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  1. To add a little more to the picture, We were on a dual carriageway, on a reasonably steep slope and blocked by about 4 rear wheel drive luxury cars with all the electronic aids. A few of us got out of our cheep cars, got these luxury cars going and then cleared about half a mile of standing traffic by helping it (pushing, clearing snow, etc) up the slope, up the adjacent slip road and then back onto the other carriageway to head back home. We got one car up at a time, so even when they slid, the worst they were going to do was bounce off a curb. Job done, and rather than sit in the traffic complaining about the council gritters and lack of police, we got on and got people and ourselves moving. Then gave some other people a lift home who's car had broken down. So I think we do need people willing to lend a hand at times like this.
  2. So, this morning I have spent about an hour wandering up a traffic jam telling all the drivers of expensive powerful luxury cars to turn off their traction control and just drive the thing so that we can all get to where we are going, rather than sit behind them while they spin their wheels and go nowhere. Naturally, when they find that find out they can now drive, they set off far too fast, snaking everywhere and are in danger of crashing again and getting in the way of all of us in cheap, low powered, thin tired cars which just get on with driving through the snow at a stead, sensible pace.
  3. I was just trying to learn VBA, and it is more motivating to produce something of use rather than just doing some textbook exercises.
  4. Or worse, two prospective Mother-in-Laws.
  5. So, how do we put a fair value to houses? I have put together a spreadsheet (attached to the bottom of this post) to pull historical house prices from the internet, adjust these by the Halifax House Price index, and work out the percentile that a particular house is being offered compared to this. I then found some areas didn't climb in price at the same rate as others, so I adjusted the price/HPIndex to remove this slope. This spread sheet is attached. It crashes regularly, but don't worry. It comes in two files, one "Halifax Prices" is the Halifax historical house price spreadsheet, downloaded directly from the Halifax web site. The second file "House Pricing" is an excel file with three visible sheets. Data is the Halifax house price index. House data is the data downloaded from Houseprices.co.uk Both files must be in the same folder on your computer To use, In the sheet "User" In cell B2, type in your search term, such as conway road cardiff. There should be no no-character letters in the term, and if no houses are found, the spreadsheet will crash. IT can be a place, street or postcode, but if spelt wrong the spreadsheet will crash. In cell B3 type in the price of the house of interest, such as 250000 Press enter. Click "Download data" The rest of the sheet is populated. It will give you the upper quartile price, median and lower quartile price, and the percentile of the house in question. The top set of data is for the unadjusted data and the bottom set is for the slope adjusted data When a new set of Halifax data is released, just download the file and name it "Halifax Data" and click "Update historical prices" to get the latest index. You can remove houses which are different from the one you are looking at by removing rows in "house data" sheet, i.e. I was looking at semis so removed all terraces and detached houses from the downloaded data I found anything prices at or below 25% sold quickly unless there was something very wrong with it. If there are very few houses sold, use the top set of results. If there are a large number of houses sold, and the limit of 100 houses means the range of dates the houses sold in is small, use the top set of results, otherwise use the slope adjusted set. Limitations The spreadsheet will only download 100 property details. If you put in "cardiff" it will not only pick up houses in cardiff, but all houses on cardiff road, cardiff place etc across the country It only works in England and Wales. The search term is and AND search, so it will only pick up addresses with all the search words. It is very elementary and buggy because I used it to learn how to program VBA, so somebody with more experience could do a much better job of it. There is no IT support included with this spreadsheet. If you want to modify, learn VBA and do so. Imp_s_house_price_normaliser.zip Imp_s_house_price_normaliser.zip
  6. I did once provide "stupid woman" as an example of tautology in Wikipedia, but it was removed within hours.
  7. We used to alive on a tiny back street in the middle of nowhere which just happened to have one of the local councillors living on it. It was one of the first roads in the town that was gritted or snow ploughed.
  8. That's because BMW still make their cars rear wheel drive (I think mostly as a marketing gimik) so if you know what you are doing, they are faster around corners and can be controlled through a slide, but if you don't know what you are doing (i.e. a BMW driver) you get rapid over steer and end up going backwards into a ditch. The under steer you get with a front wheel drive car can normally be corrected by just easing off on the accelerator and nothing frightening happens.
  9. I used cadence braking a couple of years ago. You could see the skid marks, then no skid marks, then the skid marks, then no skid marks, then my car upside down in a field.
