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  1. The funny part of all this is that many of these new schemes to "help" first time buyers are just rubbish versions of shared appreciation mortgages where, not only do you give up the appreciation on the value of your home, but you also have to pay interest on the loan. Over on MSE I was trying to explain the pit falls of shared appreciation to people about to take them out, but all they could see was that this was their only way to get on the housing ladder.
  2. So how does this sit with me, as a white male, if I want to enter a female dominated profession/trade such as hair dressing, nursing, medicine (certainly at the lower end of the profession), teaching etc. etc. Surely, if this legislation is fairly drafted, then I should be discriminated in favour of, but I doubt it. Remember, men are in the minority in this country, so this legislation is disciminating against a minority.
  3. If people don't keep bumping it, it will fall off the end of the first page and then never get moved OT, so my answer is Never.
  4. I'm sure I remember an old hoover a great aunty owned. When the bag was full, it had to be emptied. It was really messy. Then they invented hoover bags, which were really quick, clean and easy to change. Along came Mr Dyson and invented a vacuum where you had to empty the bag. It is really messy. Let's hope somebody comes along and reinvents the hoover bag, because that would be a quick, clean and easy solution to this messy problem.
  5. This is a fairly standard quote from many professions who feel they are underpaid. "With my qualifications I could be earning millions," but out in the real world, you find people have made a choice, doing a job they enjoy or earning lots of money. I know several people with first class honours degrees who are earning similar to, or less than teachers, and enjoying their work. I also know several who chased the money and have had their work take over their life, and ended up not enjoying their life. It's all about choices. And compared to many jobs in the real world which require good degree, teachers are well paid.
  6. When we were looking at houses, we asked to see HIPs. The energy efficiency report is only a small part of it. Useful information we found out about the houses included. 1) When was it bought, how much did they pay for it and are there any second charges on the house. This gives us an idea of how able they will be to negotiate. 2) Are there any rights of way across the property 3) Are there any trunk sewers/water mains/HV cables running through the land We were put off one property which had a trunk sewer running through the back garden. There were a couple of responses to us asking to see the HIP. 1) We will e-mail a link to you and you can look online 2) We don't give them out. If you want to look at it you will have to come into the office and read it there Some agents refused to let us see it.
  7. Imps' house price normaliser gives a 75 percentile price for this street as £188,450, A median of £175,216 and a 25 percentile price of £158,001. The highest price on the street was £249,950. What an ugly rear aspect to the house. I think her price is delusional at best.
  8. The simple answer is no, the agent is the Landlord's agent and you have no case against the agent. The more complicated answer is maybe. There is an argument that, by charging such high fees, the agent is carrying out work for the tenant, and as such there is a duty of care on the agent. I would love to see one of these cases go to court because if it can be shown that the fees agents impose on tenants mean the agents have responsibilities to the tenant, then that would be an end to these fees on tenants. Unfortunately, tenants are generally not in the best financial position to pay for test cases.
  9. We re-mortgaged my Wife's flat to the Abbey about 18 months ago, using their appointed solicitor. It took months and months to do the re-mortgage, because the large firm dealing with the conveyancing was terrible, costing us thousands of pounds in interest to the previous bank.
  10. I think you are inhibiting your responses, you should really come out and say what you think.
  11. I've just bought a house in Aylesbury - 1930's so "Period" and it needs a reasonable amount of work. If he's any good, could you PM me his details? Cheers, Imp
  12. Let's not forget, that when everybody is saying "Don't buy", that is a good indicator it might be the best time to buy.
  13. They say prices double every 10 years, which makes the house now worth £235,520, which is almost spot on.
  14. Just fixed your original post for you.
  15. Just had a look at your thread, congratulations. We had a look at the five bed houses on Buckingham Park, they were very nice. At the price you got it for, we could have afforded it! We went for a 1930's semi on the edge of Bedgrove. It needs loads of work doing to, and I am going to build an enormous garage. That was my criteria when looking at houses - did it have an enormous garage? If no, could one be built? Mrs Imp is now planning the bathroom, kitchen, living room, extension, but we will be getting the garage done first. Price wise, I recon we got £40k off the current price because the seller just wanted to get rid as he was going into a nursing home, peak price on the street was £317k for a terrace. We paid £175 for a larger semi.
  16. Just exchanged on a house. I got a decent amount off, have many thousand pounds left over to make some major changes, and can now grow vegetables and fruit in the garden knowing that I won't be evicted before they are ready to eat.
  17. So, commercial vehicles are frowned on, but the company BMW with the mandatory No Smoking sign is acceptable. There doesn't seem to be much difference in my eyes, other than having a friendly neighbour with a transit is much more useful than having a friendly neighbour with a 5 Series.
  18. It's worth baring in mind that men form a minority in this country, so 1 - If women, even with a majority, can't get it together so things are in their favour, then they really shouldn't be put in a position of power 2 - introducing laws to favour women will make men a repressed minority. Repressing minorities is something everyone should be fighting against. Editted to add, these are my discussion points if I am ever unlucky enough to have the opportunity to wind up Harriet Half-person, not my personal views.
  19. Darlows My wife and I are just about to sell a flat in Cardiff. We carried out a test run of the EAs in the area, seeing how they treated buyers. Darlows were awful, absolutely shocking. They seemed to have sacked anybody with any resemblance of professionalism and employed 16 year old school leavers. Just look at the language in their adverts. It comes across like they are selling Pokemon cards, not thousands and thousands of pounds worth of house. Anyway, Imp's House Price Normalizer, as per the thread in Anecdotals Section, gives for Woodland Road Cardiff 75th percentile price - £165,830 (So pay this if the house is exceptionally presented) Median price - £152,485 (So pay this if the house is painted magnolia with a B&Q/Magnet kitchen and bathroom fitted in the last few years) 25th percentile price - £136,961 (So pay this if the house is in need of total decoration) This is based on 11 house sales between 2000 and 2007, adjusted for the Halifax price index with a fiddle for local inflation. No house was sold in 2008, the last house to be sold there and recorded on the stats is no. 31 which was sold 10/08/2007 for £172,000 Hope this is useful.
  20. Whilst not knowing what the future will hold, I think the hyper-inflation situation is sufficiently likely to try and take some protection against it by locking into a reasonably low interest rate, even if it is more expensive now. I will almost certainly be wrong (in which case I am just not quite as wealth as if I had assumed continuous low inflation and interest rates), but if I am right I have a reasonable chance of getting through the hyper-inflation period in one piece.
  21. There are many things which could happen House prices could fall House prices could rise Rents could fall Rents could rise Interest rates could fall Interest rates could rise Your mum could lose her job Your mum could keep her job Trying to predict the future and expecting to be right is a fool's game. My questions would be based on the current situation, Is she cash flow positive on the rental house Has she a cushion of 3-6 months expenses in savings in case she gets made redundant If the answer to these two is yes, I wouldn't worry too much. If the answer to one of these is no, I would do something about it. If the answer to both of these is no, I would cross my fingers and hope everything comes good.
  22. Just to advertise my House Price spreadsheet in another thread, for detached houses in Hawks Way, the quartile prices were 75% - £165,980 Median - £163,339 25% - £156,578 The asking price of £172,950 is in the 80th percentile of prices So it doesn't seem a bad asking price if they will take another 10-15% off as an offer price.
  23. I've seen a distinct lack of really prestige cars on the roads in the last few days. The Aston Martins, Bentleys etc. I guess they are driven by people who don't really need to get into work, or have a rough car for days like today.
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