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  1. When I was a child, I was taught the violin by a Jew who came to England from Germany with his family just before the Second World War. He told me how his farther banned everyone in the household from speaking anything but English, so that they would integrate quicker. If we give asylum to people, there is no reason they can't take some steps on their own to integrate into this country.
  2. Storing CO2 is such a good idea http://www.pbs.org/wnet/savageplanet/01vol...1/indexmid.html
  3. Simple, write a cheque for cash for the remaining amount, asking for it in 5ps and 2 1ps. Then top up your bags and hand them in. That should really confuse the cashier who refuses to accept unfilled bags.
  4. I saw an old definition of the classes In a working class family, both parents work In a middle class family, the father works In an upper class family, no-one works
  5. As the last place where you can get a secure tenancy now, social housing is exactly what all sell to renters or permanent renters should aspire to. Haven't you seen the threads on landlord sites "My tenant is old and could become disabled. I will have to put access aids into the house, but at least I can get rid of them with a Section 21." If you can't or won't buy, then the only chance you have to have a permanent home is social housing. Anyway, areas aren't bad, people are bad. Put enough bad people into an area and you will get a "bad area". Put enough good people into and area, you will get a "good area", so get more good people who support themselves into social housing.
  6. I joined many years ago because I could tell something was wrong, but could find nobody else who agreed with me except the people on the board. Now the predictions have come true, the nature of the original posters would lead them to trying to spot the upturn. All the negativity on the board now, and denial of reasonable statistics which show prices rising or not falling as fast, can get in the way of seeing the real picture. So that is what I am doing now, using the information and stats this board and others lead me to, to try and predict what will happen next, and trying to do it in a disinterested way. Also, a lot of the original posters went to another, more global board.
  7. Sounds like it is time to change the locks and put in a burglar alarm, and make sure you are at home when he finds this out so that you can call the police while he tries to show the house to the potential buyers. He has given you 2 months notice using the correct Section 21, hasn't he?
  8. Any degree course at a decent university will teach you how to collect information, analyse that information, decide on a course of action and, very importantly, present the case for following that course of action to other people in a coherent and persuasive manner. People who excel at these skills will be a great asset to a company. Technical ability can always be bought in for relatively nominal sums.
  9. I've just taken a claw footed, roll top bath out of my house. I offered it to anybody who would take it, colleagues, friends, salvage yards, builders. Non of them wanted the hastle of getting it out of my house, so I took a sledge hammer to it and too it out in pieces.
  10. It's not really the same, Thatcher sent the helicopters, but only one got there. All the rest were sunk when the Atlantic Conveyor was hit.
  11. You need to take into account that a lot of safety features on roads are designed to keep normal sized cars on the road, and on motorways, on their side of the road, if they lose control. Kerbs, armco barriers, bridge parrapets, are less and less useful the larger the vehicle. If you are driving an SUV and go off the road, then that's your look out. I do object to larger vehicles speeding down the motorways. The amount of destructive energy they carry is phenominal.
  12. Imp

    Building Sites

    I thinkn it is as much to do with the builders writing down their land than an upturn in prices. 18 months ago, they could have built the houses and for the cost of the build plus the cost of the land, they wouldn't have been able to sell them, let alone make a proft. Now they have written down the price of the land, they can build them and sell for a reduced amount them at a profit. It's all about accounting, don't you know.
  13. It's what ever you can negotiate. You have something the landlord wants - possession of the property. That is worth something to him and something to you. Figure out what it is worth to you, that is your minimum,, so you should make sure that you have all costs covered by what ever your settlement is, and compensation for moving, in my case it would be about three days of leave/weekends lost packing and moving. If the landlord needs you to be out by a specific date, I wouldn't be embarrassed asking for around £5,000, or how about 5% of the value of the property? Happy negotiating.
  14. Flat roof isn't really an issue any more. You would have two alternatives - a shallow pitched roof and a parapet which hid the pitch of the roof, or a modern flat roof such as GRP which will last 20 years without maintenance. Flat roofs are cheaper to build than pitched roofs. There is a short street of art deco houses near me, unfortunately it leads straight to a council estate and the value of the houses is very low. This is a link to a typical house on this street. These houses look fantastic when they are freshly painted and have metal framed windows. And this is what the street looked like when new.
  15. Other than getting hung for treason, What would happen if a new parliament was set up by the disgruntled majority? The current political system has lost the respect of the country. If a new government (the whole sharbang, not just a new set of the current politicians) was set up along side the existing system, and people selected the new government to follow, and chose to pay their taxes to the new government under the protection of an army/police force raised by the new government, what could the existing political class do to stop it?
  16. Using Imp's House Price Normaliser, for detached houses on the above street, 75 percentile price is £525,108 Median price is £356,401 Lower 25% is £337,848 £475,000 is 68 percentile for that street. So how good is that house compared with all the other detached houses on the street? Is it the best, average, worst?
  17. That's really simple to counter. Most of the infrastructure has been privatised, so you ahve to pay for a new gas, electricity, water connection. So the first 50 people to build have an electricity installation cost of £1,000. The local substation is now at its capacity, so the 51st person pays for an upgrade at a cost of £40,000 This is good for the next 200 houses, but at that point the substation and HV grid need upgrading at a cost of £200,000. This provides a natural barrier to excessive building.
  18. I like the old fashioned approach, if you like the view out of your back windows, then buy it. If you can't/won't buy it then don't begrudge people who do buy it and use it for what they want.
  19. Planners get paid to approve bland mediocrity. Anything different, or better, is rejected. Building regulations deal with safety and should be kept. The planning system sucks. My company is about to move to a new office which has half the number of parking spaces required, because that is what the planners insist on. The fact it is in the middle of nowhere and public transport is rubbish is irrelevant, half the employees are going to park on the local residential streets.
  20. It a dangerous move to start publishing this information. If too many people find out how much the police and nurses really get paid, they will stop feeling sympathy for those hard working key works, always calling for pay rises in excess of inflation. Just imagine how much support strikers would get when it is known the strikers have a good salary, and with the overtime, night allowances and weekend allowances, really quite a decent take home pay.
  21. I have been watching the program with Mrs Imp (that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it). I thought the whole point of what she was doing was to decorate to your own tastes, use colours and don't just go for a bland beige house. Looking at those photos, every wall is some shade of magnolia, take out the furniture and all you have is a beige box with wooden floors, even in the bedrooms where carpet is sooo much better than wood.
  22. No, depends upon how you put it. We put some low offers on houses, but we said "This is as much as we can spend on this house, please put it forward to the vendor. Even if they don't accept it, it may make them more comfortable accepting a slightly higher offer in the future, which is to your benefit." I think they started using us to help vendors see the light. There was also one house which we said, we will go and look at it if the vendor sould be willing to sell it for 17% off the advertised price. The agent was pressurising us to make that a formal offer, which we didn't want to do. We just said, we don't want to wast their time, the vendor's time or our time if the vendor is not willing to be reasonable.
  23. Good post. My wife and I have decided that we will have one parent at home to look after the children when they come along, so we are cutting our cloth to suit our income (the combined household income is below the average household income). It's simply a case of prioritising, so Girlygirl doesn't have to go back to the 1950's, jsut decide what she wants to do, and do it.
  24. It's quite satisfying when you start discussing prices before buying things. I've just started it and so far have got 20% off electricals from Comet and 10% off a new matress.
  25. It's more than Brown's majority at the last election. So, more people want him out than wanted him in.
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