  10. Look carefully and see if you can see the roof. I couldn't.
  11. This is a good opportunity for those of you who think they know how to drive in the snow. Find a straight road which hasn't been cleared or gritted, such as in an industrial estate. Get up to what you think is a safe speed. Then try and stop. Even if you can "Handle the car" in the snow, and go fast, if somebody else does something unexpected you could easily end up crashing into them. If it is a pedestrian or cyclist that does the unexpected thing, such as slipping in the snow and falling over in front of you, then you could seriously hurt them. I feel like a spoil sport now, but I got cross today on the way into work by people driving like idiots, quite a few young 'uns who have never driven in snow before. It just takes one to mess up and crash and the road becomes blocked up and we all end up spending the night on the side of the road.
  12. I've had great success with Lye, Cheette & Scarper
  13. This increase in mortgage activity ties in with anecdotal evidence around the couple of weeks either side of the Christmas break when activity in the housing market increased substantially.
  14. Very few of these government schemes do anything for the housing market in general, except drag the value of everyone's houses down. Let me explain. The vast majority of these Buy now, Pay later or shared ownership, key workers etc. etc. are not for old houses, but can only be used with new houses. So let us take average Joe Key Worker, looking for his first time buyer house. He can either buy a two up, two down or a two bed flat like a lot of other first time buyers, or he can get a shiny new Key Worker house and not have to save a deposit. He will tend towards the Key Worker scheme, because Gordon says it's great, and he can buy it now because he doesn't need a deposit. So Mr Key Worker pays the builder and two parties are happy. Or he could buy a two up, two down from a couple with a child who are looking to move into a three bed house which is being sold by an older couple looking to downsize into a bungalow because the gentleman is struggling with the stairs. The bungalow is being sold as a result of a widow moving into a nursing home. So from the purchase of a non-government scheme house, three houses get sold which otherwise wouldn't be sold if everyone bought through the government schemes. The housing market moves, the bottom is reached quicker and everybody is happy.
  15. Scottish notes are backed 1:1 by sterling in the form of Bank of England bank notes. The banks in Scotland can only print money they have. Special Bank of England bank notes are issued (I think they are £1,000,000) to reduce the volume of bank notes held by the Scottish banks. Scottish bank notes are not legal tender. Legal tender is money which has to be accepted to pay a debt. British coins and Bank of England bank notes are legal tender. Scottish bank notes are not legal tender and do not have to be accepted to clear a debt. As long as a note is accepted to pay for goods or service, it is perfectly valid, so even though Scottish bank notes are not legal tender, as long as they remain accepted by most British people, they are perfectly valid as a form of money.
  16. I should make myself clear, the talk of sueing was to build a position to negotiate from. If you are going to be charge the best part of a thousand pounds to replace the landlord's bath, you may as well get yourself into a position where you can negotiate rather than just sit back and pay up. Maybe go for a 50-50 split on the costs of the bath or some such arrangement.
  17. Read my post carefully, if I was in the OP's position, I would try and get the landlord to pay for the replacement of his defective bath. Only if he tries to claim off the tenant would I claim for damages against the landlord. As for the compensation culture, I am fully in favour of it if it means people start realising their responsibility to not hurt other people.
  18. Let us know how you get on. Good luck.
  19. I'd start looking for a good claims lawyer and if they claim for the bath, I'd claim for injuries. It sounds like the bath was not fit for use as a shower (the point load from someone standing/falling in the bath is very different to the distributed load when filled with water) and if they provided a shower with it, then there is a failing on their part. Sue the landlord, not the agent.
  20. A lot of these don't just reference the tenant, but provide a rent guarantee service, so you are paying for insurance for if you default on payment. They just don't tell you that bit. It gets dressed up as "The gold service" etc.
  21. Taken from Wikipedia Brownian financial motion is the seemingly random financial intiatives intended to change the movement of markets
  22. Seen definite drops in Aylesbury. A year ago I was looking at 3 bed terraces. I have recently been looking at 4 bed semis for a similar price. I have settled on a 3 bed semi that needs loads of work, but even with spending £50k on it it will be cheaper than the 3 bed terraces from last year This house was on for about £310,000 and dropped to £299,000 for most of last year. We viewed it. Last bought for over £300,000. The very similar (bit nicer) neighbours house was on for £210,000 before selling (started £250,000). Through out the time we have been looking, anything which was low priced and unique sold very quickly - sometimes within days. Anything remotely expensive or just ordinary hung about for ages, often not selling at all.
  23. I saw the title and instantly thought Cheap women Expensive wine Fast cars
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