).
  6. For that price you could have http://www.rightmove.co.uk/viewdetails-197...p;mam_disp=true or http://www.rightmove.co.uk/viewdetails-231...p;mam_disp=true or http://www.rightmove.co.uk/viewdetails-212...p;mam_disp=true or my favourite because of the garage http://www.rightmove.co.uk/viewdetails-221...p;mam_disp=true Edited to add, who in their right minds would choose an estate agent to sell a house for £2.5 million who uses less than 10 words in the property description?
  7. Worth noting "Confidential" is a level of classified information in the UK, so releasing this could be contravention of the Official Secrets Act. Or it could just be semantics.
  8. The house they financed this month will be worth 5% more than the house they financed last month, so that's where I'm sticking my money - a 5% increase.
  9. That's it, this reduction in VAT is near enough tupence. It's a cunning plan to take away everyone's tupence worth of thoughts.
  10. It has been policy at Lloyds not to issue receipts for deposits, but they have always given me one after a bit of stamping of feet. Last time, they said they only issued receipts when it was not the account holder who was depositing the money. I guess the answer is to say very politely to the cashier "I am happy for you to bring a manager here so they can authorise a receipt." At least they are better than those branches of HSBC who don't have any cashiers, just machines.
  11. She could spend more nights around at your place. Or if you are completely gallant, offer to swap homes until her place is re-let.
  12. I had a few thoughts about what Labour might do to encourage us all to spend 1 - Pay income tax on the value of fruit/veg you grow in your own garden/allotment as being self sufficient is really just tax dodging, and this policy will encourage people to go out into the shops and buy their own food. 2 - Improve the health of the nation by having minimum standards of household cleanliness. A body of inspectors will carry out an inspection of each house in the country. Cleaners could be trained and qualified, so that your house could be certified as clean and not require an inspector if it was cleaned by a certified cleaner every week. This would create jobs for inspectors, cleaners, trainers and the administration staff to run the scheme. It would also encourage people to spend money on domestic help. Any more.
  13. IO mortgages make a lot of sense in some circumstances, such as 1 - You only intend to own the house for 1-5 years, as in this period your repayment on a 25 year repayment mortgage is pitiful 2 - You work in a job with a low basic salary but high but unknown bonuses, you would pay the basic mortgage with your salary and repay with any bonus you get. 3 - You expect inflation to be rampant over the term of the mortgage. We have all heard of our grandparents who bought a house 50 years ago for £1,000. If they had an IO mortgage for this time, then it is no big deal paying it off 4 - Your are earning over the 40% tax band. If you juggle your pension payments and mortgage carefully, the tax advantages of putting money into a pension could save you money in the long term, and use your lump sum pension payment to pay off the debt. Only really suitable as you approach retirement.
  14. Imp's about to go off on one, so please ignore if you feel like it. Council houses shouldn't be for people who really need it. It should be for anybody. I remember my parents moving back to this country from abroad and being able to walk straight into a council house, even though my father was on a good wage. Then then saved up a deposit and bought a house (they weren't able to take any money out of the country they left). There was a time when you would show your marriage licence to the council and they would get a house sorted for you when got married. Council workers got council houses like factory workers got factory houses and miners got miners' cottages. Council/HA houses are the only secured tenancy you can now get. If you can't afford your own home, and you don't qualify for a council house, then you will end up in private rented for ever, always with the risk of being evicted with 2 months notice. This is no way for people in a so called civilised country to live, especially as you get older. Check out some of the threads on Landlordzone.com - "How do I evict my 87 year old tenant so I can get somebody able to pay more rent into the house" not a direct quote, but I have seen some along these lines. Council estates aren't bad places, the problem is the council has decided to fill them with the dregs of society and the result is they have become unpleasant. Council houses, in terms of size, are fantastic. If you can find one of those places where they build three or four on the edge of a small village, they are often the best family homes in the village. I'd buy one, but I shouldn't be able to. So we need to build more council houses, fill it with normal people and dilute the concentration of work shy layabouts who can destroy a community. And on that final note, the police know exactly who causes all the problems in area, it is normally only one or two families. They need to be taken away and rehabilitated, if only I knew how to do it.
  15. My experiences of Halfords has been that they didn't even know that they sold the following Timing gun Ignition coil Torque wrench There prices are about double what you should pay for parts. I have no idea how they stay in business.
  16. Simple query I hope you can answer. Normally as the temperature of water increases, the solubility of gases in water decreases. Sea water acidity is caused by disolving cardon dioxide in the water. As the temperature of the water increases, the water will be less able to carry the carbon dioxide in solution, and it will be liberated, increasing th pH of the water, not decreasing it. So how can ocean acidification happen at the same time as global warming?
  17. I think a lot of cynicism comes from people who hear the marketting men described in my previous post and then carry out their own work to check what the marketteers say. Take ground source heat pumps. Everybody should have one installed in their house and the government is talking about grants for them. They generate heat at a low temperature, so you need a large radiator for them to work properly. This normally means under floor heating. Because of their low temperature, they have to work constantly and maintain the house at a constant temperature. The under floor heating allows this to be 2-3 degrees lower than if you use radiators, so obviously there is an energy saving here. This 2-3 degrees is because radiator heated rooms have cold spots, especially around your feet so the overall temperature is increased to allow for this. But, my wife and I work all day. We want the house to be warm 6.00 - 8.00 each morning and 5.00-11.00 each evening, 8 hours of the day or 1/3 of the time. A properly sized radiator system will therefore only be on for 1/3 of the time. Heat pumps generate about 4 times as much energy out as the energy they put in, but the energy coming in is eletricity with a generating efficiency of around 50%, so the total energy out compared with energy in is only twice as much. But I have to run the GSHP all the time. The upshot of all this is that GSHP has about the same carbon footprint as a gas fired central heating system with a condensing boiler when you look at the modern lifestyle, so everyone selling GSHP as the modern panacea for heating your home just aren't being completely honest. The plus side to them is that it provides a route to energy self sufficiency using PV cells, but that technology is still a long way off being cost effective.
  18. Has anyone else noticed that once you have put in a low offer, that becomes a floor below which the vendor won't drop their asking price. We've offered between 10-20% on a few houses, and even months later, and several drops to within a few percentage of our offer price, they just can't face going below what they were offered 6 months previously. If they did, they would just look stupid, at least to themselves.
  19. "Green" is now just a marketing tool, and if you can market your job as "Green" then you have a Green Job. I'm an engineer. The equipment I design uses energy. I want to save my customers money, so I reduce the amount of energy the equipment uses, and my client is happy. But, if I were to say, The equipment you are using burns the dreaded Carbon, producing millions of tonnes of carbon dioxide a year and is directly responsible for global warming. My alternative equipment saves Carbon. Buy it and save the planet and I get thousands in government grants. I suddenly have a Green Job.
  20. Isn't the correct internet forum approach for resolving this to start a poll?
  21. The "for" changes the first person singular from the subject to the object of the sentence, therefore making the correct word "me". "I" should be used for the subject, hence "My wife and I thank the bride's father for those kind words", but "For Prince Philip and me there can be no greater pleasure or comfort than to know that into his care are entrusted the guiding principles of public service and duty to others". Technically, it is not the object, but the dative case, and "me" is the correct pronoun for the dative case.
  22. Yes, but only in exchange for visibility of everyone's salaries before and after, and an understanding that anybody who didn't take part would be the first person to go. And a profit share scheme, just in case the company makes an enormous profit out of us taking a pay cut.
  23. And all this from a socialist government. The more you earn, the less tax you will have to pay in the long run.
  24. The Councils should stamp out all competition in making them look silly.
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